Sample Questions

Beauty Therapist Certification Sample Test Questions
Ques: How does steaming help in improving the quality of skin?

a)  It simulates sweat to flush out impurities
b)  It opens pores
c)  It gives skin a glow
d)  It closes pores
Answer: a

Ques: What is Stratum Corneum?

a)  Blackheads and whiteheads
b)  The dead layer of skin cells
c)  A skin condition
d)  A piece of equipment
Answer: b

Ques: How many skin undertones are there?

a)  3
b)  4
c)  5
d)  4

Ques: Why is it important to use a primer?

a)  It allows makeup to last longer
b)  It intensifies makeup
c)  It helps makeup settle quicker
d)  All of the above
Answer: d

Ques: Which of the following solutions soothes pain?

a)  Witch hazel
b)  Water
c)  Tea tree
d)  Rose water
Answer: a

Ques: Which type of light helps in drying nails?

a)  Sunlight
b)  UV light
c)  UB light
d)  No light is used
Answer: b

Ques: How long does it take for the tan to set?

a)  7 hours
b)  8 hours
c)  3 hours
d)  It sets right away
Answer: b