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3ds Max Tutorial - Index
3ds Max Tutorial - The User Interface
3ds Max Tutorial - Working with Files
3ds Max Tutorial - Object and Transformation
3ds Max Tutorial - Modeling
3ds Max Tutorial - Materials and Textures
3ds Max Tutorial - Basic Animation Techniques
3ds Max Tutorial - Lights
3ds Max Tutorial - Cameras
3ds Max Tutorial - Rendering
3ds Max Tutorial - Scene Creation

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3DS Max Tutorial - Index

  The User Interface  
chapter 1
Menus Using the Lower Interface Bar Controls
Toolbars Quadmenus
Viewports Drag and Drop
Command Panel Spinners





Working with Files

chapter 2
Max Scene Files Exporting
Saving Files Xref Services
Opening Files Xref Objects
Merging Objects File Summary
Archiving Files File Properties

Object and Transformation

chapter 3

Primitive Objects


Create Menu Scaling
Create Panel Transform Gizmos
Creating a Sphere Primitive Move Gizmo
Renaming Objects Rotate Gizmo
Keyword Entry Rollout Scale Gizmo
Modifying Object's Parameters Tranform Type-in Dialog Box
Transforming Objects Status Bar Type-In Fields




chapter 4
Editable Objects Modifier Stack
Normals Modifier Sets
Subobjects Edit Mesh Modifier
Soft Selection NURBS Modeling
Modifiers Patch Modeling

Materials and Textures

chapter 5
Material Editor Maps
Material Editor Controls Maps Rollout
Sample Slots Material/Map Browser
Creating a Simple Material UVW Mapping Coordicates
Shader Type UVW Map Modifier
Blinn Shader UnWrap UVW Modifier

Basic Animation Techniques

chapter 6
Key Frames Setting Keyframes
Time Controls Time Configuration
Time Slider Track View
Track Bar Dope Sheet
Animation with Key Frames Curve Editor
Auto Key Mode Motion Panel
Set Key Mode    


chapter 7
Default Light Placing Highlights
Ambient Light Light Highlights
Free Lights and Target Lights General Parameters
Directional Lights Intensity/Color/Attenuation
Spot Lights Shadow Parameters
Omni Lights Spotlight or Diractionalp Parameters
Skylight Advanced Effects
Transforming Lights    


chapter 8
Free Camera

Orthographic projection

Target Camera Stock Lenses
Creating a Free Camera Camera Type and Display Options
Creating a Target Camera Enviroment Range and Clipping Planes
Camera Viewport Multi-Pass Camera Effects
Creating Camera from View Camera Matching
Camera Parameters Rollout Camera Tracker
Lens and FOV    


chapter 9
Rendering Menu

Default Scanline Renderer Options

Common Rendering Parameters Options
Time Output Antialiasing
Output Size Global Supersampling
Options Object Motion Blur
Advanced Lighting Image Motion Blur
Render Output Auto Reflect/Refract Maps
E-Mail Notifications Color Range Limiting
Assign Renderer Memory Management

Final Options


Scene Creation

chapter 10


Lighting and Camera



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