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The United States has witnessed a surge in prison population in the last fifteen years. In this period the prison population in America has tripled and with it has increased its national prison capacity. Yet the crime rate has not decreased. The federal prison population which was 90,000 by the end of 1993 rose to about 130,000 by 2000-2001.

The prisoners today include more of non-violent drug offenders, white collar criminals and offenders charged with misdemeanors.

Steven Oberfest

But the law comes down hard upon them. Most of these criminals are first time offenders who have not been through the system, have no idea what to expect and thus they need to know how to survive in prison.

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ExpertRating Online Prison Survival Strategies Guide

The Online Prison Survival Strategies course is brought to you by ExpertRating, which is the world's only ISO 9001:2008 certified company (from TUV America) offering an online Prison Survival Strategies course.


The Prison Survival Strategies course is brought to you by ExpertRating which is a trusted name in online testing and certification with over 200,000 certified professionals in over 160 countries in more than 100 skill areas.


ExpertRating Solutions has been reviewed by TRUSTe for compliance of their strict program requirements ensuring that your information is always safe.

With ExpertRatingís in-depth Prison Survival Strategies Guide, you get equipped with all the strategies you need to survive in the prison.

Coaching US prisoners-to-be: Watch Steven Oberfest explain why learning prison survival strategies may be important for first-time convicts.

 Buy the Prison Survival Strategies Guide - $99.99


Finally a course that offers useful insights into prison life to the first time offenders!

This course is more like a guide to first time offenders who have not done time before and are scared to death to think of what life will be in prison. This course content will also be useful to life coaches, public speakers, and anyone who is involved in guiding and counseling convicts and undertrials.

This Prison Survival Strategies course by ExpertRating - one of the leaders in online skill testing and certification - is the only one of its kind in providing in-depth information of life behind the bars.

Just because you have been incarcerated and you have heard prison stories does not mean that they will scare the hell out of you! Get a grip on yourself and find out how to survive in prison. What tactics and strategies to use and what to avoid.

Course Coverage

 Prison Survival Strategies Guide
 Preparing to go to the Prison
 Federal Prison-The Inside Story
 Prison Rules and Procedures
 A Day in the Life of a Prisoner
 Life in Prison
 Working in the Prison
 Correctional Facilities
 Early Releases and the Second Chance Act
 Communication with the Outside World
 Prison Crimes and Prohibited Acts in Prison
 Been There Done That--Tips from Former Inmates.
 Some useful information for convicts

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