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  Home > Courses, Tutorials & eBooks > CSS Tutorial > Formatting Text

CSS Tutorial - Formatting Text

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In this chapter you will learn :

  • How to format text using various style options
  • How to change color of the text
  • How to set the direction of text
  • Decorating the text
  • Handling white spaces

CSS gives  you  a range of style options to enable formatting of text. These style options can be applied easily on  your document. They are given below:


  • CSS has several options for defining colors of text.
  • CSS makes it possible to change the color of the text.


                       pink{ color : pink}
                                The color is pink now
                       H1{ color : #000080}


  • Colors can also be defined by using  RGB values, by simply entering the values for amounts of  Red, Green, and Blue.


    • It sets the direction of text.
    • It could have either ltr (i.e. left to right) or rtl (i.e. right to left) values.



div { direction : rtl}


This has been written from right to left by setting the direction of the text

Letter Spacing

  • The letter spacing property  increases or decreases the spaces between characters.
  • The exact value of the spacing can be specified between characters.
  • Negative values are permitted.



                    p{ letter-spacing : 10px;}

      Here letter spacing is 10 pixel.

                    p{ letter-spacing : -1.5px;}

                                         Here letter spacing is -1.5 pixel.


Text Align

  • This property can be applied to assign alignment to the text.
  • The text-align property can have values left, right, center, and justify.
  • The default value of text-align is left.



 h1 { text-align :center;}



Text Decoration

  • This property enables decoration of the text.
  • Text can be decorated using values: none, underline, overline, line-through, and blink.
      None - This defines a normal text.
      Underline - This defines a line under the text.
      Overline - This defines a line over the text.
      Line-through - defines a line through the text.
      Blink - defines a blinking text.



p {text-decoration: underline}


        p {text-decoration: overline}


        p {text-decoration: line-through}





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