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What the Tests are Like 

ExpertRating tests have been developed under ISO 9001-2000 procedures offering well balanced and meaningful questions for accurately assessing the basic, intermediate and advanced knowledge of each test taker.

ExpertRating tests consist of timed, multiple choice questions with one or more correct answer/s to each question. Each test covers basic to advanced questions on each topic. The tests have been developed keeping in mind pre-employment testing requirements, therefore the knowledge of applied skills gained through real work experience is emphasized, rather than theoretical knowledge.

Customized testing options: ExpertRating also offers employers the option to customize their own tests with respect to subjects, questions and duration. Employers can also add their own questions to the tests or delete existing questions from currently available tests. The system offers a quick set-up process and ease of use without any intervention from the ExpertRating support staff during set-up or the testing process. For more information about customized tests, please get in touch with a business manager.

Format of ExpertRating tests

Type of Test: Multiple choice with one or more correct answer/s

Duration: 30 to 50 minutes

Number of Questions: 30 to 50 questions per test

Question Weightage: Tests consist of a mix of elementary, intermediate and advanced questions, with weightages assigned to each question accordingly.

Navigation: You can control how your candidates navigate through a test. You can either permit or restrict them from going back and changing the answers to questions that they have already attempted.

Answer Review: You can control whether or not your candidates are permitted to review their answers before ending the test.

Exhibits: Some tests may require candidates to answer questions based upon a graphic image or a sound clip.

Test Syllabus: The syllabus of each test is available within your employer account. You can also view the syllabus of each test by clicking on the 'List of Available Tests' link in the left panel.

Test Score Reporting: You can specify the email addresses where the test scores are to be mailed. The scores are also reported within your employer account. You can also choose whether or not your candidates are allowed to see their own results.

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