Sample Questions

ExpertRating Self-Defense Certification Sample Exam Questions
Ques:What must you be able to do before disarming the weapon from the attacker?

a)  Control his arm
b)  Hurt him badly
c)  Knock him out
d)  Distract him

Ques: When an attacker tries to choke you, what is the first thing you should do?

a)  Try to call for help
b)  Kick them in the knee, groin or stomach
c)  Lower your body’s center of gravity so that you don’t lose balance
d)  Tuck your chin down to create space to breathe
Answer: d

Ques: When defending yourself with an object, what comes first?

a)  Getting hit first
b)  Brutality
c)  Aiming for tender areas
d)  Situational awareness

Ques:If your assailant is still attempting to choke you after you employed appropriate preventive measures, you can:

a)  Attempt to grab his groin
b)  Attempt to bite his hands
c)  Use one of your hands to resist his grip and thrust the other hand against his throat
d)  Use your knee to strike at his stomach in order to wind him
Answer: c

Ques: To make it more difficult for your attacker to headbutt, you can:

a)  Shift your feet
b)  Shift his head from side to side
c)  Move your head from side to side
d)  Force the head down
Answer: b