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Pricing and Payment Options

ExpertRating offers value for money employee testing solutions. Our pricing structure is both flexible and easy to understand, besides offering significant savings to employers:
  • ExpertRating employee testing uses a system based on credits to manage your payments. The credits you buy are reflected in your account balance, from where you can use them to book up tests or order hard copy certificates.
  • You can purchase more credits any time later, as per your requirements.
  • One credit is equivalent to $1. But you can get a discount of up to 60% depending on the number of credits you buy. A purchase of more than 100 credits will automatically make you eligible for volume discounts. Please refer to the table below to view the discount slabs.
  • You can use the credits in your account balance to pay for Standard tests, LiveProctor tests, or hard copy Certificates of Accomplishment. A credit calculator is provided to help you decide how many credits you need to buy.
  • A Standard Mode test costs 10 credits, a LiveProctor Mode test costs 25 credits, an ExamBrowser Mode Test costs 15 credits and a hard copy Certificate of Accomplishment costs 10 credits (inclusive of shipping and handling).
  • Each time you use your credits to book up a test or order a certificate, the appropriate number of credits are deducted from your account balance.
  • If you register a candidate for a test, but he/she doesn't take the test, you can cancel the registration and the credits will be refunded back to your account balance.
  • Each purchase is treated independently while calculating discounts. Two or more separate bills cannot be clubbed together to claim additional discounts.
  • You can choose from three modes of payment: Credit Card, PayPal or Bank Transfer. You can start your testing immediately if you pay through Credit Card or PayPal. For Bank Transfer payments, you can start your testing after faxing your purchase order to us; instructions for this are available within your employer account.

Volume Discounts

Ordinarily, one credit costs $1, but if you buy more than 100 credits, you will qualify for a volume discount as per the following table:

Credits Purchased Discount (%)
1-100 0%
101-200 10%
201-500 20%
501-1000 30%
1001-2500 40%
2501-5000 50%
5001-100000 60%

For example, if you buy 700 credits, your billing before discount would be $700. But as per the above table, you would qualify for a 30% discount on this amount. Therefore your 700 credits will end up costing you only $490.

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