Sample Questions

Healthy Nutrition through Juices Certification Sample Test Questions
Ques: Which of the following is true?

a)  Biophotonic energy is provided from freshly made juices.
b)  Biophotons activate the metabolic pathways and are good for you.
c)  Juices are high in enzymes, which help you reverse aging.
d)  All of the above are true.
e)  None of the above are true.
Answer: d

Ques: Fill in the blank:
The best way to overcome illnesses is to use a __________.

a)  Vitamix
b)  NutriBullet
c)  regular blender
d)  juicer that separates the fiber out of the drink
Answer: c

Ques: Which type of juicer “chews” it up and then presses it?

a)  Citrus juicer
b)  Masticating juicer
c)  Centrifugal juicer
d)  Hydraulic juicer
Answer: b

Ques: Which of the following phytonutrients help protect you from eye disorders?

a)  Lutein and zeaxanthin
b)  Phytoestrogens
c)  Lignans
d)  None of the above
Answer: c

Ques: How much oxalic acid is found in 3-1/2 ounces of spinach?

a)  200 mg
b)  750 mg
c)  100 mg
d)  1,000 mg
Answer: b