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Chapter 4 - Simple Changes
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4 Simple Changes

Simple changes mean those that are the easiest to incorporate into your life. You might still drive your car everywhere, but you will choose paper over plastic (or perhaps no bag at all). You'll flush the toilet, but turn the water off when you brush your teeth. It's about the simple changes.

And these simple changes, over time and over a great number of people, equal huge benefit to the Earth. These small attempts to be Green will result in big impact.

Literally, and we don't mean to sound trite, you CAN make a difference.

How? Let's look at some ways you can make simple, easy changes in your daily life. There are literally thousands to choose from, but we'll focus on a few: Your water, your energy use, your transportation choice, your garden, your food and recycling.

When we talk about simple changes, we mean nothing having to do with infrastructure. We're not talking about anything that will disrupt your daily life too much. We're talking about simple choices you make every day. We're only asking you to make a different choice or think hard about the choice you do make.


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