Credential Verification Assistance

Before, and sometimes upon, inducting a new employee, many companies get the credentials of the candidate/hire verified. Prior consent of the person, with regard to verification, is taken and his/her appointment is made conditional upon such verification.

Companies may carry out the verification on their own or may engage agencies that specialize in credential verification and background investigation. Many such agencies exist around the world, some of which include- HireRight, First Advantage, Kroll, Justifacts and Intelius.

At ExpertRating, we understand how much securing the job you have applied for could mean to you. So, when we get a request for verification, we waste no time to confirm that you were duly certified by us (our response time is less than 48 hours). Moreover, we charge nothing for this service. Now, that's one more reason why you should opt for an ExpertRating certification, for, what you get from us is not only a certification which is widely recognized but one with which you are sure you would never hit a roadblock.