Careers in Child Care & Parenting

Learn how to successfully meet the diverse needs of the children and students in your home and classroom from an experienced special educator. We'll dissect the whole special education process, from working with individualized education programs to helping students struggling with reading comprehension, math skills, and writing.  

Learn about various fun games you can incorporate, tips for modifying your classroom and home atmosphere, and lots of tested methods for bringing out the best behavior in your students and wards. Every teacher and parent can have success teaching kids. In these courses, you'll discover easy, practical, and creative strategies that will help your struggling students find their light bulb moments!


List of Courses offered by ExpertRating

Child Care & Parenting
Homeschool Teaching Course $129.99 More Info
Teaching Course (Teaching Children) $129.99 More Info
Teaching Course (Guided Reading) $129.99 More Info
Teaching Course (Language Development) $129.99 More Info
Understanding Adolescents Course $129.99 More Info
Teaching Certification (Guiding Kids on the Internet) $129.99 More Info
Teaching Certification (Teaching Learning Disabled Students) $129.99 More Info
Personal Development
Grammar Course $129.99 More Info
Computer Course (Workplace Skills) $129.99 More Info
Writing Course (Business Writing) $129.99 More Info
Administrative Assistant Course (Fundamentals) $129.99 More Info
Veterinary Assistant Course-I $129.99 More Info
Business Management Course $129.99 More Info
Personality Development Course $129.99 More Info
Speed Reading Course $129.99 More Info
Leadership Course $129.99 More Info
Optical Assistant Course $129.99 More Info
Relationship Skills Course $129.99 More Info
Travel Agent Course $129.99 More Info
Communication Skills Course $129.99 More Info
Communication Skills Course (Interpersonal) $129.99 More Info
Humor Writing Course $129.99 More Info
Personality Development Course (Individual Excellence) $129.99 More Info
Writing Course (Journal Writing) $129.99 More Info
Career Training Course (Job Search) $129.99 More Info
Math Course $129.99 More Info
Writing Course (Resume Writing) $129.99 More Info
Decision Making Course $129.99 More Info
Physical Therapy Aide Course $129.99 More Info






The ExpertRating Online Certifications in Child Care & Parenting

ExpertRating is a trusted name in online testing and certification with over 200,000 certified professionals in over 60 countries in more than 200 skill areas. Through the ExpertRating Child Care and Parenting courses, you will become familiar with the elements and principles of child care and parenting. The course curriculum includes creating effective designs and page layouts. You will be able to add effect to your publications with a wide array of tools like intuitive design, layout, typography and graphic tools through the Microsoft Publisher course.


The Online Child Care and Parenting Programs are valuable online courses for anxious parents and teachers who will be able to improve the self-esteem, educational, vocational and socialization needs of their students after completing these courses. The ExpertRating Working Successfully with Students and Children Certifications and Courses will suggest you tips and techniques on how to deal with students.


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