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About The Online Health Coach Certification

ExpertRating All over the world people are becoming increasingly conscious about maintaining and improving their health, and as a result health coaching is becoming a much sought after field of expertise. Changes in lifestyle, increased stress in personal and professional lives or the desire to have a toned body is causing people to visit health coaches. From weight management to disease management, and from calorie balance to aerobic and strength training, health coaches perform a wide range of functions. The ExpertRating Health Coach Certification is designed to give you insights into vital aspects of health management to achieve your goal of guiding your clients towards great health.

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Health Coach Certification

Health Coach Certification

This online Health Coaching Course will provide you invaluable information on how to guide your clients towards good health.

Online Health Coaching Course Requirements:

For taking this online Health Coaching Course, you need Internet access, e-mail, and Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox web browsers.

Why is ExpertRating offering this Health Coach Certification at such an affordable price?

The ExpertRating Health Coach Certification is being offered at a limited- time special offer price. The price is due for revision shortly. Make the most of the special offer price by buying the courseware now.

What does the courseware include?

The Online Health Coaching course includes the in-depth Health Coaching Courseware and the exam fee. This is the "best-value-for money" Health Coaching Program available till date.

List of Chapters

  • Health Coaching Certification Program
  • The Three Pillars Of Health Coaching
  • The Role Of A Health Coach
  • Comprehensive Nutrition
  • Fitness Promotion
  • Emotional Well-Being Encouragement
  • Techniques For Keeping Clients Accountable
  • Taking Care Of Yourself As A Health Coach
  • Marketing Yourself As A Health Coach

ExpertRating Online Health Coaching Course

  • With the ExpertRating Online Health Coaching Course, you will get to learn the nitty-gritty of Health Coaching.

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Health Coaching Course


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