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The ExpertRating Online Pharmacy Technician Program:

Currently there are no standard training requisites for being a Pharmacy Technician. Some of the states may ask for a high school diploma or its equivalent. Most of the Pharmacy Technicians receive on-the-job training. Employers always prefer employees with a prior experience and formal training

There are excellent job opportunities for Certified Pharmacy Technicians. Those with prior experience and training stand a greater chance of being hired. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (US Department of Labor), the median hourly wages of wage and salary pharmacy technicians in May 2008 were $13.32.


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 Online Pharmacy Technician Program course requirements: For taking this Online Pharmacy Technician course you need Internet access, e-mail, and the Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox Web browser. 


 Buy the Pharmacy Technician Certificate Program - $1699

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ExpertRating Pharmacy Technician course coverage (Chapters 1-4)

The in-depth courseware includes all aspects of Pharmacy Technician Course.

Chapter 1- Orientation to Pharmacy
Chapter 2- Pharmacy Law and Ethics
Chapter 3- Medical and Pharmaceutical Terminology
Chapter 4- Pharmaceutical Calculations

Chapter 1- Orientation to Pharmacy

A. History
B. Standards

i. Education Requirements
ii. Professional Organizations
iii. Code of Ethics

C. References

i. Text
ii. Journals
iii. Internet

D. Community Pharmacy

i. Processing and Dispensing Prescriptions

a. Prescription Requirements

a. New
b. Refill

ii. Labeling Requirements

E. Required Equipment
F. Counter and Consulting Areas
G. Storage
H. Controlled Substances
I. Inventory

i. Ordering
ii. Restocking

J. Ethics and Standards

i. Privacy
ii. Confidentiality

K. Accountability
L. Computer Applications

i. Components
ii. Order Entry
iii. Systems
iv. Confidentiality

M. Institutional Pharmacy

i. Pharmacy Organization
ii. Medication Orders

a. Physician Order Requirements
b. Patient Labeling Requirements

iii. Dispensing Systems
iv. Sterile Products
v. Inventory Control

a. Ordering
b. Restocking

vi. Roles and Duties
vii. Record Keeping
viii. Policy and Procedure Manual
ix. Regulatory Agencies

a. Fire Safety
b. Hazardous Plan
c. Exposure Control
d. Injury

xi. PPE
xii. Antiseptic Technique

a. Medical Asepsis
b. Surgical Asepsis

xiii. Laminar Flow Hoods

Chapter 2- Pharmacy Law and Ethics

A. Federal and State Laws

i. Reference
ii. Governing Bodies
iii. Types of Law
iv. Violations
v. Federal Laws
vi. State Laws—Links
vii. Agencies

a. FDA
b. CDC
c. DEA

viii. Recalls

B. Schedule of Drugs
C. Ethics

i. Pharmacist Code
ii. Technician Code

Chapter 3- Medical and Pharmaceutical Terminology

i. Introduction to Terminology

a. Word Parts
a. Root
b. Prefix
c. Suffix
b. Rules

ii. Abbreviations and Calculations
iii. Organs: Cardio, Endocrine, GI, Integumentary
iv. Organs: Lymphatic, Muscular, Nervous, Skeletal, Reproductive
v. Organs: Respiratory, Urinary, Hearing, Sight

Chapter 4- Pharmaceutical Calculations

i. Basic Math Skills

a. Fractions and Decimals
b. Ratio, Proportions, and Percents
c. Conversions

ii. Community Pharmacy Math

a. Prescriptions
b. Billing and Inventory

iii. Institutional Pharmacy Math

a. IV Room Calculations (Ration and Percentage)
b. Dosage Calculations
c. Dilutions and Alligations

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Continued...... Course Coverage (Chapters 5-10)

Chapter 5- Pharmacology
Chapter 6- Communication Skills
Chapter 7- Insurance and Inventory Procedures
Chapter 8- Lab Module
Chapter 9- Clinical Rotations
Chapter 10- Final Comprehensive Exam

Chapter 5- Pharmacology

i. Unit 1: The Science of Pharmacology

a. Evolution of Drugs
b. Pharmacology
c. Administration of Pharmacological Agents

ii. Unit 2: Anti-Infectives and Drugs for Colds

a. Antibiotics
b. Antivirals, Antiretrovirals, and Antifungals
c. Antihistamines, Antitussives, Decongestants, and Expectorants

iii. Unit 3: Narcotic Pain Relievers and Nervous System Drugs

a. Anesthetics, Analgesics, and Narcotics
b. Antidepressants, Antipsychotics, and Antianxiety Agents
c. Anticonvulsants, CNS Disorder Drugs

iv. Unit 4: Respiratory, GI, Renal, and Cardiac Drugs

a. Respiratory Drugs
b. Gastrointestinal Drugs
c. Urinary System Drugs
d. Cardiovascular Drugs

v. Unit 5: Nonnarcotic Analgesics, Muscle Relaxants, Hormones, and Topicals

a. Muscle Relaxants, Nonnarcotic Analgesics, and Arthritis Drugs
b. Hormones
c. Topicals, Ophthalmics, and Otics

vi. Unit 6: Chemotherapy, Herbs, and Miscellaneous Drugs

a. Recombinant Drugs and Chemotherapy
b. Vitamins, Nutritional Supplements and Natural Supplements, Antidotes, and CODE Emergency Agents

Chapter 6- Communication Skills

i. Process
ii. Verbal and Non-Verbal
iii. Methods

a. Fax
b. Telephone
c. Internet
d. Pagers
e. Written

iv. Barriers

a. Conflict

Chapter 7- Insurance and Inventory Procedures

i. Cost Analysis
ii. Purchasing Procedures
iii. Receiving
iv. Record Keeping
v. Inventory Control

a. Computers
b. Perpetual Inventory
c. Expired
d. Formulary
e. Storage

vi. Repackaging
vii. Types of Insurance
viii. Claim Forms
ix. Billing

Chapter 8- Lab Module

i. Unit 1: Retail Lab

a. Interpreting Prescriptions
b. Counting, Measuring and Filling Containers
c. Filling Prescriptions

ii. Unit 2: Hospital Lab

a. Interpreting Physician Order Sheets
b. Aseptic Technique

a. Hand Washing
b. Hood Cleaning

c. Vials and Ampoules
d. IV Bags

Chapter 9- Clinical Rotations

i. Hospital

a. Research Paper
b. On-Site Rotation

ii. Retail

a. Research Paper
b. On-Site Rotation (Walgreen's, CVS)

Chapter 10- Final Comprehensive Exam

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