Sample Questions

Kettlebell Certification Sample Exam Questions
Ques: Which two types of training do kettlebell combine?

a)  HIIT and CrossFit.
b)  Cardiovascular and Powerlifting.
c)  Cardiovascular and Strength.
d)  None of the above.
Answer: c

Ques: Using kettlebell training as part of a HIT program usually requires how much time per workout?

a)  15-20 minutes.
b)  45-60 minutes.
c)  1 hour.
d)  5 minutes.
Answer: a

Ques: During an exercise, which type of muscle opposes a contracting muscle?

a)  Agonist
b)  Antagonist
c)  Concentric
d)  Antagonistic
Answer: b

Ques: Which physical features are unique with a kettlebell?

a)  Bar with weights attached at the ends.
b)  Stretching band that creates resistance.
c)  Cannonball-like shape with an offset handle.
d)  Cannonball-like shape with two handles.
Answer: c

Ques: What are antagonistic pairs?

a)  When two agonist muscles oppose each other.
b)  When two antagonist muscles contract to complete a movement.
c)  When one stabilizer muscle relaxes to allow concentric contraction.
d)  When one muscle is contracting, the other relaxes to allow complete contraction.
Answer: d