The ExpertRating Project Management Certification Course Contents


The ExpertRating Project management courseware is currently one of the most in-depth study resources on Project Management and covers all the major tools, techniques and practices by the most experienced project managers. The courseware has been developed by a team of experts, and combines a unique blend of instruction, conception, and application. It not only apprises you of the various important tools and techniques of Project Management, but also enables you to equip yourself with the skills and acumen actually required to be a successful Project Manager.

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Detailed Listing of Project Management Course Contents


1. Fundamentals of Project Management

What is a Project
Some characteristics of a Project
Categories of projects
What is Project Management
The Project Manager
The Project Life Cycle and Project Processes
Terms and Definitions 

2. Project Initiation

Why projects are undertaken
Project Initiation Process
inputs for the initiation process
outputs of the initiation process
Some of the most common constraints
Project Requirements, Project Deliverables, The Project Stake holders
Project selection and the project charter
Project selection methods - Pay back period method, Discounted cash flow method, Internal Rate of return method, Profitability index method/ cost benefit ratio method, Cost benefit analysis
The project charter
The project charter

3. Project Planning

The Project Scope and Scope Planning
The Scope Statement
Approval of the project scope statement
Scope definition
Work Breakdown structure (WBS)
Making the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
Pitfalls while making the WBS
WBS Templates
WBS identifiers
The scope management plan and the scope management change process
Communications management plan

4. Planning Project Resources

What is Resource Planning
Resource planning components
Organizational plan development
Organizational planning tools
Fixing roles and responsibilities
Staffing management planning
Recruiting Project Manpower
Estimating costs for the project
Cost estimation techniques
Cost estimation document

5. Planning Time

Keys to Time Estimation Techniques
Activity Definition Process
Activity Sequencing Process
Activity Duration Estimating Process
PERT (Program Evaluation and Review Technique)
Methods used for the Activity Sequencing Process
Steps involved in the arrow diagramming method and the precedence diagramming method
Project activity bar charts
Determining the critical path

6. Planning Project Quality

What is Quality
What is Quality Management
The Quality Deliverable
Quality Process that leads to Quality Deliverable
Ensuring Quality via Quality Planning Tools
Famous Theories on Quality Management

7. Building and Managing the Project Team

What is a Team
How to Build a Team
Four phases of Team Building
Managing a Team
Building Team Spirit
Ensuring Discipline
Conflict Management

8. Planning Risks

What is Risk
How are risks planned
Identifying the risks
Risk Categories
Risk Identifying Tools & Techniques - Documentation Reviews, Brain Storming, Delphi Technique, Nominal Group Technique, Interviewing, SWOT Analysis, Checklists, Assumption Analysis, Diagramming Techniques

9. Procurement Planning

What is Procurement Planning
How is Procurement Planning done
Key Components of Procurement Planning
Placing the order
Getting the procurements
Measuring the Performance

10. Project Plan Execution

How to execute the Project Plan
Execution key factors
Interpreting the Plan
Effectively using the work plan
Implementing the Plan
Getting the Project Team into Action
Fragmenting the Activities
Working without any Fix or Jam
Measuring the Results
Taking Corrective Measures
Ensuring Plan Success
Garnering Management Support
Change of Plans

11. Monitoring the Plan Execution Process

Importance of the Monitoring Process
How does the Monitoring Process work
Examining the Key Elements of the Monitoring Process
Tracking and Analyzing Issues
Understanding the Development Cycles
Understanding Tasks, Resources, and Time
Monitoring Constraints
Monitoring Competencies
Nuances of Project Plan Execution
Delivering the Desired Results
Techniques for Monitoring Costs and Time Schedules
Earned Value Analysis
Budgeted Cost of Work Scheduled (BCWS)
Actual Cost of Work Performed (ACWP)
Budgeted Cost of Work Performed (BCWP)
Calculating Cost Variance (CV), Schedule Variance (SV), Cost Performance Index (CPI), Schedule Performance Index (SPI), Cost Schedule Index (CSI)
Making Projections about Project Completion

12. Controlling Change

What necessitates Change
What can the Change Control Process do
How to make Changes
Key Components of the Change Control Process
Controlling Scope Change
Controlling Cost Change
Controlling Schedule Change 
Controlling the Change Dummy run
Change Control Accountability & Authority
Project Review Meetings
Analyzing the Change Control Results
Making a Change Request

13. Closing the Project

Closing the Project - An Overview
When Should a Project be Closed
Project closure checklist
Formal closure
Holding the Final Meetings
Conducting the Project Audit
Presenting the Project Closure Report
Key Ingredients of a Project Closure Report
Celebrating the Closure


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