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XML Tutorial - Index
XML Tutorial - Introduction to XML
XML Tutorial - How XML interact with data?
XML Tutorial - How to write first XML document
XML Tutorial - What are XML Elements and Attributes?
XML Tutorial - What is XML Schema and DTD?
XML Tutorial - Which Browser support XML?
XML Tutorial - XML and Styles
XML Tutorial - Embedding XML in HTML
XML Tutorial - Working with XML Parser
XML Tutorial - Working with CDATA

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XML Tutorial - Which Browsers support XML?

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In this chapter you will learn :
  • What are the major browsers and their support for XML
  • How XML page will look in Internet Explorer4 and 5.
  • How XML page is browsed in Netscape Navigator?
  • How the raw XML file can be viewed in a browser?


Major browsers and support for XML

XML can be used for marking up three different kinds of information :

  • Data - Structured sets of information normally handled by relational databases.

  • Documents - Less structured sets of information with a specific characteristic - that the sequence of the information is important.

  • Meta-data - Data about other information, for instance who the author is, keywords, the target group, and so on.

Viewing XML in Internet Explorer 4

Performs CDF processing, i.e., Channel Definition Format, which is a meta- information ( information about sites ).

  • Has two XML parsers : a non-validating parser and a validating parser.

  • Offers an XML Data Source object.

  • Offers an XML Object Model, and an interface to let developers interact with XML data in the browser.

    But, Internet Explorer 4 doesn't have facilities for natively displaying XML.

Viewing XML in Internet Explorer 5

In addition to the already existing XML support in Internet Explorer4, following features are also added in release 5 :

  • Full conformance to the XML 1.0 specification.

  • Direct viewing of XML by using XSL or CSS (Cascading Style Sheet ).

  • A mechanism for embedding XML in HTML called "data islands".

  • Namespace support.

  • Better performance.

  • Improved robustness.

Browsing XML in Netscape Navigator 4:

Netscape Navigator 4 does not support XML. If you want to use XML with Netscape Navigator 4, you first need to convert to HTML or another format that Navigator 4 can handle.

Viewing XML in Mozilla 5 :

The XML support of Mozilla :

  • Implements XML + CSS support at the document level.

  • Offers an interface to the XML Document Object Model (DOM) via JavaScript and any plug-in.

  • Supports XLink.

  • Supports elements from the HTML namespace.

    To view an XML file in Mozilla you need to define a CSS style sheet with formatting specifications. These are kept in a separate file. You relate your XML file to the CSS file by including a processing instruction inside your XML file.

How the raw XML file can be viewed in a browser?

Raw XML files can be viewed in Mozilla, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, and in Netscape 6+. However, to make XML documents to display like nice web pages, you will have to add some display information. The XML document will be displayed as plain text, like :

Click here


In this chapter you have learnt:

  • The support for XML by browsers.
  • Various features provided in different browsers.
  • Viewing XML files in different browsers.
Review Questions

Fill in the Blanks

  1. When Xml is embedded into HTML, it is known as __________ .
  2. XML can be formatted in IE5 using _______ or______.


  1. Data Islands.
  2. XSL or CSS


What's Next

The next chapter will acquaint you with the basic concepts of applying style sheets in XML. The chapter will further elucidate how to apply internal and external style sheets with XML.

                  Hop over to the next chapter to get a close-up of styles in XML.
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