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SQL Skills Test (Hands-on programming skills)
Format of the test
What is the format of the test – The CodeAssess tests consist of 10 short coding problems to be solved in around 1 hour. The test is scored automatically based on several aspects of the inputted code. The coding problems have been set based on skills required to solve common problems encountered during the course of working on a software project. There is no special software required to run this test. All that’s needed is a web browser.

Below is an example of the type of questions in the test. Most questions include a sample table with data:

From the given table, write a SQL query to select the records of employees who are more than 25 years of age, the records being sorted in ascending order of age

The test taker would have to write ""SELECT * FROM employee WHERE age>25 order by age asc"". ")

What are these tests like?

Pricing and Payment Options

$9.99 US payable through any of the following:
  • Secure online credit/debit card transaction
  • e-Check (requires a US bank account)
  • Paypal
  • Other payment options can be made available in special cases
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