Project Management Professional Refresher Course

...From ExpertRating gives you an excellent opportunity to stay ahead of the crowd and set a benchmark in the rewarding project management industry.

ExpertRating's Project Management Professional (PMP) Refresher Course is here to bring you up to speed on all that's new in project management so that you don't just survive but rather thrive in the fast-changing environment of modern business.

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About The Online Project Management Professional Refresher Course

The ExpertRating PMP Refresher Course helps you to expand your understanding level of managing the projects. It inspires you to enhance all the concepts, knowledge areas and the practices that we provided in the ExpertRating PMP Certification Exam Preparatory Course. The aim of the course is to give you an edge over other project managers.


Introduction to PMP Refresher CourseThe Final TestAbout the Author
Project, Operations and Other TermsProject Management Office (PMO)Project ConstraintsStakeholdersSelf Study Multiple Choice Questions
Organizational StructureFunctional OrganizationProjectized OrganizationMatrix OrganizationProject Management ProcessesPlanning ProcessesPlanning Processes SequenceOther ProcessesProject Life Cycle and PhasesSelf Study Multiple Choice Questions
Project CharterProject Charter ContinuedImportant TermsProject Management PlanKickoff MeetingDirect and Manage Project WorkManage Project KnowledgeMonitor and Control Project WorkIntegrated Change ControlClose Project or Phase IISelf Study Multiple Choice Questions
Plan Scope ManagementCollect RequirementsDefine ScopeCreate WBSWBS Description and NeedWBS DictionaryValidate ScopeControl ScopeSelf Study Multiple Choice Questions
Plan Schedule Management – ProcessDefine ActivitiesSequence ActivitiesSequence Activities – TermsActivity RelationshipsEstimate Activity DurationsEstimate Activity Durations ContinuedDevelop ScheduleCritical Path Method (CPM)CPMCPM – Forward and Backward PassCPM – Float / SlackCPMSchedule CompressionMisc Schedule Development ToolsControl ScheduleSelf Study Multiple Choice Questions
Plan Cost ManagementEstimate CostsEstimate Costs ContinuedTypes of CostsDetermine BudgetControl CostsEarned Value TechniqueEarned Value Technique ContinuedFinancial Management TermsFinancial Management Terms ContinuedSelf Study Multiple Choice Questions
What is QualityCost of QualityPlan Quality ManagementManage QualityControl Quality and ToolsQuality ToolsQuality Tools ContinuedSelf Study Multiple Choice Questions
Plan Resource ManagementPlan Resource Management ContinuedEstimate Activity ResourcesAcquire ResourcesDevelop TeamTeam Development StagesManage TeamPowers of Project ManagerConflict Management TechniquesMotivation TheoriesControl ResourcesSelf Study Multiple Choice Questions
CommunicationsCommunication ModelPlan Communications ManagementCommunication MethodsCommunication ChannelsManage CommunicationsPerformance ReportsMonitor CommunicationsSelf Study Multiple Choice Questions
What is RiskPlan Risk ManagementIdentify RisksRisk RegisterPerform Qualitative Risk AnalysisUpdated Risk RegisterPerform Quantitative Risk AnalysisPlan Risk ResponsesRisk Register- UpdatedImplement Risk ResponsesMonitor RisksSelf Study Multiple Choice Questions
Roles In ProcurementTypes of ContractingPlan Procurement ManagementTypes of ContractsCost Reimbursable ContractCPIF ContractsT and M ContractFP ContractFPIF ContractsProcurement DocumentsConduct ProcurementsConduct Procurements ContinuedContract Negotiation TacticsControl ProcurementsControl Procurements ContinuedSelf Study Multiple Choice Questions
Identify StakeholdersPlan Stakeholder EngagementStakeholder Engagement LevelsManage Stakeholder EngagementMonitor Stakeholder EngagementSelf Study Multiple Choice Questions
Professional ResponsibilitiesProfessional Responsibilities ContinuedSocial ResponsibilitiesSelf Study Multiple Choice Questions
Tips and TricksTips and Tricks Continued