Careers in PC Maintenance, Computer Networking and Computer Security

PC, Troubleshooting, Networking, & Security courses are a set of useful courses which will familiarize you with networking and PC security and troubleshooting. There are many courses related to networking where you can learn how to set up a network at home, office or a wireless network. Networking allows you to easily share documents, photos, files, and peripherals (such as printers, drives, and Internet connections).

This means that no matter which network computer you use, you'll always have the information and resources you need at hand. You will be able to lock files, monitor program activities and have complete password protection after completing the course on PC Security. You will be able to offer deep protection, monitor the very heart of the computer at all times, anticipate everything that might be a sign of danger in the computer and prevent any such activity.


List of Courses offered by ExpertRating

PC Troubleshooting, Networking, & Security
Computer Training Course (PC Maintenance) $129.99 More Info
Computer Security Course-I $129.99 More Info
Computer Security Course-II $129.99 More Info
Wireless Networking Course $129.99 More Info
Computer Networking Course-I $129.99 More Info
Computer Networking Course-II $129.99 More Info
The Internet
Search Engine Optimization Course 1999.99 More Info
Search Engine Marketing Course 2299.99 More Info
Blogging Skills Course $129.99 More Info
Internet Course $129.99 More Info
SEO Training Course $129.99 More Info
Microsoft Outlook Training Course $129.99 More Info
Microsoft Outlook Course $129.99 More Info
eBay Buying and Selling Course $129.99 More Info
eBay Marketing Course $129.99 More Info






The ExpertRating Online Certifications in PC Maintenance, Computer Networking and Computer Security

ExpertRating is a trusted name in online testing and certification with over 200,000 certified professionals in over 60 countries in more than 200 skill areas. These courses show you the ins and outs of building a network with Windows XP Home Edition. You will start by getting acquainted with all the networking terms, and then use those terms to identify the hardware and software you need to build your network. Then you'll learn how to install your networking hardware and configure Windows XP so your computers can talk to each other.


And finally, you will be able to cover configuring printers and other peripherals. By the end of the course, you'll know how to manage and maintain your Windows XP network, and how to keep it secure. You'll also understand and explore the vulnerabilities of operating systems, software, and networks. Then, you'll get into the minds of hackers and crackers and develop an understanding of the exploits they use to access your computer without your knowledge.


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