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Careers in writing and publishing are booming and the demand for trained creative writers exceeds supply. If you're interested in enhancing your creative writing and editing abilities, while also gaining a marketable skill, this Creative Writing course is for you.


Creative Writing Certification ProgramCreative Writing Certification ProgramThe Final Certification TestThe Final Certification TestIntroductionIntroduction
Am I a Creative Writer?Am I a Creative Writer?Let go of negative ideasLet go of negative ideasFinding the spaceFinding the spaceExamine past writingExamine past writing
Unlock your creative mindUnlock your creative mindEmailEmailBlogBlogMappingMappingLet go of excusesLet go of excuses
JournalingJournalingWhy should I journal?Why should I journal?Keeping your journalKeeping your journalWriting in your journalWriting in your journal
Read to be a writerRead to be a writerStyles of writingStyles of writingRead and InteractRead and Interact
FictionFictionCharactersCharactersFinding charactersFinding charactersDialogueDialogueThemeThemePoint of ViewPoint of ViewSettingSettingTitleTitle
PoetryPoetryThe termsThe termsTypes of poetryTypes of poetry
Plays and screenplaysPlays and screenplaysWriting playsWriting playsPlay writing tipsPlay writing tipsScreenplay elementsScreenplay elements
Nonfiction writingNonfiction writingBiographiesBiographies
Other categories of creative writingOther categories of creative writingOther categories of creative writing...ContinuedOther categories of creative writing...Continued
Getting published....or notGetting published....or notGetting published...or not...ContinuedGetting published...or not...Continued