Sample Questions

ExpertRating Kickboxing Certification Sample Exam Questions
Ques: What is the downfall of covering up?

a)  Eyes are not on target
b)  Punching is easier
c)  You can't move forward
d)  Your enemy can't scare you with their eyes

Ques: Which of the following is a Kickboxing tactic?

a)  Maintaining weight on the ball of your feet
b)  Seeing how many hits you can get while sparring
c)  Kicking a punching bag with ankle weights
d)  Getting angry at your opponent
Answer: a

Ques: How can you generate the most power from your kick?

a)  By following up with a punch
b)  By creating momentum with your waist
c)  By stepping back before kicking
d)  By kicking really hard

Ques: Where should your center of gravity be in your kickboxing stance?

a)  High in your shoulders
b)  Low in your feet in a flat foot stance
c)  In the core of your stomach
d)  On the ball of your left foot
Answer: c

Ques: Which defensive action utilizes the most amount of energy?

a)  Feinting
b)  Ducking
c)  Weaving
d)  Evading
Answer: b