Sample Questions

Kinesiology Certification Sample Exam Questions
Ques: Which structural integrity component is dynamic and static and counters gravity?

a)  Mobility
b)  Stability
c)  Balance
d)  Posture

Ques: Which structural integrity component relates to the control over the limbs of the body over a range of motion?

a)  Superficial
b)  Deep
c)  Visceral
d)  All of the above.
Answer: d

Ques: What is the term for rotating the hand and wrist laterally from the bone?

a)  Rotation
b)  Pronation
c)  Supination
d)  Elevation

Ques: What exercise uses both an adduction and an abduction?

a)  Squat
b)  Lateral Raise
c)  Biceps Curl
d)  Push-up
Answer: b