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Maya Tutorial - Index
Maya Tutorial - Introduction to MAYA
Maya Tutorial - MAYA Interface
Maya Tutorial - Transforms in MAYA
Maya Tutorial - Nurbs Curves and Surfaces
Maya Tutorial - Polygonal Modeling
Maya Tutorial - Texturing and Shading
Maya Tutorial - Cameras and Lighting
Maya Tutorial - Basics of Animation
Maya Tutorial - Dynamics and Special Effects
Maya Tutorial - Rendering
Maya Tutorial - Creating a Report

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MAYA Tutorial - Index

  Introduction to MAYA  
chapter 1




  MAYA Interface  
chapter 2

Main Menu Bar

Command Line

Status Line Help Line
Shelf Panel Menus
Toolbox Hot Keys
WorkSpace The Hot Box

Time Slider and Range Slider




Transforms in MAYA

chapter 3

The Tool Box

Undoing and Redoing

Selecting Objects

Duplicating Objects

Using transforms


The Move Tool


The Rotate Tool

Snapping Hotkeys

The Scale Tool


Self Modification Tool

Channel Box

Show manipulator tool


Nurbs Curves and Surfaces

chapter 4

Nurbs Primitives

Polygonal Primitives


Tessellation Methods

Tools for creating Curves


Attaching Curves

Duplicating Faces

Construction Plane

Extracting Faces
Lofting Curves and Surfaces Smoothing Polygons
Beveling Surfaces
Polygon Selection
Polygonal Modeling
  Polygonal Modeling    
  Polygonal Primitives   Duplicating Faces
  Polygonal Text Settings   Smoothing Polygons
  Tessellation Methods   Polygon Selection

Texturing and Shading

chapter 5
Shading Map Attributes
Basic Material Types
Surfaces Shader Attributes
Material Settings
Use Background
Surface Material Attributes Texture Mapping
Surface Material
Mapping Coordinates
Layered Shader Attributes
Procedural Maps
Phong Attributes
Assigning material to surfaces
Phong E Attributes

Cameras and Lighting

chapter 6
Creating Cameras
Light Types
Camera Settings Light Attributes
Lighting Shadows

Basics of Animation

chapter 7
Animation Control and Interface Nonlinear Animation
Range Slider
Graph Editor
Terms in Animation Toolbar
Animation Types The Dope Sheet
Keyframe Animation    

Dynamics and Special Effects

chapter 8
Dynamics Particles
Soft Body Dynamics Particle Types
Active and Passive Bodies Collisions
Fields Goals


chapter 9
Maya software Renderer

Render the scene using raytracing

Rendering an Animation

Rendering Engines in Maya

Creating a Report

chapter 10

Creating a Report



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