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Compelling reasons why Personal trainers should buy the ExpertRating sports nutrition certification:

1. Personal trainers are already offering or intend to offer fitness services to various clients. By providing sports nutrition guidance, they can offer more services to their clients in the same running expenses.

2. Sports nutrition is fast emerging as an important science, and adding this new knowledge can help you stand out from the crowd of personal trainers.

3. Clients expect personal trainers to guide them about food intake, and a personal trainer will feel comfortable imparting nutrition guidance only if he/she has undergone a related certification.

4. Weight loss is a major area of operation for personal trainers. Weight loss programs revolve around controlled nutrition, which can only be understood if you have taken a nutrition course.

5. Personal trainers who have a formal knowledge of sports nutrition command a better salary or per hour charges.

6. You can help your fitness training clients meet their fitness goals faster by combining a scientific nutrition program along with the training program.

7. You can add new revenue streams to your business by selling supplements, performance improvement diets or weight loss programs.

8. ExpertRating certified personal trainers already cover several concepts related to nutrition and weight loss during their course. This makes the sports nutrition certification easier to complete as a part of the study would already have been done.

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