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Chapter 9 - Resources
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9.1 Websites

Certainly head to your favorite search engine and conduct your own internet search for information, but these sites are particularly useful. We aren't suggesting these sites are more useful than others, only that they provide a good deal of useful and interesting information. You may find sites you like more than these.

Global Issues

1. The Great Warming ( offers information, resources and a DVD you can order for more information.

2. With a look at how businesses can help reduce its contribution to global warming, has a myriad of ideas and resources.

3. The Kyoto Protocol was forwarded by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and you can learn more about this group and their efforts at their website at
4. Scientists rejoice - the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change presents no-nonsense information in a scientific way.

5. The World Wildlife Federation is still dedicated to the planet, after all these years and its website ( our planet at peril and steps you can take to reduce your personal footprint.

6. Learn more about the basic issues at Global Issues (

7. If you need a site to help your children understand the issues, try Solcom House

Saving Energy

Check out the U.S. Department of Energy's website for some additional tips (

You can never have too many tips on saving energy. Check out these sites for more tips:


Thinking of getting a composting toilet? Let the experts atComposting Toilet World help you.


Reduce your rubbishhas many tips for recycling just about everything.

Earth 911 ( has tons of useful information for you if you're going to go Green, but it will also help you find a good recycling center in your area.

Recycling Guide ( is an excellent site that will help you decipher the various recycle icons and marks on your recyclable items as well as items made from recycled materials.

Here are some other sites that might help you as you recycle more:



Green Car Congress ( is devoted to helping you make a good transportation choice, with stories from around the world, ideas for your best transport choice and more.

Before you pick your next car, make sure it's a good choice for the environment by checking it out at

For background information about cars and how they can harm the environment, use the information at the U.S. National Safety Council website

Keeping up on trends and offering you advice for your next car purchase is the domain of Why Buy Hybrid (

Your Food

For more information about moving toward a diet less dependent on meat, check out the Earthsave website (, which promotes itself as (promoting) a shift toward a healthy plant-based diet."


The ecotourism website will offer you ideas for your next environmentally friendly vacation.

Check your Emissions

A personal emissions calculator can be found within the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's fulsome site (

You can quickly and easily see how just a few simple changes can significantly reduce your personal emissions. You might choose to make just one change, or many. The site will calculate it all for you.

Carbon Credits

Visit the store at Carbon Planet ( for information about how to buy carbon offset credits.

Check out Terra Pass for more carbon credit information (

Get Involved

Step It Up rallies are held annually around the United States. You might organize one, or find one in your area to participate in. (

General High Five

(These sites are those that will give you hands-on and supportive ideas for living Green.)


2. (Information about the Billion Tree Campaign)





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