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A Life Coach Certificate empowers you to include life coaching to your professional skills set from a global leader in certifications enabling you to utilize your coaching insights, knowledge, and skill for your clients. An ExpertRating Life Coach Certificate helps you move on and achieve from what you are today to what you want to be. You can provide your clients with the same perspective facilitating them in achieving their goals. Reframing the business and coaching model for yourself and your clients is what makes all the difference in your success with a Life Coach Certificate from the leaders in the industry.

Online Life Coach Certificate

The Life Coach Certification is by far the "best value-for-money" Life Coach Certification Program

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About The Online Life Coach Certificate

Life coaching as a profession is different from mentoring, counseling, therapy, or consulting. The process of Life Coaching focuses and analyzes particular projects, transitions, professional progress, along with personal life, relationships, challenges, and problems of the client's life and thereon making the right decisions to maneuver his/ her life towards the right direction.

The best part about being a Life Coach Certified Trainer is that it is immensely satisfying seeing that your guidance and encouragement to your clients is enabling them scale the desired heights in their personal and professional life. Life Coach Certificate is the best way to get started with reliable accreditation backing up your knowledge of being a Life Coach. Becoming a Life Coach facilitates you to choose the right path in your life as well by helping you find the direction for the challenges in life with which you earlier had problems. Therefore, this profession benefits you in your personal life as well by guiding you towards the rights goals and the paths leading to happiness and contentment.

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Why Get Certified?

If you are thinking of broadening your knowledge and skills to give your profession that much needed boost, then Life Coach Certification is the answer for you. It is one of the most sought after professions today.

Utilizing a series of steps, a Life Coach helps clients overcome obstacles in personal and professional life. Therefore, in order to be a successful Life Coach, one requires much more than just good communication skill, mentoring, listening, counseling, etc. It is extremely important for a client to be comfortable with the Life Coach so chosen as it is i mportant have trust in the person whom the client chooses as a Life Coach. The client should be able to invest his/ her faith in the person he/ she chooses to support, motivate, and have a vision for himself/ herself. Therefore, a Life Coach Certificate facilitates the client to be able to entrust that confidence in you than just the skills you have which the client may not be fully aware of.

An ExpertRating Life Coach Certificate helps you stand apart in the competitive world by imparting you with the strategies for a profitable career as a Life Coach, in addition to the skill, tools, and techniques necessarily required. Our Life Coach Certificate Course structure focuses on the ?how to? approach to be able to successfully guide clients. Our marketing and business strategies for a lucrative coaching practice direct you to begin your career with confidence.

About Life Coaching

A life coach helps a client identify his/ her goals in life for success, progress, contentment, and happiness in his/ her life. He/ she helps the clients recognize the obstacles in their life helping them glide through them smoothly by helping them deal with those hurdles. A life coach may even be responsible for a complete transformation of life in case of career choices or even beginning and ending relationships or working on current relationships. We can say that a Life Coach facilitates in making those changes that are necessary for overall progress in life. They are more focused on future goals and choices instead of primarily focusing on the past.

Life coaches are responsible for analyzing each aspect of a client's life like career, relationships, family, fitness, health, grief, personal growth, or we can say everything that affects a person's state of mind thereby reflecting in his/ her achievements.

Why is being a Life Coach a good career option?

As a life coach, you get numerous varied options in which your clients may comprise of people from any field of work. This provides you vast insight into different professional disciplines through various clients and is the right thing for you if you are not looking for monotonous job.

What other professional qualifications do I require to become a Life Coach?

In order to become a life coach no professional qualification is required other than the skills like being a good listener, speaker, non-judgmental, with elements of being a therapist, counselor, management trainer, etc. Therefore, a Life Coach Certificate in addition to these skills lends an added advantage in the profession. A Life Coach Certificate also imparts you with the knowledge for exceptional business and entrepreneurial skills that are imperative to this field.

Why should I go for an online Life Coach Certification?

An online Life Coach Certification allows you to continue your current profession and helps you choose preferable study hours while honing your life coaching skills.

Job Role

Life coaches extract and illustrate the client's knowledge in order to maximize what he/ she can achieve through optimum utilization of that potential to amplify the client's accomplishments. A life coach nurtures the client's behavior to help the client develop better interpersonal relations along with the guidance to take the right steps for progression in career and setting priorities.

How does a Life Coach schedule meetings?

While most meetings with clients are held in person, however, in some cases meetings are also held over the phone or video chat for varying reasons.

Life Coach Certificate
Keep Learning

Life Coaching

Life coaching is an attractive career opportunity for people with varied backgrounds, which is why many people have been taking it up as a profession after successful careers in different backgrounds. A life coach essentially identifies and amplifies the potential of a client rather than inculcating added knowledge and skills. It is basically the art of enabling the clients to chalk out and guide them in achieving their goals rather than training them for doing the same. Life coaching facilitates change than being judgmental or prescriptive thereby helping the client understand himself/ herself in terms of career direction, management, leadership, business start-up, contentment in personal life, balance in personal and professional life, and optimum utilization of skills and knowledge.

What is the purpose of Life Coaching?

There are various ways in which life coaching helps like:

  • Direction in career
  • Personal fulfillment
  • Improved relationships
  • Enhance management and entrepreneurial skills
  • Overcoming the obstacles in goals and desires

Why is Life Coaching a good career choice?

Many people become life coaches after receiving first-hand benefits of life coaching. It is a rewarding career option that can also be opted for as an alternate career. Life coaching is a two-way process in which both, the client and the life coach benefit. Being a life coach is a continuous learning process and is a lifelong quest for personal growth and excellence. Facilitating people in discovering and achieving their life goals is now a proven methodology with numerous people who have benefitted from it and various others who are keen to avail its benefits stimulating the popularity of Life Coach Certificate.

The uniqueness of this profession lies in the fact that it is a good option for those who believe in "making a difference" rather than just the monetary benefits. It is this trait of life coaching that attracts many therapists, counselors, psychologists, etc. as it helps them touch various fields along with features like helping clients in:

  • bringing out their best
  • understanding the balance between success, happiness, and contentment
  • drafting and implementing their own business plan
  • channelizing their effective communication skills and empathy and turn it into a profession
  • overcoming the problems and obstacles in their life making it a fulfilling profession
  • choosing their own working hours and days since they are self-employed
  • expansion of knowledge and self-understanding
The Life Coach Certification is by far the "best value-for-money"
Life Coach Certification -- FOR JUST $69.99

Career Prospects

As a professional life coach, you may specialize in a special field like:

  • Careers
  • Business/ Executive
  • Family
  • Relationships
  • Couples
  • Self-awareness
  • Mid-life
  • Weight/ health management
  • Time management
  • Retirement

Each of the above areas further has a lot of scope. For example, as a business coach, you may work with professionals from different fields and help them prioritize and identify their strengths and weaknesses, dealing with professional relationships (peers, seniors, juniors, clients, etc.). Leading organizations hire life coaches known as corporate coaches to encourage and motivate their employees for better performance and productivity.

Additionally, corporate coaches also get paid to facilitate activities that aim at better employee relationships, identifying and curbing factors of employee dissatisfaction, etc. to enhance the overall functioning of the organization.

What are the types of Life Coaches?

Many life coaches are self-employed. Various organizations employ life coach as motivators for their staff and clients. Certain life coaching agencies also employ life coaches whose services they offer to the clients that they have

Career Prospects for Life Coach Certificate See where ExpertRating Certified Professionals are working
Career Prospects for Life Coach Certificate

What are the types of Life Coaches?

Career Coach

A career coach helps the client in deciding the ways to improve his/ her career and analysis of the clients' future career goals and plans. In career coaching, the coach facilitates the client to see each situation from different perspectives and then strategize for the achievement of selected direction for career objectives.

Executive/Business Coach

An executive/ business coach channelizes the client's knowledge and skill towards better interpersonal relationships through grooming of communication skills. Effective management of tasks and time for accomplishment of goals and a balance in personal and professional life is critical for a successful career in business.

Relationships/ Couples Coach

A relationship/ couples coach helps the clients explore the dynamics of their relationships. Coaching helps clients understand needs and desires of each other in relationships. It helps the client understand each other's perspective during times of conflict. A relationship/ couples coach enables client to cater to happiness of each other in relations while maintaining their own.

Weight/ Health Coach

A life coach aids clients in dealing with stress related to health/ weight problems in addition to attaining goals relating to the same. Coaching helps client make the right diet, fitness, and nutrition choice while inculcating a strong mental attitude to work for it. This further enables clients to reflect physical contentment in other areas of life and instills confidence.


Life Coach Certificate


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