Become a skilled makeup artist with ExpertRating’s Makeup Artist Certification and join the exciting and rewarding world of makeup artistry.

Learn how to work with different skin types and different eye shapes and eye colors, how to do a red-carpet makeup, how to apply makeup on a man, how to do HD makeup, how to use color correctors, concealers and foundations, and a lot of other fun things for just $99.99.

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About Makeup Artist Certification

Through this course, you will get to learn the skills required to progress in the Makeup industry. This course is not just for those individuals who want to become professional Makeup Artists, but also for those who wish to learn how to correctly do their own makeup. In this course, you will be provided 70 video lessons to give you a better understanding of how to apply flawless makeup like a professional makeup artist.

Why Get Certified?

While it is not mandatory for makeup artist to be certified, it is certainly very beneficial for job and work prospects. Showing that you have been certified gives confidence to clients and hiring managers that you possess the essential knowledge and skills to get the job done.

This certification comes with everything you need including an in-depth online courseware with plenty of examples and expert tips. The course usually takes 2-4 weeks to complete, after which you can take the online test from your own device. You receive an online transcript as well as a hard copy certificate delivered at your physical address. We also provide highly responsive feedback to hundreds of employee verification requests annually. Taking this certification could be the smartest move for your career.

About The Online Makeup Artist Certification


Makeup Artist Certification Program OverviewThe Final Certification TestAbout the Author
Understanding Makeup ArtistryDifferent Areas of Makeup Artistry
Understanding the Color WheelCategorization of ColorsUsing Different Color SchemesAssessing Your Client’s Color Scheme
Elements and Principles of Design OverviewHow to See Light and Dark with Makeup: ChiaroscuroHow to See Makeup in Color 3D
IntroductionHow to Be Client ReadyHow to Do a Client Consultation
IntroductionThe Basics of a Makeup KitTypes of Makeup BrushesLuggage for a Professional Makeup KitHow to Organize and Clean Your Professional Makeup Kit
Why It's Important for a Makeup Artist to Know SkincareHow to Work with Dry SkinHow to Apply Makeup on Oily SkinHow to Apply Makeup on Skin with AcneHow to Apply Makeup on Mature SkinOther Skin Types—Sensitive, Normal and CombinationIdentifying Common Infectious ConditionsPerforming Effective Skincare RoutineDifferent Types of PrimersPrepping Your Client’s Skin
IntroductionMediums and FormulationsDifferent Types of Makeup FinishesHow to Do Different Makeup FinishesHow to Get a Dewy Skin Look
IntroductionDifferent Types of EyeshadowsHow to Apply EyeshadowDifferent Forms of Eyeliner FormulasHow to Apply Eyeliner
How to Determine Your Client’s Eye ShapeHow to Apply Eye Shadow on Asian EyesHow to Apply Makeup on Hooded Eye ShapesHow to Apply Eye Shadow on Blue EyesHow to Apply Eye Shadow on Brown EyesHow to Apply Eye Makeup on Green EyesHow to Do the Perfect Smoky Eye LookCat-Eye Techniques
IntroductionHow to Cover a PimpleHow to Cover Dark CirclesHow to Reduce the Look of PuffinessSelf-Study Multiple-Choice Questions for Chapters 2 to 11
How to Apply Liquid FoundationHow to Apply Cream FoundationsHow to Apply Powder FoundationsHow to Apply Loose Powder
Introduction to ContourContouring NosesContouring JawlinesContouring CheekbonesContouring ForeheadsIntroduction to BronzerIntroduction to BlushContouring Intensive Workshop
IntroductionHow to Apply Individual LashesHow to Apply Strip LashesBest Tips to Apply Mascara
Introduction to EyebrowsEyebrow 101: Ultimate StudyChoosing the Right Product for LipsHow to Do a Full Lip
IntroductionHow to Apply Makeup on Indian Skin TonesHow to Apply Makeup on Darker-Toned Skin
How to Do a Child’s MakeupHow to Do Natural MakeupHow to Do Makeup on a Man
How to Do a Pin-up Makeup LookHow to Do a Full Bridal Makeup with Airbrush FoundationHow to Do a Red Carpet MakeupHow to Do a Prom Makeup
IntroductionHow to Perform Like a Star on a GigCollaborating Within a Creative TeamMakeup and LightingHow to Do HD MakeupHigh-Fashion Makeup
How to Create Bruising with MakeupHow to Do Basic CutsMaking Someone Look IllApplying Facial HairHow to Cover a Tattoo
Basic Theater MakeupOld Age Theater MakeupFace PaintingSelf-Study Multiple-Choice Questions(Chapters 12 to 21) -ISelf-Study Multiple-Choice Questions(Chapters 12 to 21) -IISelf-Study Multiple-Choice Questions(Chapters 12 to 21) -IIIOutro

Based in Los Angeles, Megan has been a licensed esthetician, makeup and eyebrow artist, and hair stylist for over 12 years. Her flourishing career as a makeup artist has led her to become the Key Makeup Artist for productions in Los Angeles and Europe. Outside of doing makeup, Miss Vigil has held roles in product development, as the Head Copywriter for a boutique beauty marketing agency, and as a Beauty and Fashion editor for E! Entertainment. She has been responsible for either writing, producing or presenting beauty content for companies like COVERGIL, Pantene, Olay, Crest, and NuMe Professional Styling Products. Her goal is to advise and empower new makeup artists in the beauty field.

Keep Learning

The ExpertRating Makeup Artist course is designed keeping in mind your comfort and convenience. You can access the course and all the videos in it from anywhere, anytime. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or always-on-the-go working professional, you can keep learning. Access it from your home computer, your tablet or your mobile phone - whatever or whenever is convenient for you.

When you choose the ExpertRating Makeup Artist Certification, you can be sure that you are choosing a respected certification that is recognized by hundreds of private employers and government bodies in the US and other countries.

ExpertRating offers its training and testing services to some of the biggest and best companies in the world, such as Convergys Corp, UPS, GAP, Federal Bureau of Prisons, Coke, Citrix, IKEA Systems, Google and Ericsson, to name a few.


Makeup Artist Certificate

When you purchase the Makeup Artist Certification, you also receive the highly recognizable hard copy certificate at your physical address within 12-15 days of taking the exam.

  • The certificate can be used to prove your certified status and does not mention the word "online".
  • You will receive an online transcript that mentions your score and you can use it to prove your certified credentials on the internet or to employers and customers.

For taking this course, you need internet access, an e-mail account, and any web browser.


The fee is all-inclusive, and includes the in-depth Makeup Artist Courseware, exam fee, hard copy certificate and mailing charges.


Most people take 2-4 weeks to complete the course studying 1-2 hours a day.


In case you fail the exam, you can re-attempt the exam for $10 up to three times.


The certification can be renewed after one year by paying a fee of $30. You will receive a new hard copy certificate upon renewal.


Yes, you can access your study material at any point of time after successfully completing the certification.

The ExpertRating Makeup Artist Certification is by far the 'best value-for-money'
Makeup Artist Certification -- FOR JUST $99.99

Career Prospects for Makeup Artists

There are numerous work opportunities available to a makeup artist. You can work in beauty salons, makeup counters at retail locations, and photography studios, where you are likely to be paid a set hourly wage. You can also start your own makeup business or work freelance and set your own rates.

According to Indeed, makeup artists typically make between $40,000 and $70,000 annually in the United States. How much you earn depends on your location, education, experience, and social media presence and network. It depends also on what kind of makeup artist you are. Movie makeup artists, celebrity makeup artists, special effects makeup artists, and brand makeup artists are among the top earners in the field.

You can increase your earnings and create a special name for yourself by participating in advanced and specialty courses. Continuous education is of particular importance because makeup trends change ever so often, and you would want to stay at the top of your game.

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Makeup Artist Certification

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At just $99.99, the ExpertRating Makeup Artist Certification is your 'best value-for-money' option for enrolling in a Makeup Artist Program. Payments can be made using all major credit cards or PayPal. All payments are through secure online transactions. ExpertRating is a PayPal verified seller with 20,0000+ sales through PayPal.


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