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About The Online Office Skills Certification

Office skills have always been in great demand, and with increasing automation in offices, the role of office professionals has evolved so much so that secretaries and administrative assistants have come to perform duties which were once handled exclusively by managerial and professional staff.


ExpertRating Office Skills CertificationExpertRating Office Skills CertificationThe Final Certification TestThe Final Certification Test
Basic Office SkillsBasic Office SkillsOffice PracticesOffice PracticesWritten Business CommunicationWritten Business CommunicationMemosMemosBusiness ReportsBusiness ReportsSome Report BasicsSome Report BasicsE-mail WritingE-mail WritingChapter Review QuestionsChapter Review Questions
Computer SkillsComputer SkillsTechnology use in the workplaceTechnology use in the workplaceTypes of ComputersTypes of ComputersPeripheral DevicesPeripheral DevicesOperating SystemsOperating SystemsBasic FunctionsBasic FunctionsFile ManagementFile ManagementHelp and SupportHelp and SupportText Editors and Word ProcessorsText Editors and Word ProcessorsWord Processing SoftwareWord Processing SoftwareWord Processing FunctionsWord Processing FunctionsFormatting DocumentsFormatting DocumentsParagraph and Page FormattingParagraph and Page FormattingResearch PapersResearch PapersInserting and Formatting ImagesInserting and Formatting ImagesSpreadsheetsSpreadsheetsSpreadsheet OrganizationSpreadsheet OrganizationUsing E-mailUsing E-mailEmail FunctionsEmail FunctionsUsing the InternetUsing the InternetWeb Browser SoftwareWeb Browser SoftwareUsing Windows Internet ExplorerUsing Windows Internet ExplorerChapter Review QuestionsChapter Review Questions
Information ManagementInformation ManagementInformation Management History and Recent TrendsInformation Management History and Recent TrendsInformation Systems ElementsInformation Systems ElementsInformation Processing Center (IPC)Information Processing Center (IPC)Chapter Review QuestionsChapter Review Questions
Interpersonal Office SkillsInterpersonal Office SkillsCharacteristics of Effective CommunicatorsCharacteristics of Effective CommunicatorsTypes of ListeningTypes of ListeningFactors Affecting Group CommunicationFactors Affecting Group CommunicationAdditional Dimensions of Interpersonal CommunicationAdditional Dimensions of Interpersonal CommunicationCommunication ProblemsCommunication ProblemsChapter Review QuestionsChapter Review Questions
Workplace EtiquetteWorkplace EtiquetteWorkplace Etiquette (continued)Workplace Etiquette (continued)Formal Dressing and Grooming Etiquette for MenFormal Dressing and Grooming Etiquette for MenFormal Dressing and Grooming Etiquette for WomenFormal Dressing and Grooming Etiquette for WomenChapter Review QuestionsChapter Review Questions
Process and Types of PlanningProcess and Types of PlanningPlanning TimePlanning TimePlanning Time...ContinuedPlanning Time...ContinuedTime Estimation ProceduresTime Estimation ProceduresPlanning the Project and Task DelegationPlanning the Project and Task DelegationChapter Review QuestionsChapter Review Questions
What is Time Management?What is Time Management?Importance of Time ManagementImportance of Time ManagementTime StealersTime StealersMonitoring TimeMonitoring TimeTime Management ToolsTime Management ToolsCrisis ManagementCrisis ManagementChapter Review QuestionsChapter Review Questions
Habits That Make You Highly ProductiveHabits That Make You Highly ProductiveCompleting Your TasksCompleting Your TasksConcentration-Improving HabitsConcentration-Improving HabitsChapter Review QuestionsChapter Review Questions
Time WastersTime WastersThe Art of DelegationThe Art of DelegationSuccessfully Working With OthersSuccessfully Working With OthersChapter Review QuestionsChapter Review Questions
Office ProceduresOffice ProceduresPolicy and Procedure (P&P) ManualPolicy and Procedure (P&P) ManualThe Process of Writing and Producing a P&P ManualThe Process of Writing and Producing a P&P ManualHuman Resources Policies and ProceduresHuman Resources Policies and ProceduresForms ManagementForms ManagementEffective Forms ManagementEffective Forms ManagementChapter Review QuestionsChapter Review Questions
Meetings And ConferencesMeetings And ConferencesTypes of MeetingsTypes of MeetingsConferencesConferencesChapter Review QuestionsChapter Review Questions
Records ManagementRecords ManagementRecords Management Systems, Methods, and UsesRecords Management Systems, Methods, and UsesOperating a Records Management SystemOperating a Records Management SystemChapter Review QuestionsChapter Review Questions