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Over 6500 companies rely on ExpertRating for their training and testing needs

ExpertRating is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company offering online certification and training services to individuals and companies globally. Over 25 million people have benefited from ExpertRating Online Certifications and assessments. ExpertRating is the winner of the Google SME Hero's award for showing outstanding use of technology in delivering trusted services to thousands of people on a daily basis. Our affordable certifications are an excellent way of demonstrating your knowledge and skills to prospective employers as well as vastly boosting your chances of moving ahead in your business or career.
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We deliver over 3 million online certifications and tests annually.
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  • Google SME Heroes award

    ExpertRating is a winner of the Google SME Heroes award. This award has been instituted by Google to honor IT companies that have excelled in their domain and have leveraged the internet to grow and expand their businesses in innovative ways.

  • ISO 9001:2015

    ExpertRating is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, which reflects that our courses and tests conform to the highest international quality standards. Our training material is prepared by thorough professionals with years of experience, and goes through several rounds of analysis by expert teams to help develop well-balanced, comprehensive and meaningful content.

ExpertRating In The News

  • Apr 2024

    One of the top Japanese providers of learning solutions, renowned for its robust global presence, has relied on ExpertRating to increase its reach and provide excellent training across a variety of skill sets. This collaboration highlights ExpertRating's outstanding reputation and confirms its commitment to provide cutting-edge skill assessments to people all across the world.

  • Mar 2024

    Affordable pre-employment testing services are now available from ExpertRating, with substantial savings available for large purchases. The goal of this project is to increase the testing programs' return on investment for businesses. The tests offer a range of adaptable testing choices and are customisable. Simple registration is offered, along with a variety of payment methods.

  • Feb 2024

    ExpertRating has teamed up with a leading Middle Eastern organization to introduce a cutting-edge language proficiency test. This assessment accurately evaluates individuals' speaking abilities in a particular language, spanning from fundamental to advanced levels.

  • Jan 2024

    ExpertRating has made a great start to 2024 by committing to supply Java tests to a well-known agreement automation platform used by financial industry providers all over the world. They will be able to complete their digital transformation process more quickly thanks to this.

  • Dec 2023

    By the end of 2023, ExpertRating provided over 800 reasonably priced assessments from a variety of fields and let companies personalize the content, and lengths of employment exams. Additionally, employers can create exams using their own content and receive real-time test score reports by email and the employer account.

  • Nov 2023

    ExpertRating has been accredited by TUV SUD for 16 years. By obtaining this certification, ExpertRating proves its commitment to quality management standards while reducing risks for its clients. ExpertRating follows all standard operating processes to ensure that the company operates efficiently and has a quality management system.

  • Oct 2023

    ExpertRating is recommended for skill testing by a leading job advising website. Employers can verify if applicants actually possess the skills listed on their resumes by using these exams.

  • Aug 2023

    ExpertRating recently delightedly expanded its services internationally, concentrating on three key areas for pre-employment evaluation: the United States, India, and Canada. More than 2 million people from more than 60 different countries have also pursued the certifications offered by ExpertRating.

  • Jul 2023

    ERINC, an ExpertRating Entity, introduces Integrated Testing Solution (ITS) with Multilingual Tests, enabling comprehensive language proficiency evaluation for individuals and businesses. These tests cater to diverse linguistic backgrounds, enhancing accessibility and empowering informed decisions. Embrace the future of language evaluation with ERINC's innovative Multilingual Tests in ITS.

  • Jul 2023

    ERINC, an ExpertRating Entity, introduces Integrated Testing Solution (ITS) with Multilingual Tests, enabling comprehensive language proficiency evaluation for individuals and businesses. These tests cater to diverse linguistic backgrounds, enhancing accessibility and empowering informed decisions. Embrace the future of language evaluation with ERINC's innovative Multilingual Tests in ITS.

  • Jun 2023

    ERINC, an ExpertRating Entity, has unveiled a new multilingual input feature to enhance the candidate information-gathering process for multiple-choice tests. It aims to provide a seamless experience for test-takers by enabling them to provide their details and responses in their preferred language, ensuring inclusivity and accuracy in assessments. This feature is specifically beneficial for candidates who are non-native English speakers or those who are more comfortable expressing themselves in languages other than English.

  • May 2023

    ERINC, an ExpertRating Entity, has announced implementing a cutting-edge video proctoring feature to bolster exam security and prevent cheating during remote assessments. The introduction of this advanced technology aims to ensure the integrity of online exams and provide a fair and transparent environment for all test-takers. This feature can detect any suspicious or prohibited activities in real-time by capturing screen activity. This feature is enabled to capture use of mobile phone by the user while taking the test.

  • Apr 2023

    Expertrating Solutions Assessment has announced an upgrade to its assessments to increase objectivity and accuracy. With a focus on ensuring candidates have the necessary skills and knowledge for specific job tasks, Expertrating Solutions now employs various testing methods. These assessments are available for pre-employment evaluations and skills assessments for existing employees. The upgrade will help employers make informed hiring decisions and assist employees in identifying areas for improvement and professional development.

  • Mar 2023

    ExpertRating is providing effective pre-hire testing assessments at economical prices. Bulk purchases can attract lucrative discounts, thereby further increasing the ROI of the testing program. Other key features include easy signup, flexible testing environment, customizable tests, and several payment options.

  • Feb 2023

    Using ExpertRating's upgraded assessment platform, thousands of clients have made more informed talent decisions. Designed to deliver exceptional digital employee experiences, our solutions flawlessly fit into any hiring process, making it easy to administer assessments and analyze results.

  • Jan 2023

    Codeassess.com, a comprehensive programming skill assessment tool from ExpertRating, has an exceptional ability to assess hundreds of coders online. It relieves hiring managers of the wasteful and cumbersome process of personally interviewing coders.

  • Dec 2022

    ExpertRating has added upgraded pre-employment testing options, which can be tailored to clients' needs. A diverse range of clients can now control each applicant test's questions, subjects, and time limitations.

  • Nov 2022

    ExpertRating has released the expanded paperback edition of its Senior Fitness Certification: Official Courseware. The paperback of this course is easily available on Amazon. The course is written by exceptionally skilled and experienced professionals. It is one of the most comprehensive, detailed, and easy to understand senior fitness courses.

  • Oct 2022

    One of the leading online career guidance websites has recommended ExpertRating for taking proficiency tests/job skills tests. These are online assessments that assist employers to verify whether the candidates actually possess the skills they claim on their resumes or not.

  • Sep 2022

    ExpertRating is pleased to announce that the company has expanded its offerings worldwide in 2022. The top three geographies of ExpertRating for pre-employment assessment are the United States with 64.04%, India with 10.09%, and Canada with 4.59% clients, respectively. In addition, over 2 million individuals in more than 60 countries have taken certifications offered by ExpertRating.

  • Aug 2022

    One of the leading technology news sites has considered ExpertRating's Risk Management Certification among the best backup and restore courses. They recommended Risk Management Certification as a prime online training as it not only provides professionals with a comprehensive understanding of all the facets of Project Management but also helps in attaining an in-depth knowledge of diverse risk management concepts, principles, processes, and their real-life applications.

  • Jul 2022

    We proudly announce that ExpertRating has completed 15 years of ISO certification through TUV SUD. This achievement indicates that ExpertRating adheres to quality management practices and minimizes the potential risks to its clients. We comply with all the standardized protocols for the smooth functioning and a quality management system for the company.

  • Jun 2022

    Global technology companies with a rich heritage of technology innovation to achieve a more productive, sustainable future have been looking to hire top-notch programmers. They have joined hands with ExpertRating to prepare customized coding tests that will help them hire highly innovative and logically exceptional futuristic coders by conducting a compact test.

  • May 2022

    ExpertRating has entered into another domain of highly demanding psychometric tests that provide employers with more insights of potential hiring, which may not be easily captured through an interview or resume. Our experienced psychometricians specially design such assessments to measure candidates' suitability for a role based on the required personality characteristics.

  • Apr 2022

    ExpertRating has collaborated with a leading Middle Eastern company, known for the integration of their English language speaking technology. This partnership helped create assessment for individuals on their skills from A1, A2 (Basic English speaker) to C1, C2 (Proficient English speaker).

  • Mar 2022

    ExpertRating has integrated new and interactive admin features that will make it much easier for the administrators to view the ongoing status of assessments being conducted. Moreover, the administrators can see real-time information related to each assessment session such as completed sections, time to completion, and much more.

  • Feb 2022

    One of India's biggest accounting software companies trusted ExpertRating for its certification and skill assessment needs. The company extensively collaborated with the ExpertRating's engineering team to develop a customized platform that would satisfy their exact assessment requirements.

  • Jan 2022

    Codeassess, a successful venture of ExpertRating and a leader in online skill assessment for more than two decades, becomes the most trusted platform for IT Companies to assess the coding skills of programmers globally through another language React.js. The evaluation is done with a combination of practical hands-on coding and MCQ questions.

  • Dec 2021

    ExpertRating renews contract with Cengage learning, and will offer over 100 new courses to college and high school students in the US under the Ed2go banner. Courses with internships have now also been added.

  • Oct 2021

    ExpertRating courses are rolled out to inmates through an arrangement with the US Federal Bureau of Prisons. Starting with Pennsylvania, inmates will now be able to take courses and tests with the assistance of BOP staff and ExpertRating.

  • Oct 2021

    ExpertRating launches new Angular JS and Google Cloud Run testing platform capable of handling 30000 concurrent testing sessions with video proctoring. With the new specifications, the testing engine is the most powerful amongst all competitors globally.

  • Sep 2021

    Intermart ties up with ExpertRating for offering online courses to High School and College pass outs. The courses are intended to make the candidates job ready for the US.

  • Feb 2021

    ABB, a pioneering technology leader that works closely with utility, industry, transportation and infrastructure chooses ExpertRating's coding assessments for its hiring requirements. Customized tests for internal hiring to be developed with the ExpertRating content team.

  • Jan 2021

    ExpertRating extends work from home for all employees to December 2021. All customer support and technical assistance services delivering flawlessly in the work-from-home period.

  • Dec 2020

    ExpertRating to offer over 400 instructor-led courses through Cengage, USA. Special course offerings to be priced for the Indian sub-continent. ExpertRating to develop a solution around Cengage's Ed2go API for marketing courses online.

  • Jan 2020

    ExpertRating to launch Video Interview service for integrated clients. The new Video Interview module lets clients assess candidates' soft skills, proficiency, and Knowledge through automated interviews that are either pre-recorded or live. The video interview service will help clients save time and effort while interviewing candidates that are at remote distances.

  • Dec 2019

    ExpertRating to power Tally Certifications in Andhra Pradesh State, India. AP Skill Development Corporation (APSSDC) and Tally Education Private Ltd. (TEPL) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to provide training in accounting software Tally and also certify students through the Employability Skills Centres (ESCs) located in universities and colleges across the State.

  • Nov 2019

    ExpertRating ties up with SPEAK, Israel for integration of their English language speaking technology. The test will grade individuals on their skills from A1, A2 (Basic English speaker) to C1, C2 (Proficient English speaker). The Speak Assessment aligns with the CEFR by using proficiency scales with the same descriptions of English skills to train SPEAK raters and algorithms for automated grading.

  • Oct 2019

    Codeassess now becomes the platform to test the coding abilities of candidates globally through another language- React.js. React.js is an efficient, flexible, and declarative JavaScript library for building user interfaces. This language is highly optimal for fetching rapidly changing data that needs to be recorded.

  • Sep 2019

    Codeassess ascends its capabilities by adding a new functionality 'Interviewer Internal Comments Pop-Up' on Codathon. This feature helps the interviewer to add comments during the interview session. The same is reflected in the reports as well.

  • Aug 2019

    Codeassess now provides a new feature 'error-details pop-up' in the coding tests, wherein the candidates can see their coding errors and correct them at the same time.

  • Jul 2019

    Codeassess.com now supports custom fields that are added in the excel sheet. The clients can fetch the candidates' information according to these custom fields.

  • Jun 2019

    Codeassess, an ExpertRating venture, offers Bootstrap framework designed for hiring candidates of all experience levels. Bootstrap framework contains CSS and JavaScript-based design templates for typography, forms, buttons, navigation and other interface components.

  • May 2019

    Codeassess provides Golang and Swift language questions with varying difficulty levels for lateral hiring. Codeassess becomes the first coding skills platform to offer Go Language and Swift skills testing.

  • Apr 2019

    ExpertRating launches new admin features to allow administrators to view the on-going status of tests currently being taken. Administrators can now view live information related to each test session such as time to completion, sections attempted and sections completed etc.

  • Mar 2019

    ExpertRating now offers SonarQube insights - SonarQube code analyzers are equipped with powerful path-sensitive dataflow engines to detect tricky issues such as null-pointers dereferences, logic errors, and resource leaks. ExpertRating can now provide insights from SonarQube regarding potential bugs and vulnerabilities in the candidate's submitted code.

  • Feb 2019

    Fiverr joins ExpertRating - Adding to its strong market position as the default assessment provider for job boards and freelance marketplaces, ExpertRating signed a multi-year contract with Fiverr for providing integrated testing services to its thousands of freelance contractors. Fiverr joins the likes of Upwork, Guru, and Bayt while choosing ExpertRating for their skill testing needs.

  • Jan 2019

    ExpertRating becomes the first skill assessment company to offer hands-on skill assessment for Selenium - Selenium is the leading framework for testing web applications around the world with over 30,000 deployments in the US alone. Using the new system developed in-house by ExpertRating, companies can now identify candidates with the required working skills on Selenium, thereby reducing training time and mis-hiring.

  • Dec 2018

    Tally chooses ExpertRating - India's largest accounting software company, Tally, chooses ExpertRating for its certification and skill assessment needs. Tally worked with the ExpertRating engineering team over a period of 6 months to arrive at a customized platform that would satisfy their exact assessment needs.

  • Nov 2018

    AAA WC New York utilizes Codeassess platform to gauge the coding skills of the candidates for the position of front-end developers. WC New York is engaged in providing its members the world-class travel, financial, insurance, and automotive services 24X7 through its AAA Travel and Insurance centres.

  • Oct 2018

    Codeassess provides SysLogic SQL questions of different difficulty levels for lateral hiring. Codeassess has SQL questions of all difficulty levels designed for hiring of candidates of all experience levels. Problem solved!

  • Sep 2018

    University of Colorado (CU), one of the top 50 best global universities puts its trust in Codeassess.com and uses its Python, Java and SQL tests for assessing the skills in generic computer languages.

  • Aug 2018

    Codeassess shines in Brazil! Bidding uses online tests on hands-on PHP, HTML, SQL, and JS provided by Codeassess to hire an experienced full stack developer. Bidding, founded in 2015 in Sao Paulo, Brazil is an online grocery store that deals with various dairy products, beverages, frozen foods, and provides an everlasting shopping experience to its customers. It is a young company with high spirit, focused to help its clients develop new markets and create new business opportunities.

  • Jul 2018

    E.C. Management approached Codeassess for a pool of questions of various difficulty level on generic programming languages, SQL, JS, and CSS to assess the programming skills of front-end and back-end programmers. E.C., founded in 1999 in USA, is committed to serving its clients with the unique benefits of Managed Futures trading strategies. Happy ending!

  • Jun 2018

    WeSee chooses Codeassess platform for the questions of different difficulty levels on various generic programming languages to conduct the screening process of the freshers. WeSee, founded in 2008, has been committed in making telehealth an everyday experience and improving the healthcare experience of its customers.

  • May 2018

    Codeassess provides Face App with console-based PHP tests for shortlisting candidates based on their PHP skills. Face App is a platform, where the visitors are offered with the events in the form of short videos in a Pinterest-like grid.

  • Apr 2018

    Codeassess reaches San Francisco, California! Codeassess successfully assisted Creed Action with a pool of SQL questions for hiring the Data and Analytics Manager. Creed Action, the advocacy arm of Credo (organization for social change), empowers the activists to work for the progressive change of the society. Codeassess gets one more contented client to its credit.

  • Mar 2018

    Deal Flow uses Java tests offered by Codeassess to analyze the coding skills of the candidates to hire experienced Java developers. Deal Flow is one of the leading agreement automation platforms for financial service companies across the globe. It enables the financial institutions to succeed by advancing in their digital transformation.

  • Feb 2018

    Codeassess stands out in UK! edu.co.uk is one of the UK's leading website in the domain of education. It assists schools and institutions across the country to create their own tender documents. The website used a combination of easy, medium and hard level questions on C#, ASP.NET, JS, CSS, and HTML languages prepared and offered by Codeassess for hiring skilled web developers.

  • Jan 2018

    One of the leading financial and economic litigation consulting firms, Integral FEC is located in close proximity to the University of Texas at Austin. The firm chose Codeassess to take advantage of the well-designed online tests based on Java, Python, Python 3.4 and R (3.3.1) languages for shortlisting python developers.

  • Dec 2017

    Payments Canada reached out to Codeassess for their requirement of Java and DevOps questions, which were delivered promptly, resulting in another satisfied client. Payments Canada has been delegated by the Canadian Government to support a vibrant economy by helping to meet the payment needs of consumers and business, and empowering a new era of modern payments.

  • Nov 2017

    Codeassess and TiE jointly conducted North India's biggest event and competition - Hackathon 2017, from 17th-19th November. A total of 110 teams enrolled for the event. The participating teams were given a set of coding questions along with multiple-choice questions, and 22 top scoring teams were selected for the final showdown. The final event continued for the entire 48 hours with 22 teams competing against each other, consisting of both professionals and students from Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Chandigarh and New Delhi. In the end, prizes worth 1 lakh INR and employment opportunities were awarded to the winning teams.

  • Oct 2017

    Codes assessed in Netherlands! Speak&see is a company based out of Rotterdam, Netherlands, which aims at making conversations visual and easy to hear for the deaf and hard-of-hearing. They used Codeassess's C# and Python questions.

  • Sep 2017

    Codeassess - among the best, works with the best. Iteriz, a Microsoft gold partner, is ranked among one of the best companies to work in. Iteriz used the Codeassess platform to create their own custom C#, ASP.NET and JAVA questions and used them to hire developers for adding to their 100+ strong workforce of certified professionals.

  • Aug 2017

    A tale of two companies: Codeassess and DigiCentral, who complement each other perfectly. Codeassess successfully assisted DigiCentral in hiring skilled PHP web developers. Happy ending!
    DigiCentral is an Australian real estate marketing company, which works with all the major brands across Australia.

  • July 2017

    XpandLab are a hands on design and development agency offering end-to-end services for businesses online, which required PHP MCQs for hiring fresher PHP web developers. Our answer to them was: Codeassess is a hands on codes-assessing platform offering end-to-end services for your hiring needs. The result was: another happy client.

  • June 2017

    For lateral hiring, SysLogic required SQL questions of different difficulty levels. Codeassess has SQL questions of all difficulty levels designed for hiring of candidates of all experience levels. Problem solved!

  • May 2017

    Codeassess has reached Copenhagen, Denmark! In the heart of Vesterbro, between Barndommens Gade and Rabalderstrde, lies WesternMarket, Vesterbro's food halls, which makes Copenhagen stomach-happy. WesternMarket used Codeassess's pool of HTML questions to hire freshers.

  • Apr 2017

    PMI Approves ExpertRating as an REP - PMI (Project Management institute), the premiere body for project management and project managers worldwide has approved ExpertRating as a registered Education Provider. This will allow ExpertRating to offer 35 PDUs towards the PMP certification offered by PMI.

  • Mar 2017

    ExpertRating wins British Telecom E-Tender - British Telecom is a global telecom major and currently investing in ramping up operations and manpower in Asia. ExpertRating qualified for the RFP to assess aspirant manpower for BT and eventually won the E-Tender bidding process.

  • Feb 2017

    E&Y Chooses ExpertRating - One of the largest professional services firms in the world and one of the "Big Four" accounting firms chooses ExpertRating for running their internal employee assessment program. E&Y will also pitch assessment services driven by ExpertRating to their clients in India.

  • Jan 2017

    Catalyst Tech (CTL) becomes a part of the ever-growing list of Codeassess.com users. CTL used the ASP.NET tests on Codeassess.com to provide workforce development solutions to healthcare employers. CLC provides high quality skill and career development programs to healthcare organizations across the US. These programs target the frontline associates of the organization - from entry-level individuals to first-level supervisory nurses.

  • Dec 2016

    Altius Analytics puts its trust in Codeassess.com and uses its C# tests for assessing the coding skills of its candidates. Altius Analytics offers market leading software, data and advisory services for the global commercial real estate industry.

  • Nov 2016

    PerfectLawyers.com uses the PHP tests available on Codeassess.com for shortlisting candidates based on their PHP skills. PerfectLawyers.com is a global platform where every day, thousands of visitors come looking for the perfect lawyer.

  • Oct 2016

    Assessing coders has never been easier!! Codeassess is redefining the way HR departments hire programmers and PR Newswire carried a news item bolstering the fact. Codeassess is market's most handy and accurate tool for comparing and hiring coders. Read the whole story

  • Sept 2016

    Codeassess.com launches assessment drives for employers to run codathons. Now employers can create and run coding assessment drives for public, to source and select hundreds of candidates simultaneously.

  • Aug 2016

    Codeassess extends its proctoring support by incorporating test pin tracking. Now a particular test attempt can be run at one instance only. Any other attempt to start the same test pin will lead to the closure of previous attempt, making test attempts safer and more authentic.

  • July 2016

    ExpertRating launches exclusive Beauty and Wellness Certification Courses. Beauty enthusiasts can now enroll for Make-Up Artist, Beauty Therapist or Aroma Therapy courses. These courses aim to enhance your make-up and beauty skills, opening avenues to work in the industry professionally.

  • June 2016

    Codeassess.com now supports Hadoop programming assessments. Big data is one of the latest trending technologies and Hadoop is the leading tool used in the industry. Codeassess platform now has the capability to run and assess Hadoop programs.

  • May 2016

    Codeassess.com launches support for automated testing of scripts for Selenium. Codeassess platform now supports the running of test scripts in Selenium and assessing the completeness and effectiveness of scripts.

  • Mar 2016

    ExpertRating is soon going to release a tool mxGraph 3.5 It is a diagramming library that will allow test takers to easily create interactive graphs and charts in real time. These diagrams can be run natively in any major browser that may or may not be HTML 5 capable and can also run in Internet Explorer v7+.

  • Feb 2016

    Kohl's takes advantage of the online hands-on SQL tests offered by Codeassess to analyze the coding abilities of its candidates. Kohl's is America's largest department store chain operating 1,162 stores in 49 states.

  • Jan 2016

    TestOSkill chooses ExpertRating as their technology partner for providing skill assessment & e learning services to their employees.TestOSkill provides help to companies identify the candidates more likely to perform well on the job.

  • Dec 2015

    CHRISTUS Health engages ExpertRating to provide training to youth in Health Care programs. Christus Health is an international not-for-profit health system that comprises of almost 350 services and facilities, including more than 60 hospitals and long-term care facilities.

  • Nov 2015

    The Brunei Economic Development Board of Government of Brunei, ties up with ExpertRating for training of their Youth in IT programs. BEDB is a leading economic development agency that provides information on local investment climate, development requirements, laws and regulations, project specification information etc.

  • Oct 2015

    Ace Asphalt uses online hands-on SQL tests offered by Codeassess to analyze the coding abilities of its candidates. ACE Asphalt is a full service asphalt paving company with offices across the Southwestern United States serving Phoenix, Tucson and Flagstaff, Arizona, Las Vegas, Nevada, Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Dallas, San Antonio, Midland-Odessa and Lubbock, Texas.

  • Sep 2015

    El Monte Adult School District chooses online certifications powered by ExpertRatingINC for enhancing the knowledge and employability of their students. El Monte Union High School District is a high school district with its headquarters in El Monte, California.

  • Sep 2015

    Opus Energy uses C++ tests offered by Codeassess to analyze the coding abilities of its candidates. Opus Energy, founded in 2002, has been delivering outstanding levels of service, embracing renewable energy sources and providing competitively priced energy. Opus Energy is committed to securing competitive, low-cost energy for customers whilst also delivering an exceptional level of service and support.

  • Aug 2015

    Carpe Diem Management, Inc. uses skill assessment tests from ExpertRatingINC to assess the networking skills of its candidates. Carpe Diem Management, Inc. is an internal service provider for Turbine Engine Consultants, Inc. and CD Aviation Services with services including financial management, human resources, operations management, information technology and uniform services.

  • Aug 2015

    Friendefi uses the Codeassess platform to vet the programming skills of Android and iOS programmers. Friendefi aims at increasing the effectiveness of loyalty programs by making them more interactive, social, and fun with its custom-designed program solutions.

  • Aug 2015

    Codeassess.com launches new comparison tool for candidate reports. Employers and hiring managers can now compare various aspects of the candidate reports and then choose the best candidate. This will help recruiters take quick decisions and make hiring even simpler and faster.

  • Jun 2015

    Ignite Life UK engages ExpertRating to develop a psychometric assessment instrument which explores how an individual's soul chooses to bring it's beauty, knowledge, insight and creativity to the human experience. Ignite Life is a revolutionary community which inspires emerging social entrepreneurs to identify their purpose, develop their person, explore their potential and choose to live a life by design. Earth-entrepreneurs are what these creators are called and to assist them to successfully bring their idea, product, service or technology to market, Ignite Life will use this instrument as a tool to launch these individuals on a journey that will develop both their product and their person to become a thoughtful creator who will create to change the world.

  • Jun 2015

    ExpertRating launches Codeassess.com, a comprehensive platform for hiring managers to assess programming skills. By offering coding problems of all kinds, across a range of difficulty levels in 20 different programming languages, Codeassess enables hiring managers to assess the coding abilities of entry level as well as experienced programmers. Know More: https://codeassess.com/

  • May 2015

    Telvista engages ExpertRating to provide online skill assessments for shortlisting candidates. Telvista provides English and Spanish contact center outsourcing to companies that want more from their customer relationships.

  • Aug 2014

    Montana Department Of Transportation chooses online skill testing solutions offered by ExpertRating. It strives to provide a transportation system and services that emphasize quality, safety, cost effectiveness, economic vitality and sensitivity to the environment.

  • Jul 2014

    Telecom North America chose ExpertRating as their partner to provide online skill assessment solutions. Telecom North America is an interexchange carrier licensed in all states of the USA and, via its Canadian subsidiary, in all provinces of Canada. Its subsidiary Telecom North America Mobile Inc. is a spectrum-based mobile operator (MNO) in USA, and full member of the GSM Association. The company's goal is to reduce international roaming costs, by providing various services both to end-users and to the industry.

  • Jun 2014

    Tampa Housing Authority uses online skill assessment solutions by ExpertRating. Tampa Housing Authority promotes the development and professional management of a variety of affordable housing opportunities, facilities and supportive services to nurture neighborhoods, provide economic development and self-sufficiency activities for residents.

  • May 2014

    Saturna Capital Corporation chooses online skill assessment solutions powered by ExpertRating for testing the skills of their current employees. Saturna Capital Corporation, manager of the Amana, Sextant, and Idaho funds, uses years of investment experience to aid investors in navigating today's volatile markets. Founded in 1989 by professionals with extensive investing experience, Saturna has helped individuals and institutions build wealth, earn income, and preserve capital.

  • Apr 2014

    BNP Paribas chooses online skill assessment solutions powered by ExpertRating for testing the skills of their current employees. BNP Paribas is one of the best rated banks in the world (Rated AA- by Standard & Poor's.).

  • Mar 2014

    The Schindler Group chooses ExpertRating as their testing partner. Schindler designs, manufactures, installs, services and modernizes elevator and escalator systems for almost every building type. Schindler elevators move 1 billion people every day.

  • Jan 2014

    Amadeus, which is a globally recognized, technology-driven company engaged exclusively in the travel industry, has decided to use pre-employment testing services from ExpertRating. Skills assessment tests will be provided by ExpertRating for the employment processes at Amadeus Europe.

  • Dec

    Dec 2013

    The Government Employees Insurance Company (GEICO), one of the most successful companies in the US, chooses ExpertRating for testing the skills of its prospective employees. The GEICO provides insurance to a wide range of customers, whether they're employed by the public sector or the private sector.

  • Nov 2013

    HarperCollins, winner of the prestigious Publisher of the Year award at the Bookseller Industry Awards, 2012, has started using pre-employment services from ExpertRating, comprising language skills assessment tests. HarperCollins, one of the world's foremost English-language publishers, is based in West London, England.

  • Oct

    Oct 2013

    Encyclopedia Britannica, Inc., an acclaimed name in the knowledge industry, has started using pre-employment services from ExpertRating. Encyclopedia Britannica, Inc. is a global educational publisher with products that promote knowledge and learning. Skill assessment tests provided by ExpertRating are used to select appropriately skilled employees.

  • Aug 2013

    ExpertRating wins the Google SME Heroes award 2013-14 at a glittering award ceremony organized by Google SME Heroes award Google and FICCI (Federation of Commerce and Industry) at New Delhi, India. This award has been instituted by Google to honor IT companies that have excelled in their domain and have leveraged the internet to grow and expand their businesses in innovative ways.

  • Jul 2013

    vWriter.com, an enterprise of Takanomi Limited, chose ExpertRating Solutions as their testing service partner. vWriter is an online work exchange for content writers. ExpertRating will provide skill assessment tests to the users of vWriter.com

  • Jul 2013

    EasyHyre LLC has signed a Service Level Agreement with ExpertRating Solutions. EasyHyre's online market exchange will cater to finance and accounting professionals.

  • Jun 2013

    Alpine Access University has agreed to sign a Service Level Agreement with ExpertRating Solutions. Alpine Access University's online testing module will offer a platform for the students to test their skills. The online market exchange is being designed to function on the likes of Elance and oDesk.

  • May 2013

    East Carolina University - Institutional Planning, Assessment, and Research chose to introduce ExpertRating Solutions' programs in their curriculum. The students can now enroll themselves in to the ExpertRating Green Belt program. A customized interface has been put in place for enrollment, online classroom, and testing.

  • Apr 2013

    ExpertRating goes to Jamica - Jamaican National Building Society in their endeavor to build the skill sets of senior managers have chosen ExpertRating's managerial courses and assessments. The bank will conduct trainings on an on-going basis through a custom-designed interface developed to help the bank's team monitor the progress of participants.

  • Mar 2013

    Alpine Access University has chosen ExpertRating as their technology partner for providing skill assessment services to visitors on their B2C job portal. The university has chosen a wide variety of tests as well as several custom developed tests for their users. The solution will be provided seamlessly through ExpertRating's API based solution.

  • Feb 2013

    ExpertRating ties up with EasyHyre LLC a promising startup comprising seasoned CPAs providing staffing services to their clients in the United States. EasyHyre will use ExpertRating's testing engine along with custom-developed tests for accountants, office assistants, sales professionals and content writers.

  • Jan 2013

    The International criminal court, The Hague chooses ExpertRating's TQM and Business Analysis Certification for their employee training and testing initiative.

  • Nov 2012

    The Ministry of Health, UAE chooses ExpertRating's TQM Certification for training and assessing staff skills in a large number of hospitals and medical facilities in the UAE. This is an on-going project which will be developed in Arabic during the next phase.

  • Sep 2012

    The Workana.com Skills Marketplace chooses ExpertRating for assessing skills of their Spanish freelance workforce. A selection of 50 ExpertRating assessments have been translated into Spanish for this project.

  • Jul 2012

    Lancers.co.jp, Japan's largest platform for freelancers chooses ExpertRating's robust employee testing platform for certifying their global workforce. The partnership led to technical skill assessments being developed in Japanese and introduced to the Japanese public for the first time.

  • Feb 2012

    Ateeco Inc. (www.pierogies.com) chooses ExpertRating skills testing solutions for their employee testing program. Having sold more than half a billion Pierogies in 2010 and with over 12.4 million Pierogies in 14 different varieties leaving Ateeco's kitchens every week, it is the largest employer in Shenandoah.

  • Jan 2012

    Jet Airways (www.jetairways.com) runs a Nation-wide skill assessment campaign for ground staff employees across all metro cities in India. Using ExpertRating's robust testing system, the campaign was completed successfully in a single day.

  • Dec

    Dec 2011

    Google (U.S.) chooses ExpertRating for testing employee skills in foreign languages. Google Inc. is the world's largest search engine and specializes in cloud computing, and advertising technologies apart from search.

  • Nov 2011

    Virginia International University chooses ExpertRating for delivering online certification programs to their students at Fairfax. New courses are being designed for VIU students through inputs provided by the university faculty. Virginia International University is a senior college accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools to award certificates, diplomas, bachelor's degrees, and master's degrees.

  • Sep 2011

    ExpertRating Certified fitness professional, Katie Boyde anchors "Wicked Fit" produced by Renegade 83 ("Blind Date," "One Man Army," "Man, Woman, Wild"). David Garfinkle, Jay Renfroe and Mark Perez serve as Executive Producers and Sarah Weidman serves as Executive Producer for Style. http://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com/2011/09/22/styles-new-docu-series-wicked-fit-premieres-sunday-october-23/104569/

  • Aug 2011

    Warner Brothers Television seeks permission from ExpertRating to use their courses as props for the television series "Shameless".

  • Aug 2011

    Republic Bank & Trust, USA and Ontario Universities Application Center choose ExpertRating for their Employee Development programs.

  • Jul 2011

    ExpertRating goes to Africa - Tomide Consulting, Nigeria and Ezone, Botswana plan to offer instuctor led courses to government officials, students and aspirants. Several ExpertRating courses are approved for further studies by the Government of Botswana through Ezone consulting.

  • Jun 2011

    Smart Books Corp, Safeway Canada choose Expertrating for employee testing.

  • May 2011

    Expertrating acquires traineo.com, an online fitness community founded by Alasdair McLean Foreman whilst running Track and Field at Harvard University. As the previous captain of the Harvard University Track and Field Team who has also represented Great Britain and England at an international level, he brings a wealth of applied knowledge of fitness, training, and exercise to the traineo management team.

  • Apr 2011

    ExpertRating acquires photoshopcontest.com from WebCurl, Canada. Photoshopcontest is the world's largest image manipulation competition website attracting over 10,00,000 visitors annually. PhotoshopContest.com (PSC) was created in late 2001 as a competitive play ground for graphic artists. The site has received a lot of media attention and was mentioned on the Howard Stern Radio Show, Yahoo (as a pick of the week) and TechTV's television show ScreenSavers as the Site of the Night.

  • Mar 2011

    ExpertRating announced the launch of the Lockdown Browser, an innovative tool for online employee assessment and testing, the Lockdown Browser is used to carry out online exams safely. The software changes any computer into a secure workstation and restricts access to any utilities that can be used to cheat while taking online exams. The Lockdown browser has been tested and adopted by several leading companies and is sure to be an important constituent of the ExpertRating product line.

  • Jan 2011

    Republic Bank chooses ExpertRating for their employee development program, and certifying their managerial level staff.

  • Nov 2011

    Bay Area School of Arkansas located in the Craighead County is one of the top schools of the state. The school in an initiative to impart education in child development chose ExpertRating as their partner. The school chose to certify their faculty and students with First Aid Certification and Baby Sitting Certification. The two month long drive certified 50 teachers and students. This was the first of their on-going skill certification drive.

  • Sep 2010

    Naukri.com, India's largest portal for job seekers chooses ExpertRating's comprehensive employee testing platform for testing their job aspirants. Naukri.com is backed by Info Edge (India) Limited, India's premier online classifieds company in recruitment, matrimony, real estate and education.

  • Aug 2010

    Manulife Business Processing Services chooses ExpertRating online certification programs to improve, test and certify the skills of their employees in the Phillipines, further substantiating ExpertRating's proven employee certification process potential.

  • Jul 2010

    DELL ASAP chooses ExpertRating as their partner for delivering online certification programs to their employees in the State of New Mexico, US. In a phased manner, DELL ASAP plans to test and certify the skills of all the employees in the State of New Mexico, leveraging ExpertRating's proven employee testing platform.

  • Jul 2010

    OutRight Inc, the leading online accounting platform for more than 21 million, U.S., self employed individuals and micro-businesses chose ExpertRating's integrated employee testing platform for certifying their talent pool. OutRight is backed by leading investors, Sequoia Capital, First Round Capital, Shasta Ventures, SoftTech VC, and Felicis Ventures.

  • Jul 2010

    PeoplePerHour, Britains's largest platform for freelancers chooses ExpertRating's robust employee testing platform for certifying their 55,000 strong global workforce. PeoplePerHour is backed by Index Ventures the leading venture Capital firm who is behind success stories like Skype, Last.Fm, MySql, Lovefilm and Glasses Direct.

  • Jun 2010

    McMaster University of Canada, after a successful trial period of skill testing has chosen ExpertRating as their partner for future Employee Skill Testing. McMaster University was founded in 1887 by Senator William McMaster - first president of the Bank of Commerce and is currently amongst the top 100 universities of the world.

  • Jun 2010

    ECPI College of Technology having several campuses across the United States decides to offer ExpertRating's Green Belt Certifications to their students. The college also plans to benefit from ExpertRating's skill testing platform starting with their Virginia Campus. ECPI plans to roll-out the new course to all their campuses in future.

  • Jun 2010

    Erie Community College, South Campus, State University of New York, chooses ExpertRating Solutions as their Testing Vendor for Online Skill Assessment Tests. Currently, ECC has introduced Peachtree 7 tests for their students studying Accounting.