Sample Questions

Wellness Coach Certification Sample Exam Questions
Ques: Is the following statement true or false?

Wellness is all about eating well and exercising.

a)  True
b)  False

Ques: All of the following statements about coaching are true EXCEPT:

a)  The coach approach involves asking open-ended questions like “What?” and “How?”
b)  Coaches listen more, talk less.
c)  Coaching involves allowing clients to make mistakes and giving them positive feedback when they achieve a goal.
d)  Coaches need to be able to see through a client, and this requires them to be judgmental.

Ques: Eating for high-level wellness means:

a)  eating a lot of protein
b)  eating as little fat as possible
c)  eating with self-awareness
d)  eating super foods during all three meals

Ques: If you suggest to a client that they should seek further medical attention but they refuse to oblige, you should:

a)  Keep the coaching going in the spirit of co-active coaching
b)  Terminate the coaching relationship

Ques: A nutrition journal can be used to:

a)  record our body’s responses to the foods we eat
b)  record our feelings and resolutions
c)  record what foods we supply our body with
b)  All of the above