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The ExpertRating Online Adobe Course (FrameMaker 7.1)
(leading to ExpertRating Adobe Training Certification-FrameMaker 7.1).

If you want to be taken seriously as a technical writer, you need Adobe FrameMaker skills. Give yourself an edge over the competition by learning FrameMaker fundamentals in this practical, hands-on course.

FrameMaker has captured the hearts and minds of technical writers around the world. In survey after survey, technical writers cite it as the software of choice for writing technical documents.

However, FrameMaker isn't a particularly friendly application for beginners to try and learn on their own. If you truly want to master this powerful program and take advantage of all that it has to offer, you'll appreciate the solid foundation this introductory course can provide.

In this course, an experienced technical writer will gently guide you through FrameMaker, giving you ample opportunities to explore and use the program's most important features.


You’ll learn how to use FrameMaker’s work area, plus how to modify and create master pages, paragraph tags and character tags. You’ll find out how to create graphics with FrameMaker’s graphics tools, and you'll also be able to import graphics from other applications. You’ll master tables, variables, and cross-references, and you'll even gain comfort with some of FrameMaker's more advanced features, such as generating a table of contents and an index.

If you're new to FrameMaker or if you've tried to use FrameMaker without any formal training, we're sure you'll find this course both useful and rewarding.

Buy the ExpertRating Online Adobe Course (FrameMaker 7.1)- $129.99

This course includes a knowledgeable and caring instructor who will guide you through your lessons, facilitate discussions, and answer your questions. The instructor for this course will be Janet Underwood.

Janet Underwood

About the ExpertRating Online Adobe Course (FrameMaker 7.1) instructor : Janet Underwood holds a bachelor's degree and has more than ten years of experience as a senior technical writer. She has developed technical documentation for major corporations in the computer, information technology, telecommunications, financial, and medical industries, as well as for the U.S. Army and public utilities organizations. She has also worked as an English teacher and as an editor and writer for several internationally known trade publications. She has won numerous awards for the excellence of her writing and documentation design, and currently owns a technical writing and services business.

 Online Adobe FrameMaker 7.1 Course requirements: For taking this instructor led ExpertRating Online Adobe Course (FrameMaker 7.1) you need Microsoft Windows XP or 2000, AdobeFrameMaker 7.1(software must be installed and fully operational before the course begins), Internet access, e-mail, and the Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Netscape Web browser. This course is not suitable for Macintosh users.

 Testimonials: The ExpertRating Online Adobe Course (FrameMaker 7.1) has received overwhelming positive feedback and reviews from students around the world. Here are a few:
"Fantastic course on a topic which is EXTREMELY difficult to teach online. The course was very well laid out, with great explanations for someone who was unfamiliar with the field of technical writing. The instructor is phenomenal, and I most definitely will look to take any future courses this instructor has to offer."
"Good course that covered the subject well. I would recommend this course, and have already done so, to others."
"I am so glad that I had the privilege to be included in this course. I have everything printed out, so I can continue to study this publishing software. Hopefully I will feel competent enough to use FrameMaker for my next book. Thank-you very much Janet!"
"I am very much thankful to Janet. She is a wonderful teacher.""I enjoyed the course very much."
"I learned a lot about FrameMaker and am glad to have taken this course. There was so much material, especially internet support material that I didn't have time to get into, but will use for future reference."
"I'm a technical writer who left the workforce to become a stay-at-home mom 7 years ago. (I previously used FrameMaker for 5 years.) I took this course to help me refresh my skills as I get back into working again. It was very helpful, and I'll probably refer to the lessons a lot in the future! Thanks for a great course!"
"I think my instructor was fabulous. She practically held my hand through the entire course which was way beyond the call of duty."
"I thought the instructor was very knowledgeable and answered my questions effectively.... Thanks, Janet!"
"I was pleasantly surprised to experience the depth of coverage available in this course. I am now beginning to make effective use of Sarah O'Keefe's book "FrameMaker 7.""
"I would recommend this course to anyone because it was fantastic. Janet is great and helped me learn a great deal of material."
"Janet has put together a really intuitive course. I like the way she gives reminders of earlier ideas throughout a lesson."
"Janet is an amazing instructor!! This was my first online course and I'm glad I took this course. It has certainly helped me understand the basics of FM and a great beginning!!"
"Janet is an amazing teacher. She gets very involved in the questions asked and I feel that she is one of, if not the best, teachers that I've had the pleasure of learning from."
"Janet Underwood's instructional materials for FrameMaker 7.1 class were superb. As a first time user of the software, I came away from this class with a good working knowledge of the tool and look forward to taking a more advanced class in the future. Thanks Janet!""Janet Underwood was organized, knowledgeable, responsive and encouraging. The course pushed through the thicket of its subject matter about as far as possible for an introductory course."
"Thank you very much! Though it was my first time taking online courses, it was very useful to me.""The software and course was much more difficult than I expected. You did a very good job of covering it!"
"This course is well thought out and well paced. A wealth of helpful additional course-related material is supplied for every class. Janet has created an excellent introduction to this not-so WYSIWYG application, and accurately anticipated areas that can be challenging for beginners. Well done Janet, and thank you!"
"This course was an excellent introduction to FrameMaker 7.1! Thank you for teaching it."
"This is a great way to take a course. The ability to adjust one's own time to respond is very important in these busy times."
"Wonderful course and extremely knowledgeable and helpful instructor. Ms. Underwood went out of her way to answer my questions."

Buy the ExpertRating Online Adobe Course (FrameMaker 7.1)- $129.99

ExpertRating Online Adobe Course (FrameMaker 7.1)

(leading to ExpertRating Adobe Training Certification)

 ExpertRating is one of the world's only ISO 9001:2000 Certified companies (from TUV America) offering  an ExpertRating Online Adobe Course (FrameMaker 7.1) (leading to ExpertRating Adobe Training Certification).


ExpertRating is a trusted name in online testing and certification with over 200,000 certified professionals in over 60 countries in more than 200 skill areas. ExpertRating offers its testing services to the world's best companies such as Convergys Corp, UPS, GAP, Sony, Coke, Citrix, Deltek Corp, IKEA Systems and Ericsson to name a few. See where ExpertRating Certified Professionals are working.

 It is very safe to buy from ExpertRating. Apart from being an ISO 9001:2000 company, it is a , Square Trade business member since 2002 and HackerSafe approved. ExpertRating has certified Several thousand individuals who are working with leading companies across the US and other countries. View list.

When you choose the ExpertRating Online Adobe Course (FrameMaker 7.1) you can be sure that you are buying a premium International certification that is recognized by hundreds of employers and Government bodies in the US and other countries.

 With ExpertRating you get certified quickly online and you are equipped with a store house of information through the in-depth ExpertRating Online Adobe Course (FrameMaker 7.1)ware which has been developed by experienced Graphic Design Experts.

 The ExpertRating Adobe Training Certification is by far the best value for money instructor led Adobe Training Program at $129.99.


Some Popular questions and answers about this ExpertRating Online Adobe Course (FrameMaker 7.1) and Certification:

 How much does the Adobe Training Certification cost and what does it include?

You can buy this ExpertRating Online Adobe Course (FrameMaker 7.1) leading to Adobe Training certification at a special offer price of only $129.99 which includes the in-depth ExpertRating Online Adobe Course (FrameMaker 7.1)ware and exam fee. This is the best value for money Adobe Training Program available till date. You get the following services within the USD $129.99 fee.

 In-depth ExpertRating Online Adobe Course (FrameMaker 7.1)ware including scenarios and case studies.

 An instructor to guide you through the course and to whom you can direct your questions.

 World wide airmail delivery of the hard copy Adobe Training Certificate. The Adobe Training Certificate can be used to prove your certified status and does not mention the words "online".

 An online transcript that can be used to prove your certified credentials on the internet at any time.

How do I get certified?

The process of getting yourself certified is very simple. All you have to do is buy the ExpertRating Online Adobe Course (FrameMaker 7.1) for $129.99. Log in to the instructor led course using your password. Go through the ExpertRating Online Adobe Course (FrameMaker 7.1)ware (which would take you 6 weeks) and complete the final Adobe Training Certification exam at your convenience. You can complete the exam within 2 months of buying the Adobe Training Certification. The result of the exam appears as soon as it is completed, and your Adobe Training Certificate is mailed immediately.

What learning aids will I get?

The ExpertRating Online Adobe Course (FrameMaker 7.1) includes the following learning aids:

24 x 7 hour access to the courseware. A printer friendly version of the ExpertRating Online Adobe Course (FrameMaker 7.1) is also provided

A friendly instructor to answer your questions online

A discussion area to have your questions answered

Chapter end quizzes to ensure that you are learning important aspects of every chapter

Chapter assignments to help you practically use the Adobe Training that you will learn during the Adobe Training Course.

What is the final exam like?

The final exam is fully based upon the   ExpertRating Online Adobe Course (FrameMaker 7.1)ware that is provided along with the Adobe Training Certification. If you have gone through the courseware properly you should not have a problem clearing the exam. The exam consists of multiple choice questions from all chapters of the ExpertRating Online Adobe Course (FrameMaker 7.1)ware.

What are the course start dates?

ExpertRating instructor led courses commence every month, you can always choose a suitable date for your course commencement in any month. To see available course start dates, please click on the "Enroll now" button. All courses run for six weeks, with a two-week grace period at the end. Two lessons are released each week for the six-week duration of the course. You do not have to be present when the lesson is released, but you must complete each lesson within two weeks of its release.

A new section of each course starts on the second or third Wednesday of each month. If enrolling in a series of two or more courses please be sure to space the start date for each course at least two months apart.


Buy the ExpertRating Online Adobe Course (FrameMaker 7.1)- $129.99


Author and publish technical documents and give them a professional with the help of Adobe FrameMaker 7.1.

Adobe FrameMaker is a desktop publishing (DTP) and word processing application. Adobe FrameMaker 7.1 has improved XML handling features like it provides support for conditional text in XML documents. Adobe FrameMaker 7.1 also contains enhanced authoring tools like new import filters for QuarkXPress and Adobe PageMaker documents. This is a powerful authoring and publishing software which enables scalable single-source authoring. This is the appropriate course for those who are keen to learn these and many more features and benefits of Adobe FramMaker 7.1.

Adobe FrameMaker 7.1 is a blessing when you have to create long, technical documents. The ExpertRating Adobe FrameMaker 7.1 Certification course will make you adept with this valuable software.

ExpertRating Online Adobe Course (FrameMaker 7.1) Coverage (6 weeks program)  

Week One

Wednesday - Lesson 01

In the 1980s, a mathematics student at the University of Cambridge did something astounding. He created a software program called FrameMaker that revolutionized desktop publishing for large, complex documents that became a favorite of technical writers all over the world. In this fascinating lesson, you’ll learn how FrameMaker gained popularity, was the foundation for a highly successful company, and then almost died due to marketing mistakes. Now considered the gold standard of desktop publishing for technical writers, FrameMaker carries a mystique all its own. In this lesson, you’ll take a whirlwind tour of some of FrameMaker’s features and gain hands-on experience with it. By the end of this lesson, you’ll understand why FrameMaker looks different than many Windows-based applications, know how to set up your FrameMaker workspace and open new documents, and learn that behind the mystique and complexity, FrameMaker is an application that you really can master.

Friday - Lesson 02

Do the terms Master Page and Text Flow make you want to quake? Well, be brave! In this lesson, you’ll discover that FrameMaker’s master pages are easier to understand and create than you may have thought. You’ll also learn the standard work flow for creating documentation, and how FrameMaker fits into it. You’ll get hands-on experience modifying the text frames so your documents look like you want them to look. You’ll discover the different types of pages that you use in FrameMaker, and what a text flow is. By the end of this lesson, you’ll be adept at creating custom master pages, adding page numbers to your footers, creating a new header, and changing the number of columns in your text frames.

Week Two

Wednesday - Lesson 03

Have you ever had this happen? You’re writing a large document. You start out formatting your text as you write, and all seems to be going well. But the document is quite large, and you have a lot of distractions, so you start forgetting how you formatted your text in the beginning of the document, or your manager tells you when you're nearly finished writing that she wants all headings in the document to be in 16 pt. Tunga, not the 18 pt. Arial you’ve already formatted. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to avoid nightmares like this by using FrameMaker’s paragraph tags, plus while you’re creating some new paragraph tags, you’ll get hands-on experience with a variety of FrameMaker’s formatting options. By the time you complete this lesson, you’ll understand how paragraph and character tags work, and be able to create new paragraph tags of your own. You’ll know the shortcuts to find the paragraph tags that you want, and have a clearer understanding of all of the options you can choose when creating and using paragraph and character tags.

Friday - Lesson 04

Tables are a valuable resource for technical writers. They make your documents more attractive and organized while helping your readers find the information they need more quickly. In this lesson students will create a table that has added value—it will contain a number of shortcut keys that can be used later in the documentation! You'll get hands-on experience creating tables, and you'll have fun sorting table rows, adding and deleting rows. Later, you'll learn about something called straddling, you'll find out how to change the rules in your tables, and you'll add a bit of color to them. As you explore FrameMaker’s Table Designer, you’ll learn how to create table formats so that all of the tables in your document have the same look and feel. In no time at all, your tables will go from boring to brilliant!

Week Three

Wednesday - Lesson 05-

This lesson is a favorite with many students. You’ll learn how to use FrameMaker’s drawing tools and have fun creating new shapes to use in your documentation. You’ll discover a large variety of shapes that you can create, and find out how to combine them however you wish to make exciting new graphics. You’ll create some basic shapes, and then try your hand at a more difficult (but not as difficult as you might think!) shape. Later, you’ll add the spice of color to your shapes to make them stand out even more, and you'll learn tips that will enable you to modify your shapes in new ways. Warning! You’ll have so much fun playing with FrameMaker’s drawing tools it could be hazardous to your studies!

Friday - Lesson 06

There's nothing like graphics to add interest to a document, and in this lesson, you’ll learn how you can import line art, screen shots, even photos into your documents to make them come alive. In this information-packed lesson, you’ll learn how to use anchored frames to place your graphics with precision, and then you'll use these frames to crop and mask your graphics. You’ll learn about the many options FrameMaker has to help you place your graphics more accurately, as well as the different ways you can import graphics into your document and manipulate them to create exactly the look that you want. You’ll download a graphic from the lesson and import it into the reference pages of your own document, and then learn how to add it to the list of items you can insert in your document from the Paragraph Designer, giving you bright new options to draw attention to warnings, notes, and other elements of your documents.

Week Four

Wednesday - Lesson 07

Have you ever written a large document, and then discovered just before you publish it that you have to change a single word throughout the entire text? Wouldn’t it be great if you could put a piece of code in the header that would automatically display some of the text on that page, even if you change it in the future? Well, FrameMaker’s variables can make all of this and more a snap. Using code that either gets its information from your computer or that you write yourself, you’ll appreciate how variables make it easy to maintain and update those picky details that make your document stand out. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to put the power of variables to work for you, exploring the ins and outs of inserting, modifying, and creating them on your own.

Friday - Lesson 08

We all know how useful cross-references are, but boy, are they a pain to maintain! Add or delete one picture, and the cross-reference to the one after it can suddenly be gone. Worry no more about your cross-references by using FrameMaker’s powerful cross-referencing features. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to let FrameMaker stay on top of your cross-references—even the ones in other documents! You’ll have an up-close and personal experience with creating cross-references as you learn by doing in this lesson. You’ll find out how to modify cross-references, create new ones, and create new formats for your cross-references. And then, just because things can sometimes go wrong, you’ll learn how to troubleshoot your cross-references and how to get them back on track quickly.

Week Five

Wednesday - Lesson 09

This is the lesson that you’ve been waiting for! This lesson will talk about “books,” the FrameMaker feature that's largely responsible for its unparalleled reputation for handling large documents. Now entire teams can work on different parts of a document without getting in each other's way. You can write large documents without so much fear of document corruption. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to create book files, and then to add documents to them. You’ll get more hands-on experience creating a book of your own, and then creating page numbers that span several documents without missing a beat. Then you'll spell-check all of the documents in your book at one time, find and replace whatever you want in your book at one time, and change the formatting of the documents in your book with a single step—even if your book contains hundreds of files.

Friday - Lesson 10

When you look at a technical document for the first time, which page do you look at first? If you’re like most people, you look at the table of contents. You want to know what's in the document and how it's organized. But if you’ve ever had to create a table of contents manually, you know that it’s not easy to create good ones. FrameMaker can change all of that for you with its power to automatically generate your table of contents, based upon a few simple selections you make. And when you have several files in a single book, FrameMaker will compile a single table of contents that encompasses all of them. In this lesson, you’ll create a table of contents from the book that you developed in the last lesson, and then you’ll learn how to format it using your Paragraph Designer and your reference pages. Although creating tables of contents takes a bit of time in FrameMaker, the upside is that once you have developed a template, you can use it for all of your documents. You'll learn how, plus a few other tips about FrameMaker tables of contents in this lesson.

Week Six

Wednesday - Lesson 11

Where do readers look first when they need to find specific information in your documents? Studies show that readers look first at your document's index to find the answers they're seeking, especially in a long document. In fact, indexes are the most widely read section of any technical document. Yet all too often, writers don't index their documents, and for good reason. It’s a daunting task! In addition to learning more about what to index,  you'll learn how to make your job easier with FrameMaker. In this lesson, you’ll learn about indexing conventions, and how to generate an index from a document that you’ll download. After you’ve generated your index, you’ll learn how to format it to make it look exactly as you wish. Indexing has never been easier!

Friday - Lesson 12

Throughout the ages, people have used many methods to publish their words. With FrameMaker, you’ll have many options all rolled into one for getting your words to your readers. In this lesson, you’ll learn about the three most common ways that technical writers publish their documentation. You’ll learn how to print hard copies on the printer attached to your computer, publish your document as in Portable Document Format (PDF) so it can be read by anyone with a computer, and how to publish your document as HTML to put on your company’s intranet. You can even publish the same document as all three! In the final lesson, you'll unleash the power of your words with more publishing options than you thought possible.

Buy the ExpertRating Online Adobe Course (FrameMaker 7.1) - $129.99

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