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Making the decision to attend college is probably one of the most important decisions youíll ever make, and your performance on college entrance exams is instrumental in determining your college choice. Universities and colleges throughout the U.S. require applicants to take the SAT or ACT as part of their evaluation package. This course will prepare you for both tests.

Both the ACT and the SAT contain verbal and math question types. SAT/ACT Preparation Part 2 will give you all the information you need to do well on the math questions of the ACT and the SAT. The ACT math tests your knowledge of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and basic statistics. This course provides you with a complete math review of all these subjects. WeĎll also show you how to use your time wisely so that you finish as many math questions as possible in the 60 minutes the ACT gives you for the math test.

Beginning with the March 2005 exam, the SAT math questions have changed a bit. They eliminated the quantitative comparison questions and added questions on functions and graphing functions. The lessons in this course are designed to prepare you for those changes. In addition to reviewing arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and basic statistics, we'll cover functions and other algebra II subjects now tested on the SAT.

In addition to preparing you for specific question types on both exams, this course will give you pointers on time management, anxiety relief, scoring, and general standardized test-taking. Weekly assignments encourage you to work with your fellow classmates and your instructor to maximize your performance on all aspects of the math questions of the ACT and SAT. Taken with Part 1, this course will prepare you to excel in all sections of the undergraduate college entrance exams and provide you with the means to achieve your best potential score!

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This course includes a knowledgeable and caring instructor who will guide you through your lessons, facilitate discussions, and answer your questions. The instructor for this course will be Scott and Lisa Hatch.

Scott and Lisa Hatch

About the ExpertRating Online SAT Test Preparation Course-II instructor :Scott Hatch has presented paralegal courses since 1980. He is listed in Who's Who in California, Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities, and has been named one of the Outstanding Young Men of America by the United States Jaycees. He was a contributing editor to The Judicial Profiler (McGraw-Hill and the Colorado Law Annotated (West/Lawyers Co-op)series, and editor of several award-winning publications. He is author of Paralegal Procedures and Practices, published by West Publishing, as well as books on mediation and legal investigation.
Lisa Zimmer Hatch, M.A., has been teaching legal certificate and standardized test preparation courses since 1987. She graduated with honors in English from the University of Puget Sound, and received her master's degree from California State University. She is co-author of numerous law and standardized test texts.

 Online SAT Preparation Certification requirements: For taking this instructor led ExpertRating Online SAT Test Preparation Course-II you need Completion of SAT/ACT Prep - Part 1 (or equivalent experience), The Official SAT Study Guide: For the New SAT (College Board, 2004), The Real ACT Prep Guide (Peterson's, 2004), Internet access, e-mail, and the Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox Web browser.

Buy the ExpertRating Online SAT Test Preparation Course-II- $129.99

ExpertRating Online SAT Test Preparation Course-II

(leading to ExpertRating SAT Preparation Certification-II)

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 With ExpertRating you get certified quickly online and you are equipped with a store house of information through the in-depth ExpertRating Online SAT Test Preparation Course-II Courseware which has been developed by experienced SAT Preparation Experts.

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SATģ is a trademark or registered trademark of the College Entrance Examination Board.

Some Popular questions and answers about this ExpertRating Online SAT Test Preparation Course-II and Certification:

 How much does the SAT Preparation Certification cost and what does it include?

You can buy this ExpertRating Online SAT Test Preparation Course-II leading to SAT Preparation certification at a special offer price of only $129.99 which includes the in-depth ExpertRating Online SAT Test Preparation Course-II Courseware and exam fee. This is the best value for money SAT Preparation Program available till date. You get the following services within the USD $129.99 fee.

 In-depth ExpertRating Online SAT Test Preparation Course-II Courseware including scenarios and case studies.

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 An online transcript that can be used to prove your certified credentials on the internet at any time.

ExpertRating  SAT/ACT Preparation - Part 2 Certification

How do I get certified?

The process of getting yourself certified is very simple. All you have to do is buy the ExpertRating Online SAT Test Preparation Course-II for $129.99. Log in to the instructor led course using your password. Go through the ExpertRating Online SAT Test Preparation Course-II Courseware (which would take you 6 weeks) and complete the final SAT Preparation Certification exam at your convenience. You can complete the exam within 2 months of buying the SAT Preparation Certification. The result of the exam appears as soon as it is completed, and your SAT Preparation Certificate is mailed immediately.

What learning aids will I get?

The ExpertRating Online SAT Test Preparation Course-II includes the following learning aids:

24 x 7 hour access to the courseware. A printer friendly version of the ExpertRating Online SAT Test Preparation Course-II is also provided

A friendly instructor to answer your questions online

A discussion area to have your questions answered

Chapter end quizzes to ensure that you are learning important aspects of every chapter

Chapter assignments to help you practically use the SAT Preparation that you will learn during the SAT Preparation Course.

What is the final exam like?

The final exam is fully based upon the   ExpertRating Online SAT Test Preparation Course-II Courseware that is provided along with the SAT Preparation Certification. If you have gone through the courseware properly you should not have a problem clearing the exam. The exam consists of multiple choice questions from all chapters of the ExpertRating Online SAT Test Preparation Course-II Courseware.

What are the course start dates?

ExpertRating instructor led courses commence every month, you can always choose a suitable date for your course commencement in any month. To see available course start dates, please click on the "Enroll now" button. All courses run for six weeks, with a two-week grace period at the end. Two lessons are released each week for the six-week duration of the course. You do not have to be present when the lesson is released, but you must complete each lesson within two weeks of its release.

A new section of each course starts on the second or third Wednesday of each month. If enrolling in a series of two or more courses please be sure to space the start date for each course at least two months apart.


Buy the ExpertRating Online SAT Test Preparation Course-II- $129.99


Both the ACT and the SAT are nationally administered standardized tests that help colleges evaluate candidates.

The Scholastic Aptitude Test or Scholastic Assessment Test or SAT is administered by College Board, and is developed; published, and scored by the Educational Testing Service (ETS). The SAT subjects evaluate your skills in areas like math, history, literature, and foreign languages. The American College Testing or ACT is an objective test which is offered five times a year and administered at various locations. ACT evaluates the applicants in four major areas which include English, Math, reading and natural sciences. The ACT test was developed by the American College Testing Program.


This course will help you improve your verbal skills, grammar and language fluency. The ExpertRating SAT/ACT Preparation Certification course will hone your skills and prepare you for the SAT/ACT. 

ExpertRating Online SAT Test Preparation Course-II Coverage (6 weeks program)  

Week One

Wednesday - Lesson 01

You may have heard that you canít study for the ACT or SAT. But thatís just not true! There are a bunch of things you can do to prepare for the ACT and SAT, and the more time you spend preparing, the better your scores will be. This first lesson will go over all the things you need to know about the general makeup of both the ACT and SAT so youíll know exactly what youíre getting into come test day. Youíll learn how to relax when you start feeling panicky, how to eliminate the wrong answers that the tests try to entice you into choosing, how to guess when you aren't sure of the right answer, and how much time to spend on each question. And, if you aren't familiar with the kinds of questions that test your math skills, youíll know exactly what to expect once youíve completed this lesson.

Friday - Lesson 02

You learned arithmetic in grade school, but you may have forgotten some of the basics that youíll see on the ACT and SAT math tests. So you'll spend some time here in your second lesson on a review of the essentials. In this lesson you'll go over a few of the things you probably rememberólike how to perform multiplication and divisionóas well as some of the things that might be a little fuzzy, like exponents and fractions.

Week Two

Wednesday - Lesson 03

The ACT has always had a few algebra II questions, and in 2005, the SAT joined its ranks. So, in addition to a review of standard algebra, this lesson will also review some algebra II topics. This lesson will go over variables, factoring, functions, and a host of other challenging topics so that you'll know exactly what you need to answer the many algebra-related questions on both tests.

Friday - Lesson 04

Geometry is a big component of the ACT and SAT math questions, so Lesson 4 will make sure youíre prepared for it. This lesson will go over the properties of angles, triangles, squares, circles, and other shapes so that you can answer questions that ask for pesky measurements. It'll also cover coordinate geometry and throw in some valuable information about graphing functions so youíll be ready for all sorts of geometry when you sit for the ACT and SAT.

Week Three

Wednesday - Lesson 05-

This lesson is for ACT takers only because SAT takers wonít need to know trigonometry. It'll cover many of the key trigonometry topics, including sine, cosine, and tangent and the trigonometric reciprocals. This lesson will also review how to use trigonometry to solve right triangles and even oblique ones. After this lesson, youíll have all the information you need to solve trig questions for the ACT.

Friday - Lesson 06

You donít have to take a statistics class to master the concepts that the ACT and SAT will test you on. Most of the statistics and probability questions on these tests are pretty basic. This lesson will make sure youíre prepared for them all. By the time youíre finished, youíll have reviewed everything you need to know about tendency, frequency, and probability to ace the ACT and SAT.

Week Four

Wednesday - Lesson 07

By now, you're probably ready to try out the math concepts youíve reviewed so far. So in Lesson 7, you'll get a chance to test yourself. This lesson will start with an overview of what you can expect to see on the ACT math test. Then it'll focus on the kinds of math questions youíll encounter on the ACT, especially those that cover math basics and algebra. This lesson will go through 30 practice questions to show you exactly how to approach and master the ACT arithmetic and algebra questions.

Friday - Lesson 08

They say that practice makes perfect, so in this lesson, you'll get more opportunities to reach perfection! Through this lessonís analysis of 30 more practice questions, youíll see just how to approach and correctly answer the geometry, trigonometry, and algebra II questions on the ACT. Once youíve gone through the answer explanations in this lesson, youíll feel confident about tackling any ACT math question that comes your way.

Week Five

Wednesday - Lesson 09

The SAT math test sections look a little different than what you'll see on the ACT. There are three sets of math questions. Some are the standard multiple-choice math questions, and some aren't. Lesson 9 will go over exactly what you should expect on the SAT math, and then you'll get some practice by examining 13 practice SAT math questions. Just like when the lessonís talked about the ACT, you'll get thorough explanations of exactly how to deal with the types of SAT math questions.

Friday - Lesson 10

Lesson 10 will focus on the most common type of SAT math question you'll seeóthe multiple-choice question. Through a thorough examination of one complete SAT math section, you'll find out how to work through all kinds of multiple-choice math. Youíll be whipping through the answer choices in no time!

Week Six

Wednesday - Lesson 11

The SAT student produced response (SPR) questions donít appear on any other major standardized test, so you may not be familiar with how to deal with them. Thatís what this lesson is all about. In lesson 11, you'll get the scoop on how to answer math questions that donít give you answer choices to choose from, and you'll find out how to avoid making errors when you fill in the answer on the answer sheet. Itís a very simple process to grid in your answers, but this lesson will show you just how simple by thoroughly explaining the approach to 10 SAT SPR questions.

Friday - Lesson 12

You'll get a lot of information in the six weeks of this course, and you probably wonít remember it all even with all of the additional work you put into each lesson. So this last lesson will review all the tips and strategies you learned throughout this course. This lesson will make sure you understand what you need to know for each math subject on the tests, review what you should focus on as you prepare, and show you how to best spend your study time as you prepare to strut your stuff on test day.

Buy the ExpertRating Online SAT Test Preparation Course-II - $129.99

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