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The ExpertRating Online Publisher Course
(leading to ExpertRating Publishing Certification).

Convert manuscripts into extra income by starting your own publishing company and going head-to-head with major publishers. Learn the advantages of self-publishing over traditional publishing, and you'll discover why many famous authors made the decision to publish their own works.

Many associations, schools, churches, and other non-profit organizations are publishing books to develop new sources of revenue and to enhance their reputations in the community. Corporations and professionals are publishing proprietary works to maintain existing business, acquire new clients, or add to their prestige. And many individuals are publishing their own books or other undiscovered works to supplement their income.

In this highly interactive course, you'll learn how to format your works in a way that will save you hundreds of dollars. You'll find out everything you need to know to profit from your own publishing company, including how to plan and design a cover, select paper, choose a printer, price your publications, establish distribution channels, acquire barcodes, and register your works. You'll discover unique, proven, and cost-effective ways to market your books and fulfill orders. And you'll avoid common pitfalls that can slow the growth of your new publishing enterprise.

Buy the ExpertRating Online Publisher Course- $129.99

This course includes a knowledgeable and caring instructor who will guide you through your lessons, facilitate discussions, and answer your questions. The instructor for this course will be Steve Payseur.

Steve Payseur

About the ExpertRating Online Publisher Course instructor : Steve Payseur began his career in sales in 1979, and his sales have increased an average of 22% a year for more than 20 years. As a Sales Manager, he set up a training program for his sales force, and he has conducted training programs for several Fortune 500 companies. Mr. Payseur is the author of "Selling Effective Techniques for Getting and Keeping Customers," a book based on his years of experience and extensive research. A recognized authority in the field of sales, he has been interviewed on several occasions for national sales magazines. Mr. Payseur has written and published two top-selling books, has two more books in the development stage, and has won several literary competitions. His online courses and classroom seminars have been characterized as open, honest, lively, fun, and informative.


Online Publishing Business Course requirements: For taking this instructor led ExpertRating Online Publisher Course you need Internet access, e-mail, and the Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox Web browser.

  Testimonials: The ExpertRating Online Publisher Course has received overwhelming positive feedback and reviews from students around the world. Here are a few:

"Great course, the best!!!"

"Excellent course...I only regret that no follow-up course is available."

"I am so excited about this course. I have walked away with so much information. The last thing I think about at night is my publishing business and its the first thing in the morning that comes to my mind. I can't wait to make it all happen. Thanks to our instructor and his knowledge"

"I found this class to be very practical. The lessons and information I learned will help me tackle publishing a book I've been preparing for print. I'm very happy with the content of this class, and think it's well worth the time and effort. The instructor was able to share his first-hand knowledge in a very thorough way, with practical tips on exactly what is needed."

"I had a great time learning so much about publishing. The topics on Marketing were particularly very extensive.I would definitely go through the lessons over again as the need arises. Thanks!"

"I had already begun starting my own publishing company, but this course truly helped in establishing the step-by-step process. And, it helped explain a little more detail on some of the steps that I wasn't really sure about. I've taken a lot of online courses and I really enjoyed Mr. Payseur writing and teaching style. Thanks for such a great course."

"I have taken other personal development courses in different areas of study. I have to say this was the best organized. The lessons were packed with so much information that a person would need to succeed in the area of study. In addition, I work in the business arena and feel that if I follow the instructions and directions and advice as given by the instruction I shall succeed at book publishing."

"I just finished taking the final and wanted to thank everyone who posted in the discussion area, It helped out a lot. Can't wait to take more classes. This was a great course taught by an excellent instructor. Thanks, Steve !!!!"

"I just wanted to thank you for the course. I can see how much there is to learn in the field of publishing and your lessons whet my appitite to learn more. I'll be spending the next several weeks pouring over the supplemental online materials and looking for some of the books suggested. Thanks for a good start in this interesting field."


Buy the ExpertRating Online Publisher Course- $129.99

ExpertRating Online Publisher Course

(leading to ExpertRating Publishing Certification)

 ExpertRating is one of the world's only ISO 9001:2015 Certified companies (from TUV America) offering an Online Publisher Course (leading to ExpertRating Publisher Skills Certification).


Over 5 million people from 120 countries have benefited from ExpertRating Online Tests and Certifications. ExpertRating offers its testing services to the world's best companies such as Convergys Corp, UPS, GAP, Sony, Coke, Citrix, Deltek Corp, IKEA Systems and Ericsson to name a few. See where ExpertRating Certified Professionals are working.

 It is very safe to buy from ExpertRating. Apart from being an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, it is also HackerSafe approved.


ExpertRating upholds the highest privacy standards and complies with strict program requirements, ensuring that your information is always safe. ExpertRating has certified Several thousand individuals who are working with leading companies across the US and other countries. View list.

When you choose the ExpertRating Online Publisher Course you can be sure that you are buying a premium International certification that is recognized by hundreds of employers and Government bodies in the US and other countries.


 With ExpertRating you get certified quickly online and you are equipped with a store house of information through the in-depth ExpertRating Online Publisher Courseware which has been developed by experienced Publishing Experts.

 The ExpertRating Publishing Certification is by far the best value for money instructor led Publishing Program at $129.99.


Some Popular questions and answers about this ExpertRating Online Publisher Course and certification:

 How much does the Publishing Certification cost and what does it include?

You can buy this ExpertRating Online Publisher Course leading to Publishing certification at a special offer price of only $129.99 which includes the in-depth ExpertRating Online Publisher Courseware and exam fee. This is the best value for money Publishing Program available till date. You get the following services within the USD $129.99 fee.

     In-depth ExpertRating Online Publisher Courseware including scenarios and case studies.

     An instructor to guide you through the course and to whom you can direct your questions.

     World wide airmail delivery of the hard copy Publishing Certificate. The Publishing Certificate can be used to prove your certified status and does not mention the words "online".

     An online transcript that can be used to prove your certified credentials on the internet at any time.

How do I get certified?

The process of getting yourself certified is very simple. All you have to do is buy the ExpertRating Online Publisher Course for $129.99. Log in to the instructor led course using your password. Go through the ExpertRating Online Publisher Courseware (which would take you 6 weeks) and complete the final Publishing Certification exam at your convenience. You can complete the exam within 2 months of buying the Publishing Certification. The result of the exam appears as soon as it is completed, and your Publishing Certificate is mailed immediately.

What learning aids will I get?

The ExpertRating Online Publisher Course includes the following learning aids:

24 x 7 hour access to the courseware. A printer friendly version of the ExpertRating Online Publisher Course is also provided

A friendly instructor to answer your questions online

A discussion area to have your questions answered

Chapter end quizzes to ensure that you are learning important aspects of every chapter

Chapter assignments to help you practically use the Publishing that you will learn during the Publishing Course.

What is the final exam like?

The final exam is fully based upon the ExpertRating Online Publisher Courseware that is provided along with the Publishing Certification. If you have gone through the courseware properly you should not have a problem clearing the exam. The exam consists of multiple choice questions from all chapters of the ExpertRating Online Publisher Courseware.

What are the course start dates?

ExpertRating instructor led courses commence every month, you can always choose a suitable date for your course commencement in any month. To see available course start dates, please click on the "Enroll now" button. All courses run for six weeks, with a two-week grace period at the end. Two lessons are released each week for the six-week duration of the course. You do not have to be present when the lesson is released, but you must complete each lesson within two weeks of its release.

A new section of each course starts on the second or third Wednesday of each month. If enrolling in a series of two or more courses please be sure to space the start date for each course at least two months apart.


Buy the ExpertRating Online Publisher Course- $129.99


According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, desktop publishers held about 32,000 jobs in 2006.

If you have tried to get a book published and have been unsuccessful, but you are determined, consider two other options self publishing and e-publishing. Self publishing is a method by which you contract with a publishing company to print your manuscript in book form for you. You can pay from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars for this service.


Once the book is published, you can market it yourself by putting out press releases, contracting with book stores for signings, getting reviewers to read and write about it and marketing it to the general public. The ExpertRating How to Start and Operate your Own Publishing Business Certification course will educate you about the meaning, concepts, tools and techniques related to start your own publishing business.

ExpertRating Online Publisher Course Coverage (6 weeks program)  

Week One

Wednesday - Lesson 01

Many famous authors have self-published their works: Mark Twain, Henry David Thoreau, and e.e. cummings, to name just a few. In this lesson, you'll learn about the different publishing options available-from large publishing houses to self-publishing-and the advantages and disadvantages of each, including financial considerations. You'll also get familiar with the many publishing terms you'll need to know throughout the course and in your publishing ventures.

Friday - Lesson 02

Whether you've written a book or not, this lesson will reveal places where you can find items to publish for profit. From reprints to novels, poetry to local history, you'll learn to look in unusual places for publishing ideas. This lesson will talk about how to evaluate these ideas to see which are right for you.

Week Two

Wednesday - Lesson 03

Knowing which software to use can save you countless hours and dollars as you explore the publishing business. In this lesson, you'll learn which software most printers use, how to select the proper fonts, and how to calculate the spine width of your book. This lesson will also talk about why cover design is so important to your book sales and how to design the cover for optimum profit.

Friday - Lesson 04

In order to be a successful self-publisher, you'll have to set up a publishing company. There are several business structures you can use, and this lesson will look at the pros and cons of each. You'll learn how to develop your business image and where to look for professional assistance if you need it.

Week Three

Wednesday - Lesson 05-

In Lesson 5 you'll learn how to price your book. Do you need hardcover or soft-cover? How should you select your paper? What about photographs and illustrations? The answers to these questions will directly affect your pricing and profitability, so this lesson, will answer them all.

Friday - Lesson 06

Should you copyright your work? If so, how? Lesson 6, will discuss many ways to register your work. You'll learn about copyrights, the Library of Congress, and ISBN registrations. You'll learn why it's crucial to register your work in order to protect it and profit from it.

Week Four

Wednesday - Lesson 07

Someone once said that you should never pay for advertising until you've explored all the avenues of free publicity you can find. Lesson 7 will explore the many venues for free or very cheap publicity available to you in your publishing ventures.

Friday - Lesson 08

A marketing plan is a must if you want to maximize your book sales. Lesson 8 takes you through the development of a time-tested marketing plan, complete with easy step-by-step instructions for building the one that's right for you.

Week Five

Wednesday - Lesson 09

After you've exhausted your ideas for free publicity, it pays to advertise! You'll learn how to determine which advertising medium is right for you. Whether it be display ads or direct mail, this lesson will discuss them all.

Friday - Lesson 10

Once the orders begin to come in, how will you fulfill them? Lesson 10 will take a look at the many options available for distributing your book. You'll learn the difference between a distributor and a wholesaler, how to keep accurate customer records, and how to ship your book as economically as possible.

Week Six

Wednesday - Lesson 11

There's more than one way to make money in the publishing industry. Lesson 11, will look at several ways to develop alternate income streams besides selling your book. You can make money from your customer lists, classes, and seminars. You'll find out how in this lesson.

Friday - Lesson 12

What is the future of the publishing industry? Is it in e-publishing, or maybe Print-On-Demand? The final lesson will look at trends in the publishing industry and how you can prepare yourself to capitalize on them.

Buy the ExpertRating Online Publisher Course - $129.99

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