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How ExpertRating helped leading companies with their testing needs.,, and

Florida based contacted ExpertRating for providing a customized testing solution for their 50,000 strong provider community. The marketplace wanted a solution whereby providers could seamlessly have their skills assessed while on the marketplace. They also wanted the encrypted test results to be posted to the Company server in real-time for their complete provider community. ExpertRating worked with the client to develop a customized testing interface and a reporting mechanism that would help the client test several hundred candidates each day. The testing system and integration methodology have helped deliver several thousand tests each month since February, 2005. The testing feature helps the client differentiate between low performing and better performing providers, and is successfully being used as a tool for enabling buyers to select efficient service providers.

The success of the project prompted other online marketplace for services to include skills testing in their business process. It was a logical decision for them to choose ExpertRating's robust testing model that had already proven itself. Today, ExpertRating provides testing services to the world's top four online marketplace for services.


ExpertRating is the exclusive online testing provider for Wal-mart, India as well as one of the preferred testing partners for Wal-Mart (US). In 2012, Wal-Mart chose ExpertRating as their exclusive online testing partner in India. Wal-Mart required a customized testing solution based on their internal job descriptions and proprietary evaluation system that could be deployed across multiple locations in any country. The solution was developed from scratch after spending six months of studying the complete system requirements in India and the US.

The system was designed with multi tiered administration so the important HR activities could be controlled from Bentonville, US while the on-the-ground testing could be passed on to specific country based HR managers. Bharti Wal-Mart currently uses the testing system pan India, and Wal-Mart is expected to roll out the system in Japan and South America in future. 


UPS, the world's largest package delivery Company and a leading global provider of specialized transportation and logistics services approached ExpertRating for their employee development initiative. UPS with several hundred employees sought to make the best use of their available manpower by testing and upgrading their employees with potential. To achieve their objective, UPS required a service that would allow them to test their employees on computer aptitude skills to get an insight into each employee’s potential.

The specifications for the scope of the project were exchanged and discussed. A computer aptitude test was designed and tailored around the client’s specific needs. The employees were subjected to the tests and the result reports generated interesting insights into the potential of the employees. The testing initiative helped UPS take a purposeful action towards employee development. 


Citrix, the global leader in application delivery infrastructure, required an online pre-employment testing service to screen several thousand potential candidates for suitable positions for their software development facility across their offices located worldwide.

The recruitment campaign was designed to test prospective candidates on several skills, including programming skills in C, C++, C#, Java and Advanced Java. The different programming assessment tests were administered to candidates over a 3 month recruitment campaign.

Citrix observed a dramatic reduction in expense during the recruitment process as well as a significant reduction in the time spent to screen a large numbers of potential candidates. The campaign ended successfully and Citrix was able to recruit programmers in record time.


AON Consulting is one of the world’s top global human capital and management consulting firms. AON Austria needed a strategic partner to take over their process of screening and training potential candidates. The process required to vet the potential candidates on their programming skills. Since the recruitment initiative required testing candidates with varying industry experience, a test battery was designed to assess a spectrum of knowledge spanning from the beginner level skills to expert level.

The candidates were administered the tests on programming skills including Programming with C++, C#, Java, Advanced Java, Oracle and others and resulted in screening of the best talent for their development center.


Ericsson, a fortune 500 company required a customized C++ language certification to be administered to their employees who had passed through their C++ learning program at their training facility in Dublin, Ireland. Ericsson prepared a blueprint for a strategic tie-up with a partner for providing skill assessment in C++ based upon their own curriculum and testing norms. During several exchanges with ExpertRating, an in-house C++ certification test for their Ericsson engineers was developed. The test is currently administered by Ericsson to all engineers who pass out from the C++ learning program at their Dublin training facility.


IKEA is a leader in furniture and furnishings. IKEA required a skill assessment campaign for their Scandinavian offices. The objective of the campaign was to screen several hundred prospective candidates in 3 days. The scope of the campaign required that the tests be administered at different locations, online. Each candidate was to take these tests in a secure and reliable testing environment. The test was to map the skills of the candidates on several parameters, including several requirements specific to IKEA. Since time was an important governing factor, the results were to be generated with speed without compromising on accuracy.

ExpertRating offered IKEA several customized tests and set up each employee for the designated test/s based upon a requirement list sent over by IKEA. The results of the employees’ test were complied into meaningful reports well within the stipulated time period, helping IKEA successfully accomplish their recruitment program.

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