Sample Questions

Balance Certification Sample Exam Questions
Ques: Having good balance can also translate into healthy _________.

a)  teeth
b)  skin
c)  hair
d)  bones

Ques: Improving your balance can prevent your risk for ________________.

a)  psoriasis
b)  depression
c)  injuries
d)  both depression and injuries
Answer: d

Ques: Choose True or False.

Standing on one foot with your eyes closed is easier than with your eyes open

a)  True
b)  False

Ques: Load is another word for ________________.

a)  stress
b)  a backpack
c)  resistance
d)  all of the above
Answer: c

Ques: Where are the plantar muscles located?

a)  Top of the feet.
b)  Back of the legs.
c)  Bottom of the feet.
d)  Stomach.
Answer: c