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The ExpertRating Online Editing Course
(leading to ExpertRating Editing Certification).

Ask any published writer and you will hear that a good editor is not just helpful, but essential. If you aspire to be an editor, this course will teach you the fundamentals of top-notch editing for both fiction and nonfiction. If you're already working as an editor, you'll not only brush up on your skills, but will also learn about recent advances in your chosen profession. If you're a writer, you will learn essential self-editing tools to give your manuscripts the professional look that publishers like to see.

From the language of editing to grammar, punctuation, and syntax to the all-important relationships between editor, author, and publisher, every facet of editing will be explored. Online editing is gaining popularity; its complexities will be unraveled and its advantages and pitfalls explored. Can you make a living as an editor? Tips and resources for finding work will be addressed at length. When you finish with this course, you will feel confident enough to tackle even the most complex of manuscripts.

Buy the ExpertRating Online Editing Course- $129.99

This course includes a knowledgeable and caring instructor who will guide you through your lessons, facilitate discussions, and answer your questions. The instructor for this course will be Jacquelyn Landis.

Jacquelyn Landis

About the ExpertRating Online Editing Course instructor :Jacquelyn Landis holds a bachelor's degree and has worked as a nonfiction editor for over 15 years. Her editing repertoire includes books, articles, and business manuals written by best-selling authors such as Eva Shaw, George Carpozi, Anthony Robbins, Ken Druck, and Tom Blair. She has been a speaker in the UCSD Extension program and has participated in writing panels at the University of San Diego. Jacquelyn is also the author of numerous published books and magazine articles.

 Online Editing Certification requirements: For taking this instructor led ExpertRating Online Editing Course you need Internet access, e-mail, and the Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox Web browser. Although this course will teach English grammar, punctuation, and style, you must be fluent in English and have a better-than-average spelling ability.

 Testimonials: The ExpertRating Online Editing Course has received overwhelming positive feedback and reviews from students around the world. Here are a few:

"A great course, full of information."

"As an aspiring writer and editor, I felt this course was extremely helpful. I now have the tools and the confidence to jump-start my career. Thanks, Jackie, for your amusing anecdotes and excellent instruction."

"Every aspiring writer should take this course. It was helpful on many levels. I have recommended it to other writer friends."

"Excellent and practical course with an interesting presentation of the material. I would definitely recommend this course to others."

"Excellent class, excellent teacher. I learned a lot."

"Excellent course/excellent instructor! I've learned so much, and I've enjoyed every lesson."

"Excellent course! I was very impressed by instructor's knowledge and her ability to convey this information to students. I feel this course has prepared me as a trained professional. Thank you!"

"Hello. I've loved this course. It is the first time I've taken a class since the '70's. I took a chance taking it right now because I'm going through chemo-therapy, but my daughter paid for it as a birthday present so I was anxious to go on ahead with it. I did have to drop out for a while, and haven't been able to dedicate the time to it that I would have liked, but I did put the supplemental materials on my desktop and will look at them when I can. I don't know if I will ever get good enough to get paid to edit, but I work in a church office doing many aspects of editing and have gained valuable experience from your class. For that I am very grateful. My work history is primarily in the electronics industry. I never pictured myself in an office atmosphere, but I am feeling more confident. Thank you!"

"I absolutely adored this class. I wish there were a part two."

"I am in the executive secretary/admin assistant support field. This class has broadened my knowledge in several areas. Things I should have learned in my youth has just registered with me. I have more confidence in my abilities and Ms. Landis has taught me how to access tools for growth and research in the writing field. I will always remember this class and the doors it has opened for me."

"I enjoyed this class and learned many valuable facts, tips and timesavers that will continue to assist me in my personal and professional lives."

"I enjoyed this course so much. I will use what I learned all the time at work (and will enjoy having expert backup for my decisions). The instructor was prompt and thorough in replying in the discussion area. Her patience and sense of humor were greatly appreciated."

"I enjoyed this course. The instructor's writing style was clear and interesting. I feel that I have learned more about the world of editing and that I have gained confidence in my abilities to proofread and edit at work."

"I enjoyed this course very much. The instructor was scrupulous about responding to questions in the discussion area."

Buy the ExpertRating Online Editing Course- $129.99

ExpertRating Online Editing Course

(leading to ExpertRating Editing Certification)

 ExpertRating is one of the world's only ISO 9001:2015 Certified companies (from TUV America) offering an Online Editing Course (leading to ExpertRating Editing Skills Certification).


Over 5 million people from 120 countries have benefited from ExpertRating Online Tests and Certifications. ExpertRating offers its testing services to the world's best companies such as Convergys Corp, UPS, GAP, Sony, Coke, Citrix, Deltek Corp, IKEA Systems and Ericsson to name a few. See where ExpertRating Certified Professionals are working.

 It is very safe to buy from ExpertRating. Apart from being an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, it is also HackerSafe approved.


ExpertRating upholds the highest privacy standards and complies with strict program requirements, ensuring that your information is always safe. ExpertRating has certified Several thousand individuals who are working with leading companies across the US and other countries. View list.

When you choose the ExpertRating Online Editing Course you can be sure that you are buying a premium International certification that is recognized by hundreds of employers and Government bodies in the US and other countries.


 With ExpertRating you get certified quickly online and you are equipped with a store house of information through the in-depth ExpertRating Online Editing Courseware which has been developed by experienced Writers and Editing Experts.

 The ExpertRating Editing Certification is by far the best value for money instructor led Editing Program at $129.99.


Some Popular questions and answers about this ExpertRating Online Editing Course and Certification:

 How much does the Editing Certification cost and what does it include?

You can buy this ExpertRating Online Editing Course leading to Editing certification at a special offer price of only $129.99 which includes the in-depth ExpertRating Online Editing Courseware and exam fee. This is the best value for money Editing Program available till date. You get the following services within the USD $129.99 fee.

     In-depth ExpertRating Online Editing Courseware including scenarios and case studies.

     An instructor to guide you through the course and to whom you can direct your questions.

     World wide airmail delivery of the hard copy Editing Certificate. The Editing Certificate can be used to prove your certified status and does not mention the words "online".

     An online transcript that can be used to prove your certified credentials on the internet at any time.

How do I get certified?

The process of getting yourself certified is very simple. All you have to do is buy the ExpertRating Online Editing Course for $129.99. Log in to the instructor led course using your password. Go through the ExpertRating Online Editing Courseware (which would take you 6 weeks) and complete the final Editing Certification exam at your convenience. You can complete the exam within 2 months of buying the Editing Certification. The result of the exam appears as soon as it is completed, and your Editing Certificate is mailed immediately.

What learning aids will I get?

The ExpertRating Online Editing Course includes the following learning aids:

24 x 7 hour access to the courseware. A printer friendly version of the ExpertRating Online Editing Course is also provided

A friendly instructor to answer your questions online

A discussion area to have your questions answered

Chapter end quizzes to ensure that you are learning important aspects of every chapter

Chapter assignments to help you practically use the Editing that you will learn during the Editing Course.

What is the final exam like?

The final exam is fully based upon the   ExpertRating Online Editing Courseware that is provided along with the Editing Certification. If you have gone through the courseware properly you should not have a problem clearing the exam. The exam consists of multiple choice questions from all chapters of the ExpertRating Online Editing Courseware.

What are the course start dates?

ExpertRating instructor led courses commence every month, you can always choose a suitable date for your course commencement in any month. To see available course start dates, please click on the "Enroll now" button. All courses run for six weeks, with a two-week grace period at the end. Two lessons are released each week for the six-week duration of the course. You do not have to be present when the lesson is released, but you must complete each lesson within two weeks of its release.

A new section of each course starts on the second or third Wednesday of each month. If enrolling in a series of two or more courses please be sure to space the start date for each course at least two months apart.


Buy the ExpertRating Online Editing Course- $129.99


According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, writers and editors held about 306,000 jobs in 2006.

Correcting language, images, or sound through correction, compression, systematizing, and by making other changes in various media is known as editing. A person who edits is called an editor. This Online Editing Course will teach you powerful quantitative methods that will help you to write better, more marketable, and more effective content. This Editing Program also provides helpful writing tips. Suitable for a freelance writer, a small time script writer, an entrepreneur or a job seeker, this course is sure to boost editing skills.


Taking this highly recognized ExpertRating The Keys to Effective Editing Certification course is an excellent way for you to prove your professional prowess to employers while giving a boost to your resume.

 ExpertRating Online Editing Course Coverage (6 weeks program)  

Week One

Wednesday - Lesson 01

Have you ever wondered just what editors do with writers’ manuscripts? In this first lesson, you’ll find out. You’ll learn about the different types of editors—copyeditors, acquisition editors, developmental editors, production editors, and more—and exactly what their jobs entail. Because this course focuses on copyeditors, you’ll explore the three levels of copyediting: light, medium, and heavy. Finally, you’ll be introduced to five immutable laws of editing designed to make your job as a writer or an editor much easier.

Friday - Lesson 02

If you’ve ever seen a page marked up by an editor, you probably wondered what all those funny-looking marks and symbols meant. In this lesson, the mystery will be revealed. All the marks will be displayed and defined, and you’ll learn to use them as a sort of shorthand to fix errors. At the end of the lesson, you’ll have the opportunity to practice using your newly learned copyeditors’ marks in an entertaining exercise.

Week Two

Wednesday - Lesson 03

In this lesson, you’ll be given some invaluable tools for increasing awareness of detail while you’re writing or editing. You’ll learn the theory behind these tools and how to use them to help you with accuracy and consistency. Then you’ll shift gears and delve into the intricacies of fiction writing and editing. You’ll take a close-up look at fiction writing devices such as narration, exposition, dialogue, and point of view, and how each can be effectively incorporated into a manuscript.

Friday - Lesson 04

Grammar and punctuation are two subjects that usually evoke a big “Ugh!” This lesson is a review of the basics of English grammar and punctuation, but the ugh-factor is conspicuously absent. You’ll revisit all those principles you learned in school, but in a light-hearted manner guaranteed to ease the pain. Proper grammar and punctuation are the hallmarks of good writing and editing, and you’ll be glad you had the chance to bring your knowledge up to date.

Week Three

Wednesday - Lesson 05-

This lesson will take you into the world of spelling, capitalization, and numbers. Most people are surprised to learn that there are actually rules governing how words are spelled and capitalized, and whether numbers should be spelled out or in digit form. You’ll learn not only the rules but also the exceptions. The benefit of knowing all the variations is that you’ll create consistency in your work, and your writing/editing will shine.

Friday - Lesson 06

This lesson explores all the writing pitfalls that can leave readers in a state of confusion. You’ll learn to recognize and fix mixed metaphors, garbled syntax, nominals, redundancies, and much more. You’ll also learn how to untangle overly wordy sentences, how to eliminate sexism, and how to create parallel structure. One of your goals as an editor or a writer is to produce clarity. This lesson will put you firmly on the path to achieving that goal.

Week Four

Wednesday - Lesson 07

When is it appropriate to use an abbreviation? When should you hyphenate words? Most people have a general knowledge of abbreviations and hyphens, but when it comes time to actually use them, they haven’t a clue. In this lesson, you’ll learn all the ins and outs of the rules that guide their use. Then you’ll look closely at a less-glamorous but critical part of a manuscript: bibliographies, footnotes, citations, and endnotes. Editors and writers need to know how to properly reference quoted material within a manuscript, and the simple guidelines in this lesson will make the process easy.

Friday - Lesson 08

The relationship between an author and an editor is tricky at best. Throw a publisher into the works, and you have the potential for a powder keg of emotions. This lesson shows you how to keep life harmonious within the author-editor-publisher relationship. Writers will be able to see things from the editor’s perspective, and editors will learn how it feels to be in the author’s shoes. Both of you will gain insight as well as a good brush-up of your people skills.

Week Five

Wednesday - Lesson 09

In this lesson, you will learn about a different way to edit, which has become the norm rather than the exception. Editing manuscripts on-screen is the wave of the present, and in this lesson, you’ll explore the intricacies of making edits electronically, thereby eliminating the physical manuscript. You’ll then learn about copyright law, permissions, and fair use, all of which are essential for both editors and writers to become familiar with.

Friday - Lesson 10

Manuscripts have many parts beyond just the text. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to edit such peripheral material as tables, charts, and artwork. If you’ve ever seen a caption that didn’t fit the photo it was describing, you’ll understand the need for this extra scrutiny. Next you’ll learn all about the components of a book that come before and after the text, namely, the front and back matter. You’ll learn the function of parts such as the foreword, the table of contents, the index, and many more.

Week Six

Wednesday - Lesson 11

After five weeks of absorbing the technical elements of editing, it’s time to have some fun. In this lesson, you’ll take a close look at the intricacies, inconsistencies, and irregularities in the English language. These are the things that defy classification but still are important to know. You’ll learn about oddball words and phrases, the do’s and don’ts of usage, and the many ways in which language is like a puzzle that’s never finished.

Friday - Lesson 12

This might be the most important lesson of all. In this lesson, you will learn how to find work as an editor. Whether you’re interested in a staff position or want to begin a freelance career, all the help and advice you’ll need is in this lesson. You’ll also learn some basic business practices that will make your life as an editor easy.

Buy the ExpertRating Online Editing Course - $129.99

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