Sample Questions

Stability Ball Certification Sample Exam Questions
Ques: What are some of the benefits of using a stability ball?

a)  Improved posture
b)  Increased flexibility
c)  Improved stability
d)  All of the above.

Ques: Fill in the blanks: By employing a stability ball, better _________ and _________ of the spine can occur.

a)  Alignment; Stability
b)  Flexibility; Stability
c)  Posture; Alignment
d)  Poise; Posture

Ques: What target heart rate zone is used to maximize aerobic fitness?

a)  50 – 60%
b)  60 – 70%
c)  70 – 80%
d)  . 80 – 90%

Ques: A stability ball shoulder press primarily engages which muscles?

a)  Core and Biceps
b)  Core and Deltoids
c)  Core and Hamstrings
d)  Core and Lats

Ques: What does flexibility refer to?

a)  Kinetic activity of a joint
b)  Strength of a muscle
c)  Recovery time of a muscle
d)  The range of motion of a joint and the length of muscle that crosses the joint.