Careers in Web Page Design

Relevant and beautiful web designs increase market share and audience reach. A web page or webpage is a resource of information that is suitable for the World Wide Web and can be accessed through a web browser. HTML is the language of web pages. It is the basis of the World Wide Web. It helps one in creating, and designing a web page. Are you using HTML to its fullest potential? In these practical, project-oriented courses, you'll discover how you can use tables to create fresh, innovative, and unconventional arrangements of text, colors and graphics.

You'll find out the methods the pros use to quickly build effective sites that are easy to maintain and modify. You'll discover the secrets to ensure you keep total creative control over every aspect of a site. You'll master specific techniques for creating flexible, table-less page layouts that adapt to all Web browsers, screen resolutions, and user needs. And you'll learn how to build accessibility and search engine optimization into those page layouts.


List of Online Website Designing Courses offered by ExpertRating

Web Page Design
Dreamweaver CS4 Course (Introduction) $129.99 More Info
Web Page Design Course $129.99 More Info
WebPage Design Course (CSS & XHTML-Introductory) $129.99 More Info
WebPage Design Course (CSS & XHTML-Intermediate) $129.99 More Info
Website Design Course $129.99 More Info
Dreamweaver Course $129.99 More Info
SEO Training Course $129.99 More Info
Dreamweaver CS3 Course-Introductory $129.99 More Info
Dreamweaver Course (Dreamweaver CS3 Intermediate) $129.99 More Info






The ExpertRating Online Web Designing Certifications

ExpertRating is a trusted name in online testing and certification with over 200,000 certified professionals in over 60 countries in more than 200 skill areas. Create and post your very own Web site on the Internet in this extensive, hands-on, six week workshop courses. First, you'll learn about the capabilities of the World Wide Web and the fundamentals of web design.


Then, with your instructor's patient guidance, you'll plan the content, structure and layout of your Web site, create pages full of neatly formatted text, build links between the pages and to the outside world, and add color, backgrounds, graphics, tables, hot buttons, and animation. You'll also learn critical and timely information on securing the best possible location in search engine listings, and powerful no-cost or low-cost web marketing strategies.


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