Sample Questions

Women's Fitness Instruction Certification Sample Exam Questions
Ques: Which muscular movement is defined as an exercise where the muscle maintains equal tone or tension throughout the whole movement?

a)  Isokinetic
b)  Eccentric
c)  Concentric
d)  Isotonic

Ques: Which eating disorder is described by the ingestion of an abnormally large amount of food in short time period, followed by an attempt to avoid gaining weight by purging what was consumed?

a)  Anorexia Nervosa
b)  Bulimia Nervosa
c)  Binge Eating Disorder
d)  Body Dysmorphia

Ques: Which type of female clients can benefit from some form of resistance training?

a)  Adolescent female athletes.
b)  Pregnant women.
c)  Women with osteoporosis.
d)  All of the above.

Ques: At what age can an adolescent safely begin resistance training?

a)  7
b)  12
c)  18
d)  21

Ques: Which of the following are two examples of exercises that best help to build core strength?

a)  Reverse Crunches and Shoulder Press.
b)  Side Planks and Pushups.
c)  Planks and Crunches.
d)  Row and Planks.