Accounting Fundamentals Certification

...From ExpertRating gives you an excellent opportunity to join the elite league of certified Accounting Experts.

Take your first step into the world of accounting with the ExpertRating Accounting Fundamentals Certification and prepare for a variety of exciting career options.

Understand the concept of financial statements, double-entry accounting, accounting cycle, accounting journals, T-accounts, income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement. Get trained in posting from journals and control accounts, setting up and working with the trial balance, and working with adjusting entries and extended trial balance. Learn a whole lot of other fundamentals of accounting with this program.


About The Online Accounting Fundamentals Certification

Accounting careers are booming and the demand for accounting professionals currently exceeds supply. If you're interested in increasing your financial awareness and accountability while also gaining a marketable skill, this instructor led online accounting course is for you.

This course covers all the bases, from writing checks to preparing an income statement and closing out accounts at the end of each fiscal period. Suitable for either a small business or an individual household, this course is sure to increase financial awareness and accountability.


Accounting Fundamentals Certification ProgramThe Final Certification TestAbout the AuthorIntroductionIntroduction to AccountingEffects of Transactions on the Accounting EquationChapter Review QuestionsSummary
Financial StatementsIncome StatementStatement of Changes in Equity or Owner's EquityBalance SheetStatement of Cash FlowsChapter Review QuestionsSummary
Double-Entry AccountingDebits and CreditsA Look at How Transactions Affect the Double-Entry AccountsA Look at How Transactions Affect the Double-Entry Accounts Contd...Chapter Review QuestionsSummary
The Accounting CycleSource DocumentsLedgers (T-Accounts)Financial StatementsChapter Review QuestionsSummary
Chart of AccountsChart of Accounts Contd...Chart of Accounts Contd...Chapter Review QuestionsSummary
Accounting JournalsCash Receipts Journal (CRJ)Cash Payments Journal (CPJ)Sales Journal (SJ)Sales Returns Journal (SRJ)Purchases Journal (PJ)Purchases Returns Journal (PRJ)The General Journal (GJ)Chapter Review QuestionsSummary
T-AccountsStart Working with a T-AccountStart Working with a T-Account Contd...Chapter Review QuestionsSummary
Posting From Journals and Control AccountsCash Receipts and Cash Payments Journals and T-accountsSales Journals and Purchases Journals and T-AccountsChapter Review QuestionsSummary
Setting Up and Working with the Trial BalanceThe Trial BalanceChapter Review QuestionsSummary
Working with Adjusting Entries and the Extended Trial BalanceAdjusted EntriesChapter Review QuestionsSummary
Income StatementRevenuesExpensesIncome StatementChapter Review QuestionsSummary
Owner's EquityStockholders' EquityCapital StockRetained EarningsTreasury StockChapter Review QuestionsSummary
Balance SheetPoints to Know about AssetsPoints to Know about LiabilitiesOwner's (Stockholders') EquityChapter Review QuestionsSummary
The Cash Flow StatementChanges in CashThe Three Sections of Cash Flow StatementExamplesChapter Review QuestionsSummary
Bank ReconciliationBank Reconciliation Contd...Bank Recs and Sample DataAnother SampleChapter Review QuestionsSummary
Financial Ratios and Financial StatementsThe Balance SheetThe Balance Sheet Contd...Income StatementStatement of Cash FlowsChapter Review QuestionsSummary
More on Stocks and Cash DividendsStock DividendsCash DividendsPreferred StockSpecial Stock SituationsChapter Review QuestionsSummary
InventoryThe FIFO MethodThe LIFO MethodThe Weighted Average Cost MethodCosts of Goods SoldPerpetual InventoryPeriodic InventoryManufacturing BusinessesManufacturing Cost StatementChapter Review QuestionsSummary
Lesson 1Nonprofit's Financial PositionGeneral LedgerExample of Financial StatementsLast ThoughtsChapter Review QuestionsSummary
Payroll AccountingMatching PrinciplePaymentsWithholdingsEmployer ContributionsExample of Journal Entries for WagesChapter Review QuestionsSummary
Dealing with Bad DebtsDealing with Discounts and CreditsThe Effect of Bad Debts on Accounts ReceivablesRecover from Write-OffSales PercentageHandling the Balance Sheet and Income StatementAging of Accounts ReceivableUsing Direct Write-OffChapter Review QuestionsSummary
Working with DepreciationDepreciation and TaxesChapter Review QuestionsSummary
AuditsTypes of AuditorsThe Audit ReportWhy use an AuditorChapter Review QuestionsSummary
Dealing with Fraud and EthicsWho Commits Fraud and Why?Committing the Actual FraudHow to Prevent FraudThe Matter of EthicsChapter Review QuestionsSummary
Accounting Software & AssociationsAccounting Software & Associations Contd...AssociationsChapter Review QuestionsSummary