Sample Questions

Pilates Certification Sample Exam Questions
Ques: What does it mean when a client performs a Roll Up with one arm higher than the other?

a)  The client is not performing the exercise with the Pilates Principle of Coordination.
b)  The client has one side stronger than the other.
c)  The client has not dropped the shoulder blades equally.
d)  The client is not aware of their body in space.
Answer: b and d

Ques: How do you help a client to release the grip on their hips?

a)  Move their leg with your hand doing very small circles over the hip joint.
b)  Continually remind the client to release and relax their hip at center, before circling again.
c)  Ask them to pause at the centerline and reconnect the inner thighs with the lower abs and loosen up the hip.
d)  All of the above.
Answer: d

Ques: How are the knees positioned for Rolling Like A Ball?

a)  Shoulder width apart.
b)  Tight together.
c)  It's not important so long as they are close to the chest.
d)  Knees outside the shoulders to allow deeper access to the abdominals.
e)  a) and d) can both be correct.
Answer: e

Ques: How are the feet positioned in the Spine Stretch Forward?

a)  Relaxed and softly pointed to the ceiling.
b)  Pointed forward and parallel.
c)  Pointed forward and in the Pilates Stance.
d)  Flexed and in the Pilates Stance.
Answer: a

Ques: What is a common mistake to watch for when executing the Front/Back kicks?

a)  Rocking the torso back and forth.
b)  Dropping the leg as it swings front and back.
c)  Raising the leg too high.
d)  The bottom leg bending or sliding to maintain stability.
e)  All of the above.
Answer: e