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About The Online Management Skills Certification

Whether you want to work as a marketing manager, a sales executive, a public relation executive, a project manager, an operations manager, or a finance executive, the online management skills course is the right option for you. If you already have the advantage of holding experience in the field of management, you can still take this course to upgrade your knowledge and skills..

As a management professional, you can benefit from this course. This course will certainly give you an edge over others and will guide you toward becoming a proficient manager or supervisor. If you run your own business, you will be able to expand it through your improved management skills. This online management skills course will cover the roles and responsibilities of managers; the use of management skills - conceptual, technical and human to carry out the basic management functions of planning, organizing, staffing, directing controlling budgeting, and motivating; financial management and legal aspects of management.


Management Skills CertificationManagement Skills CertificationThe Final Certification TestThe Final Certification TestIntroduction to ManagementIntroduction to ManagementNature of Managerial Work and Roles of a ManagerNature of Managerial Work and Roles of a ManagerTheories and Principles of ManagementTheories and Principles of ManagementChapter Review QuestionsChapter Review Questions
Nature and Scope of ManagementNature and Scope of ManagementResponsibility Centers in Business OrganizationsResponsibility Centers in Business OrganizationsUnderstanding Functional AreasUnderstanding Functional AreasUnderstanding Cost CentersUnderstanding Cost CentersUnderstanding Revenue CentersUnderstanding Revenue CentersBusiness Financials and AnalysisBusiness Financials and AnalysisOrganization StructuresOrganization StructuresThe Role of Management FunctionsThe Role of Management FunctionsUnderstanding the Interaction Amongst Functional AreasUnderstanding the Interaction Amongst Functional AreasSummary of Key ConceptsSummary of Key ConceptsChapter Review QuestionsChapter Review Questions
PlanningPlanningStrategic PlanningStrategic PlanningOperational PlanningOperational PlanningComparison of Planning TypesComparison of Planning TypesResource PlanningResource PlanningResource Planning - MoneyResource Planning - MoneyCost Estimation Techniques for a ProjectCost Estimation Techniques for a ProjectChapter Review QuestionsChapter Review Questions
OrganizingOrganizingPurpose and BenefitsPurpose and BenefitsTime ManagementTime ManagementWhy Manage Time?Why Manage Time?Time MonitoringTime MonitoringTime PlanningTime PlanningTime Planning...ContinuedTime Planning...ContinuedCrisis ManagementCrisis ManagementTime Management ToolsTime Management ToolsChapter Review QuestionsChapter Review Questions
Human Resource Management (HRM)Human Resource Management (HRM)StaffingStaffingBuilding and Managing TeamsBuilding and Managing TeamsHow to Manage a Team?How to Manage a Team?HRMS/ HRIS/ HCMHRMS/ HRIS/ HCMApplicant Tracking System (ATS)Applicant Tracking System (ATS)Chapter Review QuestionsChapter Review Questions
Directing, Controlling and MonitoringDirecting, Controlling and MonitoringKey Performance IndicatorsKey Performance IndicatorsWhy Measure Business Performance?Why Measure Business Performance?How to Measure Business PerformanceHow to Measure Business PerformanceOrganizational Prerequisites for KPIsOrganizational Prerequisites for KPIsEffective BenchmarkingEffective BenchmarkingSMART KPIs for Your CompanySMART KPIs for Your CompanyBalanced ScorecardBalanced ScorecardSummary of Key ConceptsSummary of Key ConceptsGlossary of TermsGlossary of TermsChapter Review QuestionsChapter Review Questions
MotivationMotivationEfficiency and Productivity AnalysisEfficiency and Productivity AnalysisEfficiency and Productivity Analysis... ContinuedEfficiency and Productivity Analysis... ContinuedBusiness Process Improvement (BPI)Business Process Improvement (BPI)Business Process Redesign (BPR)Business Process Redesign (BPR)Continuous ImprovementContinuous ImprovementSummary of Key ConceptsSummary of Key ConceptsChapter Review QuestionsChapter Review Questions
Business CommunicationBusiness CommunicationReportingReportingSome Report BasicsSome Report BasicsReport WritingReport WritingMemosMemosMemo WritingMemo WritingWriting the Memo...ContinuedWriting the Memo...ContinuedWriting an EmailWriting an EmailChapter Review QuestionsChapter Review Questions
Financial ManagementFinancial ManagementFinancial ReportingFinancial ReportingStandard Financial ReportsStandard Financial ReportsOther Financial ReportsOther Financial ReportsSummary of Key ConceptsSummary of Key ConceptsChapter Review QuestionsChapter Review Questions
Communication Skills of a Great ManagerCommunication Skills of a Great ManagerEmailsEmailsLettersLettersMessagingMessagingChapter Review QuestionsChapter Review Questions
Tools and Techniques that Support Decision-MakingTools and Techniques that Support Decision-MakingAction Priority MatrixAction Priority MatrixNominal Group TechniqueNominal Group TechniquePareto AnalysisPareto AnalysisAffinity DiagramsAffinity DiagramsSunk CostSunk CostOpportunity CostOpportunity CostChapter Review QuestionsChapter Review Questions