Basic Finance Skills Certification

...From ExpertRating gives you an excellent opportunity to learn the fundamentals and techniques of Basic Finance Skills online.

The ExpertRating Basic Finance Skills Certification introduces you to the fundamental principles and practices of finance, accounting, and investment banking. Whether you are a business owner or a general manager, the importance of having basic finance skills cannot be overemphasized. Add these crucial skills to your skillset to understand the financial implications of your decisions, and make more informed decisions for your company and yourself.


About The Online Basic Finance Skills Certification

Principles of financial accounting deal with the accounting process and the elements that go with it, for investors, executives, and other person who has an interest in the company. To work in the accounting field, or even to work in finance, it would be good to learn the principles of accounting along with the fundamentals, so that you become successful when working in this industry.


Basic Finance Skills Certification ProgramThe Final Certification TestPrinciples of Financial AccountingThe Accounting Process and How It Works?Annual ReportTypes of Companies InvolvedAuditingAccounting PrinciplesSummaryChapter Review Questions
Enter Learning Object TitleROI (Return on Investments)Debt Finance and Equity FinanceLiquidity AnalysisSummaryChapter Review Questions
Enter Learning Object TitleDecision MakingPlanningDirectingControlSummaryChapter Review Questions
Introduction to Corporate FinanceThe Structure of the CompanyThe Three PrinciplesThe Company's ValueSummaryChapter Review Questions
Introduction to Investment BankingAsset ManagementFinanceGlobal BankingGlobal MarketsLegal, Risk & CapitalSummaryChapter Review Questions
Introduction to International FinanceCapitalExchange RatesMonetary PolicyFiscal PolicyFinancial MarketsSummaryChapter Review Questions
Financial Analysis and ValuationsGoalsMethodsValuationBusiness ValuationDiscounted Cash Flows MethodGuideline Companies MethodSummaryChapter Review Questions
Portfolio TheoryMathematical ModelDiversificationAsset Pricing Using MPTSummaryChapter Review Questions
Tools and TechniquesSWOTBalanced ScorecardAnalysis OneSummaryChapter Review Questions