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Get a whole lot of help and guidance to get started as a freelance writer with ExpertRating’s “Be a Freelance Writer” certification program. Learn how to find clients, how to get ideas to write about, how to set fees, and how to write for the internet and carve out a niche for yourself in the exploding gig economy.

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About The Online Freelance Writing Certification

The workplace is becoming increasingly complex. Doubtless to say, there are scores of employers seeking out freelance writers. If you have been contemplating becoming a freelance writer and have been wondering how to get started, this freelance writing certification is for you.


Be A Freelance Writer Certification ProgramThe Final Certification TestAbout the AuthorIntroduction
Getting Started as a Freelance WriterOpportunitiesEarning PotentialWhat it Takes to Be a Freelance WriterSummaryChapter Review Questions
Setting Up ShopYour Home OfficeExtrasSummaryChapter Review Questions
Scheduling When to WriteTime ManagementPriorities MatterEliminate Time WastersSummaryChapter Review Questions
Finding ClientsMagazinesWriting for FreeWriting for NewspapersFinding ClientsSummaryChapter Review Questions
Finding IdeasHow to Get IdeasSummaryChapter Review Questions
How to Set FeesBy the Word or By the Hour?By Other MeansPay When PublishedAsking for More MoneySample Fee AgreementSummaryChapter Review Questions
A Writer's Rights and ResponsibilitiesCopyright ProtectionYour RightsCollective CopyrightElectronic RightsUsing Your Own MaterialSummaryChapter Review Questions
How to Write a Query LetterThe HookThe PitchThe BodyCredentialsThe CloseSample QueryEmail QueriesThe HeaderSummaryChapter Review Questions
How to Write a ContractTerms of the ContractNegotiate Your ContractWhat Doesn't Go in a Contract?Creating Your Own ContractSummaryChapter Review Questions
How to Format Your ManuscriptThe BasicsFontsElectronic SubmissionsWord CountFormatting Issues to Deal WithSummaryChapter Review Questions
How to Write and Sell a ColumnChoosing the TopicHow to PitchSelf-SyndicationSummaryChapter Review Questions
How to Write and Sell Your BookWriting Your BookThe Topic of ChoiceFinding a PublisherWriting a ProposalThe Way Publishing WorksSummaryChapter Review Questions
How to Write CommerciallyCopywritersFinding WorkWriting CopyDirect Mail Sales LettersPress ReleasesWeb CopySummaryChapter Review Questions
How to Write for the InternetRule One: Print Content is Different from Online ContentRule Six: Use the 'Search-and-Retrieve' MentalitySummaryChapter Review Questions
How to be a GhostwriterKnowing Your JobBreaking InSetting up ParametersCompletion of ProjectSummaryChapter Review Questions