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Introduction to Senior Fitness CourseIntroduction to Senior Fitness CourseThe Final Certification TestThe Final Certification TestIntroductionIntroductionSummarySummaryReview QuestionsReview Questions
Terms and DefinitionsTerms and DefinitionsTerms and Definitions Continued...Terms and Definitions Continued...Chapter-wise TermsChapter-wise TermsReview QuestionsReview Questions
Human Body Fundamentals and Muscular SystemHuman Body Fundamentals and Muscular SystemHuman Body SystemsHuman Body SystemsSummarySummaryReview QuestionsReview Questions
Evaluating the fitness of an aged clientEvaluating the fitness of an aged clientAssessing Fitness of SeniorsAssessing Fitness of SeniorsAssessing FitnessAssessing FitnessSummarySummaryReview QuestionsReview Questions
StretchingStretchingStretching Continued...Stretching Continued...SummarySummaryReview QuestionsReview Questions
Strength TrainingStrength TrainingExercises Continued...Exercises Continued...SummarySummaryReview QuestionsReview Questions
Balance TrainingBalance TrainingExercisesExercisesSummarySummaryReview QuestionsReview Questions
Chair ExercisesChair ExercisesBall ExercisesBall ExercisesSummarySummaryReview QuestionsReview Questions
Dietary Assessment For Senior CitizensDietary Assessment For Senior CitizensDietary AssessmentDietary AssessmentDietary Assessment For GeriatricsDietary Assessment For GeriatricsSummarySummaryReview QuestionsReview Questions
Injuries and First AidInjuries and First AidSports InjuriesSports InjuriesSports Injuries Continued...Sports Injuries Continued...SummarySummaryReview QuestionsReview Questions
Managing Your Senior Fitness Trainer BusinessManaging Your Senior Fitness Trainer BusinessThe Business of Senior Fitness Training - Steps to a Successful SaleThe Business of Senior Fitness Training - Steps to a Successful SaleSummarySummaryReview QuestionsReview Questions
Alternate Fitness TechniquesAlternate Fitness TechniquesExercise Ball, Water Aerobics, YogaExercise Ball, Water Aerobics, YogaSummarySummaryReview QuestionsReview Questions
AppendixAppendixBerg Balance ScaleBerg Balance ScaleTinetti Performance Oriented Mobility AssessmentTinetti Performance Oriented Mobility AssessmentShort Physical Performance BatteryShort Physical Performance BatteryPhysical Activity Readiness QuestionnairePhysical Activity Readiness QuestionnaireSpeciFit Walking TestSpeciFit Walking TestCardio-Respiratory Endurance TestsCardio-Respiratory Endurance TestsMuscular Fitness TestsMuscular Fitness TestsBalance TestsBalance TestsBody Mass IndexBody Mass IndexWaist Hip Ratio ChartWaist Hip Ratio ChartTarget Heart Rate Zone ChartTarget Heart Rate Zone ChartFrequently Asked QuestionsFrequently Asked Questions