Sample Questions

Boot Camp Training Certification Sample Exam Questions
Ques: Which of the following is defined as muscular contractions that exhibit maximum velocities and accelerations over a brief period of time?

a)  Ballistic.
b)  Kinetic.
c)  Forceful.
d)  Still.
Answer: a

Ques: Which of the following is NOT one of the five pre-activity components of a fitness assessment?

a)  Strength and endurance.
b)  Running speed.
c)  Balance and coordination.
d)  Anthropometric measurements.
Answer: b

Ques: What type of boot camp format incorporates Yoga?

a)  Cardio-based.
b)  Mind-Body and Flexibility.
c)  Strength-Based.
d)  Agility-Based.
Answer: b

Ques: Which of the following is included in the steps to put together a circuit training workout?

a)  Each exercise should last 30-60 seconds.
b)  Each participant should execute whatever number of repetitions they are able to within the selected time frame.
c)  Allow for 30-60 seconds of rest.
d)  All of the above.
Answer: d

Ques: What percentage of the Max Heart Rate is the High Intensity Level?

a)  Up to 80% MHR.
b)  80-85% MHR.
c)  85-90% MHR.
d)  90-100% MHR.
Answer: c