Sample Questions

Stretching and Flexibity Certification Sample Exam Questions
Ques: Stretching is the deliberate _____________ and hold of a muscle and the surrounding connective tissue to promote ______________ or lengthening.

a)  strengthening, extension
b)  movement, elongation
c)  shortening, adhesions
d)  touching, concentric

Ques: The refusal of the body to move past a set point of muscle length is known as which of the following?

a)  Muscle elongation
b)  Stretch reflex
c)  Muscle contraction
d)  Electrical impulse

Ques: Which form of stretching uses your connective tissue and muscles like a bounce pad?

a)  Static stretching
b)  Passive stretching
c)  PNF stretching
d)  Ballistic stretching

Ques: A static stretch pre-workout should not exceed how many seconds?

a)  15 seconds
b)  30 seconds
c)  45 seconds
d)  60 seconds

Ques: During the Overhead Triceps Stretch, where does the stretch primarily come from?

a)  The opposing arm
b)  The same arm
c)  The same shoulder
d)  The opposing shoulder