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The ExpertRating Lean Management Certification

 The ExpertRating Six Sigma Lean Management Certification course is a well researched 100 page online course that has been developed for people who would like to master the tools and techniques of lean manufacturing and creating a lean enterprise. The course has been designed so that it is easily understood by beginners and people new to lean manufacturing, apart from seasoned project managers.

The course covers all the principles and tools needed to eliminate waste, and help create a lean enterprise.

 The Online Six Sigma Lean training course includes all the tools, techniques and concepts essential to creating a lean enterprise and has been developed keeping in mind the requirements of most modern day lean manufacturing industries.


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ExpertRating Lean Management Certification Course Coverage (Chapters 1-8)

The in-depth courseware includes all aspects of running a Lean enterprise including several project scenarios.

Chapter 1 Introduction to Lean

A.What is Lean Enterprise or Lean Manufacturing?
B.Foundation and History of Lean Manufacturing
C.Lean Metrics

Chapter 2 Lean Concepts

A. Definition
B. Lean Concepts

1.Theory of Constraints
2.Lean Thinking (Five Principles)
3.Synchronous Flow Manufacturing (SFM)
4.Cycle Time Reduction
5.Single Unit Processing (One-Piece Flow)
6.Level Loading
7.Flexible Process
8.Lot Size Reduction

Chapter 3 Lean Tools

1.5S or Cando
2.Visual Factory
5.Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED)
6.Standard Work

Chapter 4 Total Productive Maintenance

4.Lean Manufacturing and TPM

Chapter 5 Supply Chain Management

A.Defective Supply Chain
B.Value Stream
C.Advantages of Applying Lean to the Supply Chain Management

Chapter 6 Implementation of Lean

1. Change Management
2. Eliminating Classification of Jobs
3. Lean Does Not Mean Downsizing
4. Deploying Lean in the Organization

Chapter 7 Lean and Six Sigma

A.What is Six Sigma?
B.What is Lean Six Sigma?

Chapter 8 Lean Enterprise and Non-Manufacturing Areas


Certified Lean Project Managers Earn Much More Than Their Counterparts.

With the ever increasing requirement of executing projects in almost every industry, the role of the six sigma lean certified project manager has become all the more important. Certified project managers are one of the highest paid and most sought after professionals today. real time salary surveys conclude that Project Managers with a Project Management Certificate earn a median salary of as high as $84,000 in the State of California with other states not far behind. The importance of lean certified project managers is set to become far more important in the times to come as projects become more complex with increased time and cost constraints.

Boost your job and career prospects with the ExpertRating Lean Management Certification.

Over 3000 purchases through PayPal till date