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The ExpertRating Online Adobe Course (Illustrator CS2)
(leading to ExpertRating Adobe Training Certification Illustrator CS2).

Practice while you learn the fundamentals of Adobe Illustrator CS2 with useful design projects.

You'll gain valuable experience with Illustratorís drawing tools and image-editing features that aren't usually covered in introductory courses. You'll practice drawing and tracing with the Pen tool and learn how to fine-tune the contours of any line. You'll discover how to work with color, use shortcuts for applying color to images, and add special effects to your drawings. Real-world assignments will challenge you and help you hone your new skills.

The course is designed to let you work at your own level, whether you're just getting started with Illustrator or looking to refresh your Illustrator skills. Each project includes instruction and practice in the principles of good graphic design.

Buy the ExpertRating Online Adobe Course (Illustrator CS2)- $129.99

This course includes a knowledgeable and caring instructor who will guide you through your lessons, facilitate discussions, and answer your questions. The instructor for this course will be Sherry London.

Sherry London

About the ExpertRating Online Adobe Course (Illustrator CS2) instructor : Sherry London is a noted Photoshop and Illustrator expert, fiber artist, writer, and teacher. Her art has been featured in magazines and exhibitions. Her published works include Photoshop CS2 Gone Wild, Photoshop Magic, Photoshop Effects Magic, Photoshop In Depth, Photoshop Textures Magic, and Illustrator f/x and Design. She writes the Tips and Tricks column for Photoshop User magazine and is a two-time nominee to the Photoshop Hall of Fame. She has taught for the prestigious Thunder Lizard Photoshop Conference and the Professional Photographers of America seminars, as well as for Drexel University, Moore College of Art, and Gloucester County College. Sherry holds a Master's Degree in Information Systems and has taken doctoral level courses in curriculum design.

 Online Adobe Illustrator CS2 Course requirements: For taking this instructor led ExpertRating Online Adobe Course (Illustrator CS2) you need Adobe Illustrator CS2 Windows and Windows XP or 2000 or Adobe Illustrator CS2 Macand Mac OS X; Internet access; e-mail; and Netscape or Firefox or Internet Explorer Web browser. Note: Illustrator software must be installed and fully operational before the course begins. Note: Students using Adobe Illustrator CS3 will be supported in the discussion areas.

Buy the ExpertRating Online Adobe Course (Illustrator CS2)- $129.99

ExpertRating Online Adobe Course (Illustrator CS2)

(leading to ExpertRating Adobe Training Certification-Illustrator CS2)

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 With ExpertRating you get certified quickly online and you are equipped with a store house of information through the in-depth ExpertRating Online Adobe Course (Illustrator CS2)ware which has been developed by experienced Graphic Design and Photography Experts.

 The ExpertRating Adobe Training Certification is by far the best value for money instructor led Adobe Training Program at $129.99.


Some Popular questions and answers about this ExpertRating Online Adobe Course (Illustrator CS2) and Certification:

 How much does the Adobe Training Certification cost and what does it include?

You can buy this ExpertRating Online Adobe Course (Illustrator CS2) leading to Adobe Training certification (Illustrator CS2) at a special offer price of only $129.99 which includes the in-depth ExpertRating Online Adobe Course (Illustrator CS2)ware and exam fee. This is the best value for money Adobe Training Program available till date. You get the following services within the USD $129.99 fee.

 In-depth ExpertRating Online Adobe Course (Illustrator CS2)ware including scenarios and case studies.

 An instructor to guide you through the course and to whom you can direct your questions.

 World wide airmail delivery of the hard copy Adobe Training Certificate. The Adobe Training Certificate can be used to prove your certified status and does not mention the words "online".

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How do I get certified?

The process of getting yourself certified is very simple. All you have to do is buy the ExpertRating Online Adobe Course (Illustrator CS2) for $129.99. Log in to the instructor led course using your password. Go through the ExpertRating Online Adobe Course (Illustrator CS2)ware (which would take you 6 weeks) and complete the final Adobe Training Certification exam at your convenience. You can complete the exam within 2 months of buying the Adobe Training Certification. The result of the exam appears as soon as it is completed, and your Adobe Training Certificate is mailed immediately.

What learning aids will I get?

The ExpertRating Online Adobe Course (Illustrator CS2) includes the following learning aids:

24 x 7 hour access to the courseware. A printer friendly version of the ExpertRating Online Adobe Course (Illustrator CS2) is also provided

A friendly instructor to answer your questions online

A discussion area to have your questions answered

Chapter end quizzes to ensure that you are learning important aspects of every chapter

Chapter assignments to help you practically use the Adobe Training that you will learn during the Adobe Training Course.

What is the final exam like?

The final exam is fully based upon the   ExpertRating Online Adobe Course (Illustrator CS2)ware that is provided along with the Adobe Training Certification. If you have gone through the courseware properly you should not have a problem clearing the exam. The exam consists of multiple choice questions from all chapters of the ExpertRating Online Adobe Course (Illustrator CS2)ware.

What are the course start dates?

ExpertRating instructor led courses commence every month, you can always choose a suitable date for your course commencement in any month. To see available course start dates, please click on the "Enroll now" button. All courses run for six weeks, with a two-week grace period at the end. Two lessons are released each week for the six-week duration of the course. You do not have to be present when the lesson is released, but you must complete each lesson within two weeks of its release.

A new section of each course starts on the second or third Wednesday of each month. If enrolling in a series of two or more courses please be sure to space the start date for each course at least two months apart.


Buy the ExpertRating Online Adobe Course (Illustrator CS2)- $129.99


Adobe Illustrator CS2 is a valuable tool for graphic designers as it provides wings to their creativity.

Adobe Illustrator is a vector-based drawing program developed and marketed by Adobe Systems. Through the Adobe Illustrator course you will learn how to design and work with logos, how to design corporate materials and how to illustrate a poster among many other useful things. Adobe Illustrator is a valuable tool for designing magazine advertisements and websites. This is a powerful tool which helps the designers to produce excellent graphics for print, video, and for mobile devices.


You will be able to create beautiful background and large print illustration after completing this course. The ExpertRating Design Projects for Adobe Illustrator Certification course will teach you the tools and techniques of this tool so that you can become adept with it.  

 ExpertRating Online Adobe Course (Illustrator CS2) Coverage (6 weeks program)  

Week One

Wednesday - Lesson 01

If you're an absolute beginner, Lesson 1 will make you feel right at home with the main features of Illustrator's work area, its Toolbox, and its palettes. The first thing you'll learn about the work area is how to arrange the palettes to best suit the way you like to work. This lesson will jump right into using two of Illustrator's shapes tool, drawing rectangles and ellipses. You'll study the elements of a balanced composition, and then you'll practice what you've learned in the lesson by creating your own dramatic compositions in black and white.

Friday - Lesson 02

The dreaded Pen tool! Even professional designers approach this wonderful drawing tool with fear and loathing. But there's no avoiding it, and it is a guarantee that you'll be glad it was not put off. Illustrator is perhaps the most powerful vector-art program available to designers, and the Pen tool is the basic instrument for creating vector art. You'll learn the anatomy of a vector path, then you'll start getting acquainted with drawing these paths with the Pen tool. You'll start by tracing practice curves, and then photographs. By the end of this lesson, you'll be well on your way to making Pen tool your best friend!

Week Two

Wednesday - Lesson 03

Now that you know how to draw curves with the Pen tool, you'll learn how to edit them. You'll learn how to adjust complex curves so their contours exactly match the paths. In these first few lessons, you'll do a lot of tracing. This is one of the most common tasks assigned to graphic designers, so be ready! For practice, you'll apply the design element of repetition to your Pen drawings. This lesson will show you a trick for creating a border by repeating a design element. This trick has turned out to be a class favorite. At this point in the course, students say they're amazed at how much they've learned about Illustrator in less than two week!

Friday - Lesson 04

This lesson is packed! It will introduce you to the Pencil tool that you'll use for freehand drawing, and then this lesson will show you more tricks for editing paths. You will learn more about managing your art in the Layers palette, and finally, this lesson will introduce you to live-paint groups. The Live Paint Bucket tool and its little cousin the Live Paint Selection tool are perhaps the biggest Illustrator innovations in years! These features allow you to join multiple paths into single groups that you can edit and color freely. For designers working with complex drawings, this new technique is a marvel. In the design project, you'll explore the impact of reversing black-on-white and white-on-black.

Week Three

Wednesday - Lesson 05-

Finally, color! After the first two weeks of the course, you'll have a firm foundation in creating and managing vector art. Now it's time to cut loose and start playing with color. You'll learn how to create your own colors, how to save them, and how to apply them to your vector art. You'll also start using filters and learn the difference between filters and effects. This lesson is a lot of work, but students don't seem to notice because it's so much fun. The design project is a comical bouquet of flowers that you'll use later in the course to create your own brushes

Friday - Lesson 06

Typography is a centuries-old art that is fascinating even today. You'll explore the basics of typography while you learn to use the Type tool to create text. You'll learn how to fill a shape with text and how to flow text along paths and around shapes. This lesson will teach you the Golden Rule of Font Selection and show you how to use the Character palette to select and style your fonts. Finally, you'll get to try your hand at font selection and styling.

Week Four

Wednesday - Lesson 07

Now that you know a few of the basics of typography and the Type tool, you'll learn how to dress up your text with gradients and effects. You'll begin by learning how to create beautiful color gradients in the Gradient palette. You'll explore some of the gradient libraries, which are collections of delicious preset gradients. You'll practice applying your gradients to vector paths and to text, and you'll practice using the Gradient tool to change the direction of the gradient. In the design project, you'll create an announcement for a special event using gradients, text, and every other trick you've learned so far. This is another project that seems to catch students' imaginations!

Friday - Lesson 08

You may wonder what's left to learn about Illustrator. Well, its only begun. Illustrator's Brushes palette lets you create every manner of brush for embellishing your designs. Illustrator CS2 doesn't have the rich collection of brushes found in previous versions. But that won't stop anyone. This lesson will show you how to apply and modify the available brushes, and will also show you how to create hundreds more brushes by borrowing from Illustrator's Symbols palette. And when this lesson is done with that, It will show you how to use your own vector art to create more brushes. The design project is an open-ended invitation to let your imagination go where it takes you. But just in case you'd prefer a guide, this lesson will give you instructions for recreating a couple of new designs.

Week Five

Wednesday - Lesson 09

The Blend tool is just plain fun! You can use it for practical things, such as creating highlights and shadows in your drawings. But you can also use it for creating unbelievable special effects. You'll learn how to create blends from vector objects and how to control the color effects you get from the blends. Though this lesson won't work with animations, you should know that one important use of the blend tool is to create the transitioning figures for animations. You'll apply blends to the flowers in your Lesson 5 bouquet to create special effects that I call Art Deco and Electric Glow. In the design project, you'll draw a simple egg with highlights and shadows, then you'll use a function in the Pathfinder palette to crack open the egg for breakfast.

Friday - Lesson 10

The Mesh tool scares almost as many designers as the Pen tool does. That's a shame, because you can get amazing shading and airbrush effects with the Mesh tool. Once you get the hang of it, the Mesh tool is easy to understand, if still challenging. There's enough to learn about the Mesh tool, and students will stay with it for this lesson and the next one. First, you'll learn the anatomy of mesh objects, how to create them, and how to apply color to them. This lesson will show you a quick way to create the illusion of an object moving forward and receding in space. And in the design project, you'll practice creating airbrush highlighting effects on a vase.

Week Six

Wednesday - Lesson 11

This lesson will continue with mesh objects. Though lesson10 showed you how to apply color to mesh objects, It didn't explain exactly what happens to the color one you've applied it. The key to understanding how to create colorful airbrush effects with the Mesh tool is to understand exactly how Illustrator distributes color over the mesh object. This lesson will show you exactly how that works. It will also show you how to edit the contours of lines within mesh objects. These lines behave much the same way vector paths do, which means you'll learn a few more tricks for editing vector paths. You'll learn another way to draw shadows that are a little more subtle than the ones you get with blends. And finally, in the design project, you'll use mesh objects to draw draped fabric!

Friday - Lesson 12

This lesson is full of information, but it's the easiest lesson in the course and a lot of fun. You'll learn a few new ways to embellish text. This lesson will introduce you to Illustrator's 3-D effects, which you will use in a banner of Congratulations for a job well done. In two supplements to this lesson, you will be introduced to Illustrator's Live Trace and Bridge features. In another favorite design project among students, you'll design your own book cover using everything you've learned in the course.

Buy the ExpertRating Online Adobe Course (Illustrator CS2) - $129.99

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