Speed Reading Skills Certification

...From ExpertRating gives you an excellent opportunity to acquire Speed Reading skills online.

In the information age we live in, speed reading skills have become survival skills we cannot do without. Add them to your skillset with the ExpertRating Speed Reading Skills Certification Program and get ready to take on loads of information with great ease. Sign up for this fun and useful certification now.


About The Online Speed Reading Skills Certification

Speed Reading Skills are one of the least talked about and yet essential - almost indispensable - skills to have in our times. Having the ability to read fast and efficiently in little time can greatly enhance your work productivity and boost your career. The ExpertRating Online Speed Reading Skills Course will equip you with some of the most effective techniques of speed reading, so you can handle an excess load of information with great ease and can also have some extra time to devote to other activities.


IntroductionAbout The AuthorAbout ReadingWhy is Speed Reading Important for Business Managers?A Course Summary
A History of Speed ReadingThe Development of Modern Speed ReadingSpeed Reading Terminology 101Chapter Summary
An Introduction to the Reading ProcessReading BasicsA Look at Reading StrategiesBasic StrategiesA Deeper Look at Goals, Active Reading and PredictionsThe Impact of the Materials
A Guide to the Visual SystemA Look at FixationVision Span ExplainedDeveloping Peripheral Reading AbilitiesExercises Basic Eye TrainingExercises Vision Span TrainingRetinal Image Phenomena DemonstrationExercise Your First Speed Reading TestGood Speed Reading PracticesExercise Test for Poor Reading Habits
DistractionGuidingGoalsActive ReadingUsing Tags
FixationBackward ReadingHoppingEye PacingPerception Span ExpansionExercise Phrase ReadingPreviewingVertical VisionExercise Expanding Vertical Vision
Passive ReadingSeeking The Author's MessageEnsuring ComprehensionAnalyzing StructureSummarizing
Progression and RegressionRegression
Sub-VocalizationVocal InterferenceSkimmingChunkingBehaviors Most Beneficial for Speed Readers
Reading Speed Test #1Charting Speed Reading ProgressSample Journal PageChapter Summary
Combining Your SkillsChart of Tactics and How to Combine ThemDeveloping Flexibility to Enhance Your Reading SpeedRegulated Reading and Timed Reading Exercises
Improving ComprehensionWord Recognition Vocabulary SkillsConsider ContextExercise Learning How to ContextExercise Method to Improve Reading and Comprehension Rate
Reading Speed Test #2Chapter Summary
Reading in the Real WorldResources